Hello job candidates! so today we are explaining Railway Goods Guard salary. Before continue with the main topic of salary let’s just find out some important term meaning so that it will help us to understand the topic. So, let’s check out the meaning of Good Guard & what kind of work is going to perform by them? What is the salary structure and what kind of benefits given to them for their services? Let’s find out the answer to this question. Guards are affix on all traveler trains and goods trains and no passenger-carrying train is permitted to move without a guard. The passenger train guard normally called a mail guard is entirely accountable for the train, its schedule, and security of passengers and the locomotive pilot. These guards wear a specific uniform.


During the day, the Goods Guard uses the classical green flag to signal the pilot to depart, and the red flag to stop, aid by two-way radios. After sunset, the guard uses lamp signals in place of the flags. A couple of minutes before indicating departure to the pilot, the guard blows a whistle to warn passengers to board the train. After assuring all passengers are safe to travel, the guard signals the green flag by gesture it from the brake van. In a dilemma, the guard uses the red flag to indicate a stop, and may directly apply brakes to stop the train. The pilot is not permitted to move the train without a signal from the guard, as the guard is in charge of the train.

Passenger guards also receive weighty parcels and luggage boxes that passengers cannot carry in coaches. Some biodegradable goods like vegetables and milk are also transported under the guard’s oversee, and he is accountable for their actual loading and unloading.

Keeping the passenger train on-time is a chief guard function. Guards bear a first aid box with their belongings, along with other important items, all in a medium-sized duty box. The name, appointment and base location of the Guard are imprinted on the white box. A nominate passenger train, halting at all stations, carries an enormous hefty cast iron cash safe in the guard’s brake van, where cash receipts from ticket sales are a drop in a leather pouch by the station manager. Since the late 1990s, all guards are provided with 2 -way radios so that they can talk with the locomotive pilot, and other trains if needed. The radio has not yet restored the traditional red and green flags.


As you know in every organization, all the employee get paid for their services. And all the organization have different pay structure, Now it’s time to check the salary structure of Railway Goods Guard of the railway. The salary of railway Good Guard is listed below with the respective amount and deduction. These all types of the different Indian Railway Staff will get different- a different type of salary but Loco Pilot salary and Goods Guard salary is little bit similar. If have any query then leave a comment below. we will answer all your question.

Basic PayRs. 29,200
DA12% of Basic Pay Rs. 3,504
TPARs. 1,800
HRAX Class City (24%):- Rs. 7,008
Y Class City (16%):- Rs. 4,672
Z Class City (8%):- Rs. 2,336
Gross PayX Class City:- Rs. 41,584
Y Class City:- Rs. 39,248
Z Class City:- Rs. 36,912
Total DeductionRs. 3,852
Net PayX Class City:- Rs. 37,732
Y Class City:- Rs. 35,396
Z Class City:- Rs. 33,060
Good Guard AllowanceKilometer Allowance:- Rs. 188.75 per 100 km
Allowance in Lieu of Kilometer (ALK):- The rate is 160 km per day for outstation duties & 30% of basic pay for duties in headquarters.
Accident allowance, Officiating allowance, and outstation (Detention allowance)


Benefits are any perks offered to employees in addition to salary. The most common benefits are a medical, disability, and life insurance; retirement benefits; paid time off; and fringe benefits. The benefits for railway good guard staff is listed down below.

  • Resident
  • Medical Facilities
  • Travelling Facilities



In every company the employee get a promotion if s/he works well, it increases the employee confidence in term of loyalty toward work, more efficient work, good command and many more. This will also help the organization grow at large level. So let’s see what kind of promotion an employee will get if s/he performs well. The promotion list is given below.

  • 1st promotion is Goods Guard- Passenger Guard- Express Guard.
  • Good Guard- section controller- a chief controller
  • you may also apply for LDCE exam for Group B gazetted of Assistant operational Manager (ADM)

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