How to prepare for SSC CHSL?

How to prepare for SSC CHSL?
How to prepare for SSC CHSL?

In this topic, we will cover how to prepare for SSC CHSL? I will tell you all the tips and trick which are important in regards to CHSL preparations. What you need to do is just follows all the tips mentioned below.

So, what is SSC CHSL and what is the eligibility criteria of the job selection, what kind of syllabus is going to come, and what are the tips and tricks to crack SSC CHSL in the first attempt.

SSC CHSL is an exam which is conduct by SSC (staff selection commission) itself, only those candidates can appear who have completed their 12th class. The CHSL stands for a combined higher secondary level, the eligibility is an intermediate certificate from a recognized university.

For the selection and mode of exam in the CHSL level as having three stages. All candidates are aware that all the levels are equally important to get the job.

Tier – IObjective Multiple ChoiceComputer-Based (online)
Tier – IIDescriptive Paper in English /HindiPen and Paper mode
Tier – IIISkill Test/ Computer Proficiency TestWherever Applicable

How To Prepare For Individual Subject For CHSL Exam?

So as you know that there are four subjects in tier 1 of the CHSL exam. The subject which is going to come is as follows:- 1) English 2) Reasoning 3) Maths 4) General Knowledge.

Now, how to prepare for each subject individually? How to manage our time in regards to these subjects. The information of time management is given down below.

  • Maths
    • As we all that maths is a subject which only needs practice and we all are aware of the fact “Practice makes a man perfect”.
    • The time you allocate towards this depends upon your ability. It means if you are good at it then allot less time towards this and if not then at least practice this subject for 3 to 4 hours.
    • It is very important in maths that you know about the tables which are up to 40 because the table makes your calculation quite easy and fast.
  • English
    • For this, you need to have good command on Vocabulary.
    • The time assigns toward English is maximum 2 to 3 hour which is sufficient then enough.
    • If you want to have good command on the English language then start reading newspaper on a daily basis.
  • Reasoning
    • This quite easy and interesting subject and in this the student can get 25 out of 25.
    • There is always a trick in a question which you have to slove and find the answer.
    • For this subject, you need to assign only two days but for 3 to 4 hours. The two days which you have to assign towards this is Sunday and Saturday.
  • General Knowledge
    • Towards GK you need to look at the news channel or you can also prefer newspaper as it will also increase your General Knowledge.
    • For the preparation of general knowledge, you can also record your voice and start listing towards it whenever you are free and you have to take a break.

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How To Prepare For SSC CHSL:- Tier 1

So there almost three main levels to crack the exam. The first level is a CBT test which conducts online for 01 hours or 60 minutes. Under the first level, there are four different sections in the paper.

Now, how to prepare for SSC CHSL in tier 1? For this, you need to make a proper time table so that you won’t miss any subject or any chapter in a day.

  1. You need to make a chart of chapters which are going to come in your exams.
  2. After that, you need to classify your strong subject as well as weaker subjects.
  3. Now, the next turn is to allotted time according to your grasping power. For example, you are good at English but your general knowledge is quite less. So for this, you need to give more time towards general knowledge as comper to English.
  4. If you are good at a few subjects then don’t try to skip or ignore them because practice makes a man perfect.
  5. Don’t forget to give an online test which shows your week point and your plus points. These test will help you out to analysis each and every single detail.
  6. There are so many books which can help you out in your practices session. And if you are not interested in investing money in the book then you can also download apps from the play store.
  7. After installing the app what you need to do is just register yourself and it is free of cost, and after that, you are free to use the app.
  8. Don’t forget to make notes of what you have studied and prepared for the exam, because of this will help you to recall at the last minutes of the exam.
  9. For the viewpoint of the exam, you need to increase the knowledge of vocabulary. (mandatory)
  10. You need to aware of the current affairs that what’s going on in your surroundings. (mandatory)

List of subject’s chapter is given below. The table will help you out to know about which chapters are coming in the exam and what you have prepared for the CHSL level.

Current AffairsVoiceNumber systemMemory and storage device
Economics and Indian EconomyNarrationHCF and LCMComputer shortcuts keys
GeographyIdiomsSurds & indicesComputer abbreviation
History and cultureQuestion TagsAlgebraAlphabetical and Miscellaneous Series
General scienceArticlesTrigonometryCoding-Decoding
PolityNounsHeight and distanceBlood Relation
PhysicsPronounGeometryDirection and Distance
ChemistryVerbMensuration- 2DOrder & Ranking
BiologyTime and TenseMensuration- 3DSyllogism
Miscellaneous GKRearrangement of SentencesCoordinate GeometrySitting Arrangement
PrepositionsSimplificationStatement & Assumption
AdjectivePercentageStatement & Argument
AdverbProfit and Loss, DiscountStatement and Conclusion
Misspelled and Inappropriate WordsSimple and Compound InterestDecision Making and Cause and Effect
Cloze TestAverageLogical Venn Diagram & Classification
Reading ComprehensionRatio and ProportionAnalogy & Matrix
Fill in the BlanksAgeMissing Number
Synonyms/ AntonymsPartnershipClock and Calendar
Error DetectionMixture and AllegationMirror Image, Water Image, Paper Cutting and Paper Folding
Vocabulary- Similar/ Dissimilar WordsTime and WorkNonverbal & Embedded Figure
Pipe and CisternCounting of Figure
Speed, Time and DistanceDice and Cube
Train and Inequality and Number Series Number Series
Boat & SteamMiscellaneous
Data Interpretation
Data Sufficiency
Permutation and Combination

How To Prepare For SSC CHSL:- Tier 2

After cracking the first level now it’s time to crack the second level to come closer one more step to your dream job. In the second stage, you have to write an essay, letter or article.

In this, the topics which are going to come in your exam is related to current news. What you need to do is you need to present that stuff in such a form that cover all the important points related to the given topic.

Now, how to prepare for SSC CHSL tier 2. For this, you need to keep practicing and writing such as essay, letter, and article. Now, how you do this, for this you need to collect all the hot topics which are currently the talk of the town.

Because it is possible to come for those current which you have chosen for practicing purpose. You need to assign one hour which is sufficient than enough for practice for CSHL tire 2.

How To Prepare For SSC CHSL:- Tier 3

Now, after crossing both the tiers it’s time to face the third level and the final level of the exam. In this, the invigilator will check your typing speed on the computer.

As this level sounds so light but that’s not true because there you have to right proper meaning full sentences with correct spelling. If you choose short messing words then there is a chance to miss your final goal.

Now, how to get prepare for SSC CHSL tier 3, for this you need to take a book having a long paragraph or you can also take short one in the starting but getting command on it now take long ones.

So, all you need to do is read a line and start typing on the PC keep on repeating this process until or unless you get your best result. keep practicing on your laptop, PC, and Computer for 01 hours daily for better results.

And practice in such a way so that you can able to clear your third level easily. Always remember don’t use short forms, do this practice on the laptop, and computer not on the mobile phones.

What Is The Best Time To Prepare SSC CHSL

What Is The Best Time To Prepare
What Is The Best Time To Prepare

Now it is an important question that which is the best time to prepare for your SSC CHSL exams without any disturbance. So there are two major times to focus on your study. You can be an early bird or a night owl.

The benefits of night and day study are listed below in the table.

1) More peace and quiet1) The brain is refreshed and ready for information
2) Fewer distractions and interruptions2) Natural lights keep you alert
3) A clearer mind for creative thinking3) Doesn’t disrupt your sleep scheduled
4) Can help improve recall4) Able to study with classmates

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