What is the meaning of SBI ?

State Bank of India (SBI) is the country’s largest commercial bank, in terms of assets, deposits, and employees. Owned by the Indian government, it offers a range of general banking services from loans and advances to corporates and individuals in India and abroad. State Bank Pay you highest salary among all government banks so getting job here by clearing exam is almost difficult. Here we are gonna tell you How to Prepare For SBI Bank PO and also Time management for Bank exam.

Now, what is the syllabus of SBI Bank PO ? How many stages are there in SBI PO ??

So, SBI Bank PO selection procedure consists of three stages – Preliminary Exam, Main Exam, and Group Exercises & Interview.

Phase 1 :- Preliminary Examination

Name of TestNumber of QuestionMarksDuration
English Language30 Question30 Marks20 Minutes
Numerical Ability35 Question35 Marks20 Minutes
Reasoning Ability35 Question35 Marks20 Minutes
Total100 Question100 Marks60 Minutes

Phase 2 :- Main Examination

Name of Test Number of Question Marks Duration
General English40 Question40 Marks35 Minutes
Quantitative Aptitude50 Question50 Marks45 Minutes
Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude50 Question60 Marks45 Minutes
General/ Financial Awareness50 Question50 Marks35 Minutes
Total190 Question200 Marks160 Minutes

Syllabus For SBI Bank PO

General/ Financial Awareness General English Quantitative Aptitude Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude
Banking AwarenessNounSimplificationDecision Making and Cause and Effect
Current AfairsArticlesPercentageDrawing Inference
Miscellaneous GKPronounProfit and Loss, DiscountStatement & Cousre of Action
VerbSimple anf Compound InterestStatement & Argument
Time and TenseAverageStatement & Assumption
Rearrangement of SentencesRatio and ProportionData Sufficiency
PrepositionsAgeMachine Input
AdverbMixture and AllegationSitting Arrangement
Misspelt and Inappropriate WordsTime and WorkSyllogism
ConjunctionsPipe and CisternInequality
Cloze TestSpped, Time and DistanceOder & Ranking
Reading ComprehensionTrainDirection and Distance
Fill in th BlanksBoat & SteamBlood Relation
Synonyms/ AntonymsMensurationCoding Decording
Phrase ReplacementProbabilityAlphabetical and Miscellaneous Series
Error DetectionData InterpretationBasic Computer Knowledge
Vocabulary- Similar/ Dissimilar WordsData Sufficiency
Permutation and Combination
Inequlity and Number Series

How to Prepare for SBI PO ?? What are the tips and trick for it?

Exams most of us are afraid of it and when we talk about competitive exams. They are the most nerve- Racking one. The student normally tends to panic during this face as only a few months are lest for preparation and they feel the entire syllabus is piled up. We are going to tell you how you can prepare for sbi po easily. Studying during this time on reaching the goals is a big task with all the stress and pressure to study to score well. They Dnt know How to Prepare for Sbi Po ? So The Student normally remains confused as to 1) What to study, 2) When to study, 3) How much to study? and yes most of us complain about not getting enough time to study. How to put an end to all this Confusion? What is the Solution to it? Well, a Proper time table and Smart Planning is the answer to it.

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So, we have come up with some time management and time table preparation tips For State Bank PO that should definitely help you for your Exams. Alright, so before we start let me ask you few question? How much time in a day can we study to prepare for sbi po ? I gusse it may be 4 to 5 hours or Maximum 5 to 6 hours. so let’s back calculates of 24:00 hours

Analysis Time For Bank Exams

HoursWorks to DoTime Left
24:00 HoursMinus 7:00 Hours for sleep17:00 Hours
17:00 HoursMinus 2:00 Hours for getting ready and having breakfast15:00 hours
15:00 HoursMinus 2:00 Hours again for lunch and dinner13:00 Hours
13:00 HoursMinus 2:00 Hours for watching TV/ playing/ Using Mobile Phones11:00 Hours
11:00 Hours Minus 1:00 Hours for the afternoon sleep10:00 Hours

We left us with these 10:00 Hours. In 10 precious hours for studying you can no longer complain about not getting enough time to study.

