Bank Clerk Salary 2019-21: Detailed Pay Scale, Allowances & Promotions


We are here to share some important information with you about the bank clerk salary of different banks.

A bank is that financial institution that creates credit and accepts a deposit from the general public. The lending activity can be done through with the help of capital market, either directly or indirectly.

The finance ministry issues currency notes and coins of rupee one, all other currency notes are issued by the reserve bank of India.

The Banking companies act was passed on February 1949 which was subsequently amended to read as banking regulation act 1949.

Commercial banks are broadly classified into the nationalized or public sector banks and private sector banks, with a few foreign banks. The public sector banks account for more than 92% of the entire banking business in India occupying a dominant position in commercial banking.

In today’s topic, we see the salary list of different banks like Axis Bank, Co-operative Bank, IBPS Bank, Private Bank, RBI Bank, and SBI Bank.

All the Banks have a different type of pay system or the payment or salary provided to an employee is varies from bank to bank. All the banks give allowances to the employee.

Let me show you, how does look Bank clerk first salary slip.

This video gives all information about earning and Deduction of Bank clerk Salary.

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Co-Operative Bank Clerk Salary

These banks are owned by the members of a co-operative society on the other side of this the commercial Banks are owned by shareholders. Co-operative banks are registered under the act of cooperative society in 1912.

The cooperative bank generally serves the small organization and self-employed workers in urban areas.

These banks hold deposits, give loans and provide other financial services to cooperatives and member-owned organizations.

The salary of a cooperative bank clerk is around Rs. 10,000 per month during the training time of six months. Afterward, they will be lease at the minimum pay of Rs. 20, 221 per month.

Co-operative banks are so-called because they are organized under the provision of the co-operative credit societies law of the state. The major beneficiary of co-operative banking is the agriculture sector in particular and the rural sector in general.

The first such bank was established in 1904. The bank credit institution operating in the country are mainly of two kinds:- agriculture and non- agriculture.

In the year 1991, Narasimhan committee was constituted to advise on the issue of reconstruction of the banking system.

At the apex is the state cooperative bank at the intermediate level are the central co-operative banks and at the village are primary agriculture credit societies, long- term agriculture credit is provided by the land development banks.

Axis Bank Clerk Salary

The range of payment given to the employee in the Axis Bank is ₹19,123- ₹20,701 this is Clerk Monthly Pay. The level of pay increase when the burden increase as in terms of promotion.

IBPS Bank Clerk Salary

IBPS Clerk Salary, Job Profile, & Career Growth. The IBPS Clerk Salary is the total of the Basic Pay and other allowances.

The Basic Pay for IBPS Clerk is Rs 11,765.

The IBPS Clerk pay scale is 11,765- 655/3 -13,730- 815/3 -16,175- 980/4 -20,095- 11,45/7 -28,110- 21,20/1 -30,230 /1,310-1 -31,540.

Private Bank Clerk Salary

Many private banks like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, and Yes Bank recruits the aspirants for clerical cadre by themselves; however, the work profile for all the banks is more or less the same.

They have special job programs wherein they recruit fresh graduates and then they give training for at least 1 year.

On average, a clerk in private sector bank like HDFC is paid Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 20,000 at the beginning level with different allowances.

RBI Bank Clerk Salary

The RBI Assistant basic pay is Rs. 15,060/- per month.

The RBI clerk basic Pay is given below: Pay Scale: Rs. 13,150 -750 (3) -15,400- 900 (4) -19,000- 1,200 (6) -26,200- 1,300 (2) -28,800- 1,480 (3) -33,240 – 1,750 (1)- 34,990 (20 years).

SBI Bank Clerk Salary

The allowances will vary in accordance with the city of posting. The SBI Clerk salary pay scale will be 11,765- 655/3 -13,730- 815/3 -16,175- 980/4 -20,095- 11,45/7 -28,110- 2,120/1 – 30,230- 1,310/1 -31,450.

This means an SBI Clerk will have a starting salary of Rs. 11,765/- with an annual increment of Rs 655/-. If you want to know the detailed information of SBI salary then click here.

The state bank of India and its associate banks along with another 19 banks are the public sector banks.

If you are eager to know your result of SBI Clerk then check on the website.

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SBI Clerk Mains:- The Clerk 2019 has been postponed in Belgaum, Karnataka, and Kolhapur, Maharashtra and including all the centres of Kerala due to heavy rain. and due to certain unavoidable circumstances, the main examination scheduled to be held on august 10, 2019 at srinagar, Jammu and samba has been deferred.

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