Animator Salary in India

Animator Salary in India
Animator salary in India

What is the salary of Animator in India ? This is frequently asked questions by many of ours readers. Animators salary in India is impressive with that of the level of there working. There work is to create expensive character animation with wide range of emotions, high quality animation utilizing both hand key animation and motion capture data etc. There is lot of demand of animator outside India and there they get paid huge amount. In India also animated films are getting and great demand so that on animators this post we are going to tell you in detail about Animators salary in India –

Annual Average Salaries based on Job Category

Animators are in great demand that makes this job most lucrative for the freshers. The Animators as Professions im India gets the handsome salary and other benefits also. There are lot of Big IT companies that offers attractive salary to Network Engineer Professional such as Infosys, Wipro, HCL Tech, L & T Info etc. These are some of the major some in Indian IT System. Lets have a detailed view how these big IT companies offers salary to Animator in India –

Job CategoryAnnual Average Salaries
Senior AnimatorINR 563000
3D ArtistINR 291632
CompositorINR 360000
Animation DesignerINR 216000
3D AnimatorINR 232156
Graphic Artist/ DesignerINR 300000
AnimatorINR 254341

Average Annual Salaries Offered by Premium Companies to Animators

Here is a glimpse of the salaries pocketed by animators working for some of the leading companies in the country:

EmployersAnnual Average Salaries
Fiktion StudioINR 114072 – INR 120000
First StudentINR 57720 – INR 228000 with a annual average of INR 140844
GoodwillINR 348000 – INR 372000
Lakshya DigitalINR 241000- INR 263000
YSI (Multimedia Animation)INR 288000 – INR 312000
DQ EntertainmentINR 291000 – INR 309000
Wat Media (Graphic designer and Animation ComposerINR 408000 – INR 444000

Annual Average Salaries to Animators based on Experience

Experience is the thing that no one can buy and whether it is life or your professional career experience teaches you something that no school or colleges will. Below table will help you to know about Animator Income in India based on there experience –

ExperienceAnnual Average Salaries
Less than a yearINR 81445 – INR 618252
1-4 yearsINR 105701 – INR 473436
5-9 yearsINR 140935 – INR 817029
10-19 yearsINR 1200000

Annual Average Salaries based on cities

The salary ranges of Animator the country according to the different cities have been listed below:

CitiesAnnual Average Salaries
Mumbai MaharashtraINR 61277 – INR 794634
Chennai Tamil NaduINR 270000
New Delhi DelhiINR 150000 – INR 438000
Bangalore KarnatakaINR 98920 – INR 775664
Hyderabad Andhra PradeshINR 150000 – Rs 390000

Average Annual Salaries Based on Skill or Specialty

The salary ranges of Animator in India according to the skills of the professionals have been listed below:

SkillsAnnual Average Salaries
Adobe PhotoshopINR 194397 – INR 305209
3D AnimationINR 94333 – INR 564000
3d RenderingINR 387555
Autodesk MayaINR 180000 – INR 488335
Microsoft WordINR 1100000
Graphic DesignINR 330000
Autodesk MudboxINR 228000
3D MaxINR 270000
Adobe After EffectsINR 360000
Annual Average Salaries based on Certification

In India the Animator Income is also based on there certification as higher the certification they will have higher the pay they are going to get. Higher Certification will result in higher pay in major IT companies or production house as an Animator. You can also compare the salary of Linux Profession to that of Animator Income, to get the best career option for your self. In below table we have mentioned the salary ranges for Professionals in India based on there qualification –

CertificationAnnual Average Salaries
MCSE /Microsoft Certified Systems EngineerINR 1020000
B ComINR 420000
Autodesk Civil 3D Certified ProfessionalINR 235000
MBA or Master of Business AdministrationINR 353749 -INR 2900000
Bachelor’s DegreeINR 144000 -INR 1025000
MCP or Microsoft Certified ProfessionalINR 810000
HND or Higher National Diploma Graphic DesignINR 300000

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