IAS Officer Promotion and Ranks

There are so many candidates want to know the “IAS Officer Promotion and Ranks” while there duty. The job of an IAS Officer is the most decorated and proudable job that an aspirant can have those who are willing to serve our nation from this post. IAS officer gets Promotion and Ranks according to there work and experience they earn during the span of time while working. During training Period an IAS Candidates are entitled to get ₹45,000 per month amount.

But technically saying, They are not Getting salary. They are getting a “special pay advance”. Meaning thereby that LBSNAA (institute) is paying us on behalf of our cadre. Candidates pick Civil Services not continually thanks to the attraction of regular payment or perks. The candidates looks to serve its nation and for them salary doesn’t matter the most. So here we will tell you everything about IAS officer.

IAS Officer Ranks along with Promotions and Pay Scale

IAS officer get great Salary including other benefits and perks that is amazing and a great career oppurtunity. So Now we will tell you here more about the IAS officer ranks and Experience over the year they required for their Promotions. The entire rank of IAS cadre is divided into 8 Grades or Ranks.

Pay LevelGrade Service Period Post
10Junior Scale 0-4 years SDM, SDO, ADM (after 2 years probation period)
11Senior Time Scale 5 years DM, DC, Joint Secretary
12Junior Administrative Grade 9 years Special Secretary, State Government Department Heads
13Selection Grade 12-15 Years Ministry Department Head
14Super Time Scale 17-20 years Director of any Ministry
15Above Super Time scale Not fixed Commissioner, Additional Secretary
16Apex Scale Not fixed Chief Secretary in Ministries
17Cabinet Secretary Grade Not fixed Cabinet Secretary

IAS Officer Promotion Criteria

Designations held by IAS officers during field posting are as follows:

  1. After the completion of training at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) center the IAS Oficcer is posted as SDO/SDM/Joint Collector/ Chief Development Officer (CDO)
  2. The next post they get promoted to is IAS District Magistrate/District Collector/Deputy Commissioner after the completion of 5 years of service.
  3. After the working of 9 years they get promoted to Divisional Commissioner.
  4. When the officer completes 12-15 year of services they get promoted to Ministry Department of Head
  5. IAS Officer get promoted to the rank of Director of Ministry after completion of 17-19 years of services.
  6. After this there is no time bound of getting promoted to the rank of Commissioner, Additional Secretary, Chief Secretary in Ministries and Cabinet Secretary.

How do an IAS Officer get Promotion?

IAS Officer at grade level of Junior level
IAS Officer at grade level of Junior level

We have divided the IAS Officer Promotion and Ranks in several parts that will make ease for you to understand about it easily.

  • Junior Time Scale

The freshly recruited IAS officer starts at the Junior duration pay. This is often within the vary of 15600 with Grade Pay 5400. The beginning basic is 21000. There’s conjointly (Dearness Allowance) on top of the fundamental Pay that is currently 107% of the fundamental. The officer stays within the JTS for four years. When completion of the probation amount, the junior officer is announce as a SDO / SDM (Sub-divisional Officer / Magistrate) at the Sub-division level of a part. The SDM is that the body head of a sub-division containing 7/8 blocks.

  • Senior Time Scale

When four years of service, the IAS officer is promoted to Senior post with Grade Pay of 6600. The officer gets 2 further increments throughout this proportion. He’s given numerous kinds of posts like that of the extra District jurist (ADM), CEO, Zilla Parishad or Chief Development Officer at this stage.

  • Junior Administrative Grade

JAG officers get Rs 7600 as grade pay within the scale of Rs 15,600-Rs 39,100. An IAS is promoted to the present scale when nine years of service. He conjointly gets 2 extra increments.

After serving 2/3 years because the ADM, the officer is chosen because the District jurist / Collector of a part. The collector takes care of the event and law and order of the district. The post has wide visibility, power and standing.

Some of the officers are announce as a Joint Secretary of a ministry of the state. The Joint Secretary may be a vital position to carry.

Selection grade

An IAS Officer Ranks

This is the 2nd segment of IAS Officer Promotion and Ranks that we are going to discuss_

Selection Grade

The officer once more gets 2 further increments before being promoted to successive higher scale of pay, choice Grade (Rs. 37,400-67,000 with general practitioner 8700) when twelve years of service. He or She could stay a DM within the district or will become a Special Secretary of a section. The IAS Officer get there Promotion fastly and the Ranks get them the more power in there hand.

Selection Grade The officer once more gets 2 further increments before being promoted to successive higher scale of pay, choice Grade (Rs. 37,400-67,000 with general practitioner 8700) when twelve years of service. He or She could stay a DM within the district or will become a Special Secretary of a section.

Super duration

An IAS gets Super duration (Rs. 37,400-67,000 with general practitioner 10000) when sixteen years of service. He /She can get the post of a further Secretary or Secretary of a department of a government. He might also become a divisional commissioner in field posting. Within the Central Government, {an officer|a politician|an official|a political} of that seniority can get the post of the Joint Secretary of a ministry of the govt. of India.

Higher Administrative Grade

With the choice in Higher body Grade or HAG, a politician is entitled to officer to draw a basic within the scale of Rs.67000 to 79000. a politician ought to have an expertise of 25 years to travel to the present position.

In states, the IAS of this grade will become a Principle Secretary of a department. If the officer works within the Government of India, then the rank are going to be of a further Secretary.

Apex Scale

{an officer|a politician|an official|a political} with a minimum expertise of thirty years can get the Apex scale i.e. the mounted basic pay of Rs. 80,000. The Secretaries of varied departments of the Central Government gets this scale. The cabinet minister of a state conjointly gets this scale.

Cabinet Secretary Scale 

The Cabinet Secretary is that the highest position of a government worker in India. There’s invariably only 1 cupboard Secretary within the Central Government. There’s state equivalent of this post. He attracts a hard and fast basic pay of Rs. 90,000.

Final Words :

As in this post we have decided to tell you about the IAS ( Indian Admistrative Service ) Promotion and Ranks as well as their working career. Everyone knows Indian Admistrative Service post is one of the most decorated and pleasurable job for any Indian citizen to serve its nation form one of the highest post in UPSC services. If there is any question coming in your mind you can ask in our comment section mentioned below. So stay connected with us for more detail.

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