CBI Inspector Salary

In this content you’ll get Complete data regarding the CGL CBI Inspector salary, Job Profile, Promotion. You’ll conjointly get another relevant topics and materials during this content. Some subtopics also are provided for the candidates WHO are searching for CGL CBI for SSC CGL CBI jobs for you’ll be able to say CBI inspector. we are going to give subtopics like CGL CBI Inspector earnings, SSC CGL CBI earnings. You’ll get to grasp regarding the task profile and promotion criteria in CGL CBI Inspector.

Central Bureau of Investigation, one in all the upmost investigation agencies in India wherever thousands of individuals dream to figure. You’ll be able to fulfill your dreams through SSC CGL communicating that recruits for Sub-inspector in CBI. for each job to contemplate appropriate yourself, you would like to grasp the professionals and cons of that post and so judge them consistent with your temperament, demand, family life etc. We have a tendency to ar providing you with the earnings, job responsibilities, operating hours, location and promotion of Sub-inspector in CBI.

Salary of CBI Inspector with Grade Pay

Mentioned here the CBI Sub Inspector salary when seventh pay commission with 4600 grade pay. The amount “4600” is variety just to spot your level (4600 = Level 7) within the pay matrix. It’s no different significance and it’s NOT a part of your income/salary. This can be however the earnings slip of CBI Officer majorly appearance. To clarify additional, it’s the CBI Sub Inspector earnings structure of a lower class man. It’s the everyday 4600 grade pay earnings of any service, aside from SIA part.

For CBI Inspector, the earnings depends on his gift level index in level eight of pay matrix in his parent organization. If he’s from different departments like RPF, CRPF, CISF, BSF etc., he would be obtaining further 200 of his basic, within the type of SIA i.e. if his gift basic is 65,000 he would get further 13,000 each month. There’ll be no different changes. If state police sub-inspector joins CBI on deputation, he would be inspector cadre. He’s conjointly given associate choice to select whether or not he needs to continue with state earnings structure or central earnings structure. Just in case of state pay revision, he will once more decide his pay.

Salary of CBI Inspector in Detail

TA03600Income Tax4527
SIA08980Education Cess0091
DA on TA00765Higher Education Cess0091
Benevolent Fund30
Professional Tax150
CBI SI Gross Salary in X 78,441
CBI SI Gross Salary in YAround 72,671
CBI SI Gross Salary in ZAround 69,079
CBI SI Net Salary in X67,379
CBI SI Net Salary in YAround 61,609
CBI SI Net Salary in ZAround 58,017
CBI SI Gross Salary in X + 12th part of 13th month payAround 82,968
CBI SI Gross Salary in Y + 12th part of 13th month payAround 77,198
CBI SI Gross Salary in Z + 12th part of 13th month payAround 73,606

Sub-Inspector in CBI: Job Responsibilities

CBI Inspector Salary
  • The work includes enquiries, doing investigations and to assemble info.
  • You have to appear when the cases in Courts throughout the trial that is initiated on the recommendations of CBI. Thus, it needs frequent visits to the courts.
  • You have to require criminal to the courts safely. For such a task, you shall be provided security from the police.
  • You have to travel a great deal all across Asian nation if you’re assigned a case to perform the investigation. however in such investigations, you shall have complete authority over state police and different concerned departments.
  • So, it’s a disagreeable job and your family & personal life suffer.
  • It is thought-about to be a troublesome profile.
  • It is a non-uniform job.

Sub-Inspector in CBI: Training

  • For coaching, you’ll be sent to CBI Academy Ghaziabad.
  • After made completion of coaching, zones square measure assigned supported your preference.
  • The total Training period of CBI inspector is 59 weeks out of that 42 weeks coaching command in CBI Academy.

Sub Inspector Career Path as an CBI Officer

If you want to be Central Bureau of Investigation aka CBI Officer then your career is going to be both exciting and challenging. As you know the Income of CBI Inspector is amazing, it also increases with every promotion. CBI Officer Salary is quite impressive as compared to other officers salary. The following career trend can be your career graph in CBI.

  • Inspector
  • Deputy Superintendent
  • Additional Superintendent
  • Superintendent
  • Senior Superintendent
Advantages and Disadvantages being CBI Officer

Advantages of CBI Inspector

  • It offers an excellent respectful career for young and glowing candidates.
  • It doesn’t embody boring job work, you may get to find out several new things.
  • Sub Inspector in CBI has the very best Income among all SSC CGL Posts. (Surpasses even AAO).
  • It is the foremost powerful and purported Job in society specifically among the Businessmen, administration, Bankers etc.


  • It doesn’t give you an everyday nine to five job within the field work.
  • The work will prove to be terribly nerve-racking, thus there could also be lack of peace of mind.
  • There may well be plenty of travel for investigation purpose.
  • The Sub Inspector works at quite few dangerous places.
  • There is no stability. you may get transfers each few years.
Final Words

Hope you all are satisfied with the Information about CBI Inspector Salary | career | Work profile etc. If there is any question coming in your mind regarding CBI Inspector salary you can ask in our comment section mentioned below. We will try to answer as soon as possible, so stay tuned with us.

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