Best 7 SSC CGL Preparation Tips & Tricks 2019

7 Tips and Tricks to crack SSC
7 Tips and Tricks to crack SSC

If you searching for how to prepare for SSC (Staff Selection Commission) then you are at the right place because we will tell you Best 7 SSC CGL Preparation Tips & Tricks 2019 to Crack SSC in the first attempt.

Firstly we will gather some basic information about SSC (Staff Selection Commission) and what does it do, and which kinds of exam come under the organization.

After getting all the preparation tips and trick you able to fill the form of SSC Phase VII Recruitment 2019, and If you had given the very first attempt in SSC CSHL Recruitment 2019 which held a few months ago then the result will out soon.

SSC Basic Information And List of Exam Comes Under It

Now, coming to the topic SSC what does it do? This is an organization under Government of India to recruit staff for various posts in the various Ministries and Departments of the Government of India and in Subordinate Offices.

The Exam which comes under SSC is:- MTS stands for (Multi Tasking Staff) at 10th level, after that CHSL stands for (Combined Higher Secondary Level) at 12th level, and lastly, CGL stands for (Combined Graduate Level) at graduation level.

The list of jobs comes under SSC MTS.

  1. Physical maintenance of records of the Section.
  2. General cleanliness & upkeep of the Section/ Unit
  3. ETC

The list of jobs comes under SSC CSHL.

  1. DEO (Data Entry Operator)
  2. LDC (Lower Division Clerk)
  3. Court Clerk

The list of jobs comes under SSC CGL.

  1. Assistant Audit Officer
  2. Inspector (Examiner) (CBEC) 
  3. Income Tax Inspector (CBDT)
  4. Assistant in Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)
  5. Inspector (Central Excise) (CBEC)
  6. Inspector (Preventive Officer) (CBEC)
  7. Assistant Enforcement Officer (AEO)
  8. Assistant (Central Vigilance Commission)
  9. The Assistant in AFHQ, Assistant in Ministry of Railway
  10. Assistant in Intelligence Bureau, Assistant Section Officer (CSS)
  11. Sub Inspectors (CBI), Assistant (Other Ministries)
  12. Divisional Accountant (CAG)
  13. Inspector (Narcotics)
  14. Assistant (Other Ministries)
  15. Sub Inspector in the National Investigation Agency (NIA)
  16. Statistical Investigator
  17. Inspector (Department of Post)
  18. Sub-Inspector (Central Bureau of Narcotics)
  19. The Auditor (C&AG)
  20. Auditor (CGDA)
  21. Auditor (CGA)
  22. Tax Assistant (CBEC)
  23. Tax Assistant (CBDT)
  24. Accountant/ Junior Accountant (Offices under C&AG)
  25. Accountant/ Junior Accountant (CGA & others)
  26. Senior Secretariat Assistant
  27. Compiler (Registrar General of India)

Now, I think you get enough information about SSC and it’s a different post. Now, it’s time to tell the secrets and preparation tips and tricks to crack the exam.

1. Select the best time to study
2. Make a list of subjects
3. How to take different subjects in a single day
4. How to memorize what you have studied
5. Give offline test
6. Analysis of your weak and plus point
7. Believe in yourself

Select The Best Time To Study

Select The Best Time To Study
Select The Best Time To Study

Now, it’s time to select the time you can study comfortably. There are two times in a day when you can study well without any disturbance:- 1. Be an early bird or you can say daytime studying, 2. Be a night owl or you can say studying at night.

You need to give at least 8 to 10 hours to your study if you want to crack the exam in the first attempt. Or you can start with studing 3 to 4 hours in the beginning as you feel comfortable with this time just increase the time.

Now, there are an advantage to study at night or study at day.

1The brain is refreshed and ready for informationMore peace and quiet
2Natural light keeps you alertFewer distraction and interruptions
3Doesn’t disrupt your sleep scheduleA clearer mind for creative thinking
4Able to study with friendsCan help improve recall

Make a list of subjects

You have four subjects in total:- General English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and Computer Aptitude and lastly General Awareness. The syllabus under these subjects are as follows.

