How To Prepare For SSC CGL AAO?

Preparetion tips and trick for SSC CGL AAO
Prepare For SSC CGL AAO

In today’s topic, we will discuss How To Prepare For SSC CGL AAO? In this, we will check out each and every single detail of AAO. For example- paper pattern, cut-off, and finally the job profile.

Now how will you become an AAO (assistant audit officer) so for this, there are two ways that will lead a person to an AAO. The ways are:- 1) Directly as assistant audit officer (AAO), 2) First as an auditor in CAG (then after 2 promotions as AAO).

So for both of the exams, you have to give one paper which is SSC CGL (staff selection commission) (combined graduate level). There are two most important things about it one is the exam is conducted once in a year and the other part is the forms are filled online.

While filling up the form, you should keep in mind that you have to mention that you want to apply for an assistant audit officer post also. For all the posts like Income-tax officer, SBI officer, and CBI officer you have to give only one paper SSC CGL.

And if you are truly want to be an assistant audit officer then you have to specify in the application that you are applied and eligible for it. If you don’t mention this then you are not able to apply for it.

Tips and Tricks How to Prepare For SSC CGL AAO?

The students who are preparing for SSC CGL AAO posts is not a tough task to complete, just follow the tips to achieve your aim. In this, we will take different tricks according to different stages and subjects.

For stage number 1:- Preliminary examination:- The time duration given to the exam is of 01 hours and you have to attempt 100 questions. The pattern of the question paper is like:-

Reasoning25 question50 marks
English25 question50 marks
General Awareness25 question50 marks
Quantitative Aptitude25 question 50 marks
TOTAL100 Question200 Marks

Students note that there is no sectional cutt off in the first stage and second stage. The paper which is giving by you gets normalized after all the shifts of SSC exam ends.

The Best 7 SSC CGL Preparation Tips & Tricks 2019 is there to help you out for how to prepare for SSC CGL different posts. The staff selection commission CGL is responsible for conducting so many different exams, and the AAO exam is one of the among exams.

Preparation tips for staff selection commission AAO posts stage no:- 1

SSC AAO exam preparation tips for stage number 01:- As we don’t have enough time in the exam to complete all sections. we will discuss what kind of measures you have to take in the exam to complete the paper.

  1. Maths:- The only subject in which the answer comes either correct or wrong. The student is quite confident in this section if they have prepared well then only. Now, who to prepare for it.
    1. Learning of the table up to 50, this will help you to make your calculation fast as whole maths depends on the table.
    2. Do the practice of the chapter which you find difficult.
    3. Learn formula
    4. Ask a question from your teachers if you have dought.
  2. English:- It only requires good command grammar portions. Now, who you do
    1. Reading newspapers, novels.
    2. Listening to English news channels, T.V shows, and anything.
    3. Prefer only those books for practice which are popular.
    4. Also, try to talk to your friends in the English language.
  3. Reasoning:- The subjects only required intelligence. In this, you have to solve puzzles and crack code.
    1. For this subject, you don’t have to prefer so many books, only one book is sufficient then enough.
    2. After doing some question you will find that it is an easy subject and you can able to take 50 out of 50 in it.
  4. General Awareness:- Under this, you have the knowledge about:- science (physics, chemistry, biology) and social science (history, geography, civics, economics, and current affairs).
    1. The most preferable book for this is only NCERT.
    2. Current news you will get by reading the newspaper and by the news channels.
  5. Make sure that you will start your paper form the General knowledge section after that reasoning section and it has proceeded English and lastly maths section.

Preparations tips for combined graduate level AAO posts stage number:- 2

Now, it’s time to prepare and crack the second stage of SSC CGL AAO posts:- The time duration given the exam is 06 hours it means 02 hours for each subject.

In this stage out of the four subjects, two were eliminated which are general knowledge and reasoning but there is an addition of one new subject which is finance and accounts and it is important for AAO post.

English200 question200 marks
Quantitative Aptitude100 question200 marks
Finance and Accounts100 question200 marks
TOTAL400 Question600 Marks
  1. Now how will you prepare for the SSC CGL AAO part 2/ mains exam?
  2. English:- This subject comes in your first stage so this time it will also come but a little bit tough than the first time.
    1. Solve previous years’ paper.
    2. Give more time towards your study like 3 to 4 hours.
    3. Prefer only those which are recommended by your seniors.
    4. Learn all the rules of grammar.
  3. Maths:- Only needs practice, focus, dedication, and concentration. The number of questions increases by 50+.
    1. Always remember in the multi-choice question paper, there is no theorem in the exam.
    2. This time the tricky parts question comes more.
    3. Don’t try to skip important chapters and questions.
    4. Make sure that you will not skip any day.
    5. Give at least 4 hours.
  4. Finance and accounts:- The paper of this exam is conducted on a different day, for 02 hours. In this paper, you will also get multiple-choice questions.

Preparations tips for SSC CGL assistant audit officer posts stage number:- 3 and 4

Under stage 3 and 4 of the staff selection commission combined graduate level Exam, the question paper mode will change. It means in the first two stages the mode of exam is CBT, now the mode of exam is written and manual.

Now how will you prepare of SSC CGL assistant audit officer posts? The third stage is also called descriptive paper which is for one hour and you can also select your language of paper (Hindi or English)

  • The exam is pen and paper mode.
  • The qualifying mark is 33 out of 100 marks.
  • You have to prepare:- essay, letter, and article.
  • The question is going to come from the current topics.

Now under stage 4 which is a final stage, it is up to you that, you want to give this tier or not because it is not compulsory for AAO post. But if you are preparing for another post then it becomes mandatory.

  1. CPT:- Computer proficiency test
    1. Spreadsheet
    2. Generation of slides.
    3. Word processing (DEST):- 2000 key depression in 15 minutes= ( 27 WPM).
    4. The time allotted to the paper is one hour.
  2. DEST:- Data Entry Skill Test
    1. The time allotted to this is 15 minutes.
  3. No qualifying marks are there in the paper.
  4. You can practice this in your home for at least 01 hours a day.

Thank you.

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