How To Prepare For SSC MTS

How To Prepare For SSC MTS Tips & Tricks
How To Prepare For SSC MTS Tips & Tricks

Today I m going to tell some tips and tricks is regards, How To Prepare For SSC MTS? In this, we will see the syllabus, question paper pattern and of course the important tips and tricks regarding the exam.

The exam is conducted by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), on the 10th level, which is also called MTS (Multi- Tasking Staff ). The paper pattern that comes under this exam is quite easy and it is easy for you to prepare for the MTS level exam.

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Marks of the topics and pattern of the SSC MTS exam

  • In the exam of SSC MTS, there are three phases that a candidate has to go through with then after that s/he will be selected as an employee. The list of phases is given as follows:-
    • Pre Exam/ Phase 1:- CBT (computer-based test), which of 100 marks and each section is having a maximum of 25 questions. The time duration which allotted to the question paper is 01 hours/ 60 minutes. The question paper is at a form multi-choice questions on which you have to select the correct option out of the four.
    • Phase 2:- Descriptive Test, under this you have to write an article, essay or any letter according to the given question
    • Phase 3:- Skill Test, Under the test you have to show your typing speed on the computer and etc.

NOTE:- Candidates please note that there will be negative marking in the exam if you will choose the wrong options. So select the answer that you know correctly.

  • There are some posts which are come under the category of SSC MTS and you get employment under this section after preparing for MTS.
    1. watch and ward duties
    2. opening and closing of rooms
    3. upkeep of lawns, parks, potted plants, etc
    4. work-related to his ITI qualification
    5. assisting in the computer
    6. other non-clerical work in the section/ unit.
    7. assisting in routine office work like the diary, dispatch, etc
    8. delivering of the dark
    9. photocopying, sending of fax, and etc
    10. any other work assigned by the superior authority
    11. etc

Now, let’s check out the important tips and trick which are associated with SSC MTS exam preparation. Just follow all the tips to get good marks in the first attempt.

1. Know the syllabus of SSC MTS exam

Now it’s time to see the exam syllabus which you have to prepare for the exam of SSC MTS. There are four subjects which you have to work on. The level of exam doesn’t cross the syllabus of 10th level.

  • It is important to know the syllabus that is going to face by you. The list of subjects is as follows:-
    • English
    • Reasoning
    • Maths
    • General Knowledge
SynonymsEmotional and Social Intelligence Current Affairs: 1) Population Census
2) Important Books and their writers
3) First sports achievement for India and the world like first Olympic, first Asian Game, etc.
4) State Animals and Symbols
5) Awards and their importance
6) Name of the Scientist who got Noble prize for important discoveries, Latest Scientific Research
Mensuration: 1) Triangle
2) Quadrilaterals
3) Regular Polygons
4) Circle
5) Right Prism
6) Right Circular Cone
7) Right Circular Cylinder, Sphere
8) Hemispheres
9) Rectangular Parallelepiped
10) Regular Right Pyramid with triangular
11) square Base
Fill in the Blanks Coding and Decoding Polity: 1) Supreme Court
2) Meaning of Write
3) Election of President and his functions
4) Important constitution bodies like CAG
5) Facts about parliament
6) Fundamental Duties
7) Governor and his functions
8) State legislature
9) Major Constitutional amendments and their importance
10) Official Language
11) Emergency Provisions
12) National political parties and their symbols.
Fundamental arithmetical operations: 1) Percentages
2) Ratio and Proportion
3) Square roots
4) Averages
5) Interest (Simple and Compound)
6) Profit and Loss
7) Discount
8) Partnership Business
9) The mixture and Allegation
10) Time and distance
11) Time and work.
Cloze Passage Figural Pattern –folding and completion Geography: 1) India and its neighboring countries
2) Famous Seaport and Airport and their location
3) the important institution of the world and India and their locations like BRICS, World Bank, IMF, and RBI, etc.
Number System: 1) Computation of the Whole Number
2) Decimal and Fractions
3) Relationship between numbers.
Jumbled Sentences in a passage Operations – 1) Symbolic operations
2) Numerical operations
Economy: 1) Terminology of Budget (like National Income
2) GDP Fiscal Deficit and many more including Five Year Plan and its importance
3) Famous persons in the economy
4) Institutions and their importance like RBI, SEBI, etc.
Algebra: Basic algebraic identities of School (10th level) Algebra and Elementary surds (simple problems not the complex one) and Graphs of Linear Equations.
Jumbled Part of Sentence parts Venn Diagrams History: 1) Facts about Harappa Civilization
2) Vedic culture
3) Name of the Kings who built important ancient Temples and Institutions like Nalanda
4) Chronology of Medieval India and their important systems
5) India’s freedom movement and its leaders.
Statistical Charts: 1) Use of Tables and Graphs:- Histogram, Frequency polygon, Bar-diagram, Pie-chart.
Spelling Test Problem Solving
Idioms & Phrases Critical thinking
Sentence Improvement Word Building
Homonyms Trends
One Word Substitution Drawing inferences
Spotting Errors Space Orientation
Sentence Completion Embedded Figures
Antonyms Analogies – 1) Semantic Analogy
2) Symbolic/ Number Analogy
3) Figural Analogy
Classification – 1) Semantic Classification
2) Symbolic/ Number Classification
3) Figural Classification
1) Series – Semantic Series
2) Number Series
3) Figural Series
1) Punched hole/ pattern–folding & Un-folding

2. Make and follow a timetable for the preparation of SSC MTS

If you are preparing for any exam then you must have to be consistent with your study.

You need to be regular and prepare a time table in such a way which is flexible because sometimes it is possible to have any condition under which you can’t able to study or prepare for the exam.

If your timetable is flexible then it is easy to change but don’t change when it’s not required.

There is one more solution regarding your time table making for preparation of the MTS level, is that you can set a daily target and make time table on daily basis and mark the chapter which you will complete as the days pass.

3. Keep a set of reliable study resources for the preparation of MTS

There are many books that are available in the market for the preparation of the SSC MTS exam.

If you really want to get a good mark and crack the job in the first attempt then take only those books which are written by famous authors.

Always check the edition of the book because as time fly the questions change, and you have to be updated about the new pattern of question and there types as well.

Being prepared in advance is not going to have any loss on your side.

4. Eliminate all the exam-related fear and stress

There is some point that motives you towards your study preparation regarding the exam of SSC MTS.

  • It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease, hack away at the inessentials.
  • By being aware of our priorities, we are able to ensure adequate time for them, and decrease the stress we feel because of them.
  • The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.
  • Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.
  • It is not our stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.
  • What you’re supposed to do if you don’t like a thing is change it if you can’t change it the way you think about it. Don’t complain.

5. Never try to study anything new in the last few days

It the basic thing which is known by every single person that does not prepare for any new subjects at the last movement.

If you do that then you get confused and it may be possible that you may forget everything which you have studied in the past.

So in the last movement, what you need to do is just revise the syllabus that you have studied and prepared for the MTS exam.

Thank You.

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