Current Affairs VoiceNumber system Memory and storage device
Economics and Indian EconomyNarrationHCF and LCMComputer shortcuts keys
GeographyIdiomsSurds & indicesComputer abbreviation
History and cultureQuestion TagsAlgebraAlphabetical and Miscellaneous Series
General scienceArticles TrigonometryCoding-Decoding
PolityNounsHeight and distanceBlood Relation
PhysicsPronoun GeometryDirection and Distance
ChemistryVerb Mensuration- 2DOrder & Ranking
BiologyTime and Tense Mensuration- 3D Syllogism
Miscellaneous GK Rearrangement of Sentences Coordinate GeometrySitting Arrangement
Prepositions Simplification Statement & Assumption
Adjective Percentage Statement & Argument
Adverb Profit and Loss, Discount Statement and Conclusion
Misspelled and Inappropriate Words Simple and Compound Interest Decision Making and Cause and Effect
Cloze Test Average Logical Venn Diagram & Classification
Reading Comprehension Ratio and Proportion Analogy & Matrix
Fill in the Blanks Age Missing Number
Synonyms/ Antonyms Partnership Clock and Calendar
Error Detection Mixture and Allegation Mirror Image, Water Image, Paper Cutting and Paper Folding
Vocabulary- Similar/ Dissimilar Words Time and Work Nonverbal & Embedded Figure
Pipe and Cistern Counting of Figure
Speed, Time and Distance Dice and Cube
Train Number Series
Boat & Steam Miscellaneous
Data Interpretation
Data Sufficiency
Permutation and Combination
Inequality and Number Series

How to take different subjects in a single day

So the question of every student is how to take different subjects in a single day. This the main point where every student starts quitting. Because when we start, we decide to take the subjects without any break, then it becomes borning to study for long hours.

Now, how will you decide which subject you going to take first? For this, you need to focus on the subject which you will find difficult like for example. For every single student, the maths subject is very difficult, so you need to take that subject first.

The time schedule may change if you study for 3 to 4 hours in a single day. The time denote toward each subject will be like 3 hours for maths every day, 2 hours for general studies, 2 hours for English and 1+1/2 hour for reasoning or you can take this subject on weekends.

So, while studying you need to take maths first because your mind is fresh and that takes rest for 10 to 15 minutes after that take an easy subject like reasoning after that to take a break for 1 hour and take general studies after completing with the subject now you will English.

How to memorize what you have studied

Now, after study a lot we start forgetting the thing we learn early, so what to do and how to memorize what we have studied. For this, there are many tip and tricks that can work for you.

  1. You can draw a cartoon image for the point you are forgetting
  2. You can make a note and paste it on the wall so that you can see anytime you go from there.
  3. Recording of your own voice can make your learning power strong as you can listen to your voice over and over again.

Give offline test

It is most important to test yourself after preparing all the subjects. Now, how will you test yourself, so you just need to go to the play store and type “OFFLINE TEST FOR COMPETITION EXAM” from where you get 100 of apps.

Remember that only install that app which has at least 4-5 stars. After installing a 2-3 different app of exams just give a try and check your result that where you need to focus more and where less can work for you.

Analysis of your weak and plus point

After giving the offline test, now you can able to find out your week and plus points that where are you need to give more focus and where less can work for you.

Where you need to give more time just minus the time from the plus one so that you can able to get an equal mark in all subject. For example:- you score in maths 15 out of 40 marks and in the other place you get 40 on 40 in English.

So, now you need to give more time toward maths so just increase the time limit of maths and give less time towards English. But don’t ignore the subject you scored high because practice makes a man perfect.

Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself
Believe in yourself

At last, you need to stay positive because if you believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet. If you have any query regarding the post and you want more preparation tips and tricks like this then may comment down below.

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