FSSAI Salary and Job Profile

Aren’t you curious to know about the salary of FSSAI on various post and there job profile ? Here in this post we are going to talk on FSSAI salary and there job profile in detailed so that candidates can easily get to know what they are preparing for. First of all everyone need to know about the full form of FSSAI. Do you know what is the full form of it ? Well FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

The State Food Safety Authorities shall enforce various provisions of the Act. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India is the Administrative Ministry for the implementation of FSSAI. Before applying or the post you know about the salary and job profile of that post which we are going to tell you. Let’s move to know in more detail about FSSAI Various post Salary and Job Profile –

What is the salary of FSSAI for various post ?

FSSAI Various Post details

When the candidates is preparing for FSSAI they should know about for which post they are going to apply, what salary and job profile that post hold on? As every one knows FSSAI offers impressive salary, allowances etc to the employees according to there post and designation. As grade pay for Assistant director is Rs. 5400 at level 10 as pay band is Rs 15600 – Rs. 39100. The in-hand salary of a Assistant Director after joining can be between Rs. 33,000 – Rs. 35,000 with added allowances. Below table will help you to find salary of FSSAI Various post in detail –

Post Name Pay LevelGrade PayPay Band
Assistant Director10 Rs. 5400 Rs. 15600 – Rs. 39100
Assistant Director (Technical)10 Rs. 5400 Rs. 15600 – Rs. 39100
Technical Officer7 Rs. 4600 Rs.9300 – Rs. 34800
Central Food Safety Officer7 Rs. 4600 Rs.9300 – Rs. 34800
Hindi Translator6 Rs. 4200 Rs.9300 – Rs. 34800
Administrative Officer8 Rs. 4800 Rs.9300 – Rs. 34800
Assistant 6 Rs. 4200 Rs.9300 – Rs. 34800
Junior Assistant Grade – I4 Rs. 2400 Rs. 5200 – Rs. 20200
Personal Assistant 6 Rs. 4200 Rs.9300 – Rs. 34800
Assistant Manager (IT)7 Rs. 4600 Rs.9300 – Rs. 34800
IT Assistant 6 Rs. 4200 Rs.9300 – Rs. 34800
Deputy Manager10 Rs. 5400 Rs. 15600 – Rs. 39100
Assistant Manager7 Rs. 4600 Rs.9300 – Rs. 34800

Job Profile of FSSAI – Food Safety Officer

Below table will help you know about the Job Profile of FSSAI Food Safety Officer.

S.no Job Profile
1.Issue or cancel the license.
2.Prohibit the sale of any article of food.
3.Receive reports and samples of an article of foods.
4.Recommend to the Commissioner of Food
5.Safety for sanction to launch prosecutions.
6.Sanction or launch prosecutions.
7.Maintain a record of all inspections made.
8.To take action if the duties and performance is not met.
9.Make inquiries and inspections as may be necessary.
10.To stop and inspect any vehicle suspected to contain any unsafe food. 
11.Carry out food safety surveillance to identify and address the safety hazards; Respond to incidents of food poisoning in his area and to send a report to the Designated Officer.
12.Preparation of Food safety plans for Panchayat Panchayat and Municipalities
13.To detain imported packages which are suspected to contain articles of food, the import or sale of which is prohibited.
14.Investigate any complaint.
15.To coordinate and facilitate the introduction of food safety systems.

FSSAI Career Probation Period, Growth and Promotion

There is a good career opportunity for those who get selected as an FSSAI Officer. As after successfully competing for FSSAI Post the candidates has probation period of at least one-two years after that they get permanent. Those who wants to achieve higher goals can get promotion on the basis on departmental examination to move on to higher post. Or else the FSSAI officer gets promotion in certain years on the basis of work and experience. Candidates career is bright as an FSSAI Officer and one major benefit is that you get permanent employee so that your job post is safe.

Allowances, Benefits and Perks of FSSAI

Apart from the impressive salary of FSSAI Employee, they are also entitle to get lots of additional allowances as well as benefits perks. Below we have mentioned the allowances and perks enjoyed by the FSSAI-

  1. Dearness Allowance
  2. House Rent Allowance
  3. City Compensatory Allowance
  4. Provident Fund
  5. Pension Fund
  6. Medical Reimbursement
  7. Furniture Allowance
Final Words

As you have seen the FSSAI post salary is impressive and job profile looks interesting there is lot you can achieve here as an FSSAI Employee. Candidates can also look up to the salary and job profile of FCI Manager as it’s impressing as both the corporation is co related. Hope everything is clarify, if there is any doubt regarding FSSAI in-hand salary, promotion, career growth and job profile you can as in our comment section mentioned below. Stay Tuned for more updates.

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