Planning of Strategy For Bank Exams

Utilizing Time Smartly:- ” Subject Wise Planning”

Many of us would have already attempted making a time table but have ended up feeling guilty for not being able to implement and the reason being failed is that we make an overly Restricted Schedule. Job Candidates the key to proper preparation is to customize it and try to be as well as take as possible.

  • Modify according to your need
  • Analyze your Strength & Weakness
  • Be Practical

Step:- 1 Make a list of all the subject you need to study. you will have to do some background research.

Step:- 2 Research, 1. Understanding paper Pattern, 2. Max. & Min. Scores of the subject.

Subject wise studying planning


Here I m taking an example of a moke test question paper of a competitive examination. The same logic can be applied to any other competitive examination. Like we say for an example of maths section. You will be getting an 85 marks question paper with the time duration of 65 Minutes including both the stages of SBI PO (Preliminary and Mains Examination).

Now what you do is refer your textbook and see the number of chapter and chapter wise weightage for the respective topics. Once you get to know the topics you have to decide which topic you find difficult topics and which are easy for you. So make a list of the same. Once this is done. Now comes the actual study part. They can be multiple approaches like, You may start with easy topics and then take the difficult ones and otherwise reverse of it.

I would suggest you to choose one difficult topic and one easy topic to maintain a balance again while selecting the subject. some would prefer to study one subject in a whole day but I will suggest you to make a combination of the subject like in the morning when you are fresh study some theoretical subject and in the afternoon practice maths, as per your required attention and you won’t feel sleepy. Now while studying you feel some topics are extremely difficult and you are not able to understand at all. You may leave the topic in option. Instead, focus and with through main topics but if you are already prepared and you are confident of finishing everything. Then you may stick with your own ways of studying.

If your Mathematics is week due to calculation and you want to solve it out as soon as possible. so here is the trick for that what you need to do is just learn all the table maximum up to 50, because it will help you to make your calculation faster. But as we know learning table up to 50 is not an easy work or it may possible that we may forget after some time. so what is the permanent to it? So, you just need to record your own voice on your mobile phone and keep listing and repeating your table voice instead of listing some other music. This will definitely help you out.

Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude And General English

Candidates what you need to do this for reasoning ability and computer aptitude and general English to just go through the concept of the chapter and take out some previous paper or any famous book and practice question from there which is sufficient enough for the view of exams. And please remember one most important thing that whenever you practice question mark the time when you started it and mark after you complete your practicing your question. This will help you in managing time during your paper.

General/ Financial Awareness

For General awareness and vocabulary booster enhancement to make it more strong. What you need to do is just read the newspaper daily and also you can download the app from the play store of your mobile to get updated anytime anywhere. After all, this what you need to do is just attempt online quiz for the better result.

How to make an Effective Time Table ?? And when to study Day or Night??

You may even strategize your preparation. while trying to score minimum marks say likely above the passing marks in the subject you are a week at and compensating it with scoring very high marks in the subject you are good enough so the final percentage won’t be affected. If there is very limited time left you may opt to study just important topics and not to read the entire chapter whichever method you choose. how much every time you have study, please leave some time for revision.

Job Candidates please note these are a few suggestive methods of studying. you may use them if you have only limited time. So, how to divide the day of studying. check the topics which are pending subject and allocate those many days for the subject say roughly or imaginary

Suppose, I need 20 days to finish computer application, 30 days to finish maths and 15 days to finish English. So, mark that many days in the calendar and allocate 6 days for studying and practice and put the 7th day for the revision of the topic which you have already covered here again use to a combination of subject and for a safe side keep 1 or 2 extra days and please make sure that you follow this and reach target on time also keep some days for sudden event like:- falling sick, or if there is any family function which is unavoidable or etc, again while splitting the time. Don’t over Burden yourself in the preparation of SBI PO.

  • Take Proper Break
  • Sleep on Time
  • Eat Healthy
  • And, Stay Fit

And the important thing which we tend to forget is we keep studying and reading stuff but we don’t practice writing and on the of the day our exams our speed is reduced and we can not complete paper on time. So please have writing practice and try to slove a few previous year question paper and complete them in those specified time. So now is this question How to Prepare For SBI PO still coming to your mind ? don’t you think the entire piled up syllabus is split into achievable targets. You can now be tension free and score considerably well in your exams.

“The art of reading and studying consists in remembering the essentials and forgetting what is not essential.” 
― Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

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