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Here in this post we are going to tell what is the salary of an civil engineer ? and other related things to them in more detail. As Civil engineers operating within the non-public  or public sector play a key role within the style, testing and construction of roadways, irrigation comes, dams, pipelines, power plants, and diverse different structures. 

They’ll prepare price estimates, direct construction crews, offer technical recommendation to industrial and personnel, confirm load capacities of various materials, take a look at soils and materials for adequacy, confirm acceptable stress rates, and work to cut back the danger of fabric and structural failure. A minimum of a four-year degree is needed during this field, though several civil engineers pursue graduate degrees. extra licensing is also needed.

What is the Salary of Civil Engineer?

Graduate Civil Engineers in India earns a average entry level pay of Rs.264,000 each year in 2015. IIT Delhi recorded the very best applied scientist placement with pay provide of Rs.1,600,000. It’s seen that pay will increase by 3 fold as they gather expertise of 4-5 years provided they offer a uniform performance.

The area is that a lot of civil engineers from average establishments either don’t get employment provide within the initial year of their graduation or take odd jobs for survival. One of the fore most vital disciplines of engineering, engineering primarily deals with the development, style and sustenance of the physically and also the naturally engineered surroundings. The assorted sub disciplines are:

Construction Technology / Engineering Waste Management
Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Engineering Air & Noice Studies
Transportation Engineering Railway Civil Engineering
Structural Engineering Groundwater
Rock Engineering and Underground structures Water Resource System
Water Resource Engineering Remote Sensing
Surveying Water Power Engineering
Soil Mechanics Pollution- air, water, soil
RC Design Geo Informatics
Hydraulics Solid waste engineering
Steel Design Urban and rural transportation planning
Public Transport System design Town Planning

Assistant Civil Engineer Salary In Govt Sector : The average salary for an Assistant Engineer is ₹ 55k – 60k per month in India that is quite good as per the starting of career in Engineering. The grade pay varies from 4800 to 5400 depend upon their way of Joining as Assistant Engineer. After Gaining experience for several years salary and Post increases as Assistant Engineer are Recruited through IES exam or PSC exams. IES Officer Salary start with Grade Pay of 5400 and go to apex scale as they are promoted to higher level as Direct recruited IES Officer Promotion Scale is too fast.

Junior Civil Engineer Salary in Govt Sector : If a candidate is appointed as Junior Engineer in Govt Organisation they earn income of Rs. 30,000 – 40,000 Rupees as well as they earn a grade pay for ex. 3200, 4200 & 4800 according to different cities. Junior Engineer are recruited through SSC exams as well as Different departmental exams. Junior Engineer Promotion Scale is bit Slow as Compared to Assistant Engineer. Well SSC Junior Engineer Salary start from 4200 Grade pay.

Civil Engineer Salary : Based on Experience

The Civil Engineer in this field gets a handsome salary package because experience matters a lot to many big private sectors company hiring Civil Engineers. Your salary is directly proportional to your hard work.

ExperienceAnnual Average Salary
Less than a year INR 118,669 – INR 591,330
1-4 years INR 152,836 – INR 534,581
5-9 years INR 216,388 – INR 853,257
10-19 years INR269,049 – INR 1,223,515
20 years or more INR292,701 – INR 1,834,723

Civil Engineer Salary : Based on Cities

As many of you that a civil engineer earns an amazing salary and apart from that they also enjoy many benefits and perks. Here we are going to tell the salary of Civil Engineers based on the cities they are working in. S you will get to know here about the Average Annual salary of civil engineers based on there location of work.

CitiesAnnual Average Salary
Pune, Maharashtra INR 177,539 – INR 844,299
Bangalore, Karnataka INR 175,927 – INR 745,725
New Delhi, Delhi INR 203,472 – INR 1,000,000
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh INR 192,707 – INR 932,818
Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 154,563 – INR 875,594

Civil Engineer Salary: Based Degree or Certification

The academic qualification attained by the civil engineers is one amongst the fore most vital factors governing their salaries. Here’s a close look:

Certification or DegreeAverage Annual Salary
Technical Diploma, Civil Engineering INR 282,000 – INR 650,000
EIT or Engineer in Training INR 136,113 – INR 560,661
Associate’s Degree INR 176,410 – INR 710,042
Certified Professional Engineer or PE INR 181,085 – INR 867,369
Master of Engineering, Structural Engineering INR 325,449 – INR 732,503
Chartered Civil Engineer: MICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) INR 600,000 – INR 3,000,000
Bachelor Engineering INR 423,000 – INR 870,000
Higher National Diploma (HND), Civil Engineering INR 181,453 – INR 935,147
Diploma, Civil Engineering INR 179,399 – INR 699,508
Bachelor’s Degree INR 178,264 – INR 830,541
MBA or Master of Business Administration INR 530,623 – INR 1,623,714

Civil Engineer Salary: Based on Industry

The demand for many engineers typically remains systematically high in several industries. the small variations in demand could be treated joined of the necessary factors influencing pay ranges.

IndustryAverage Annual Salary
Project Management Consulting INR 180,000 – INR 1,028,294
Civil Engineering Construction INR 122,281 – INR 723,462
Oil & Gas INR 179,598 – INR 1,107,378
Residential Building Construction INR 147,902 – INR 722,863
Real Estate Development INR 120,805 – INR 821,114
Civil Engineering Services INR 184,878 – INR 1,193,477

Civil Engineer Salary: Based on Skills

The skills or specialties earned by completely different civil engineers end in variations in pay ranges offered to them. Here may be a lot of elaborated look:

SkillsAnnual Average Salary
Autocad 2000i INR 174,640 – INR 683,976
Project Management INR 186,684 – INR 850,209
Microsoft Excel INR 175,319 – INR 730,790
AutoDesk INR 145,969 – INR 587,228
Microsoft Word INR 158,943 – INR 709,192
Project INR 195,546 – INR 730,640
Engineering Design INR 175,874 – INR 1,200,182

Benefits and Perks

The comprehensive range of benefits listed below makes the overall bucket of perks quite impressive for the civil engineers:

  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Room and Board
  • Life Insurance/ Disability
  • Private Medical Insurance (PMI)
  • Company car
  • Paid holiday

we have also mentioned the benefits and perks enjoy by the civil engineer working in private sector is mentioned below:-

  • Excellent remuneration packages
  • Salary increases based on performance
  • Excellent medical schemes
  • Better promotion opportunities
  • More networking opportunities
  • Challenging offers

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