IBPS Clerk Salary, Job Profile, Career Growth, Eligibility, Exam Pattern

IBPS Clerk Salary, Job Profile, Career Growth, Eligibility, Exam Pattern
IBPS Clerk Salary, Job Profile, Career Growth, Eligibility, Exam Pattern

Today we will discuss the job profile of a banker and also see the IBPS Clerk Salary, Job Profile, Career Growth, Eligibility, Exam Pattern. Banking jobs in public sector banks are one of the most aspiring jobs in India.

Since it provides good salary package and promising job security. A bank clerk is a person who directly handles and takes care of the customers and gives them services provided by the bank.

The banking sector is the primary element of the country’s economy and so a bank clerk serves as the building blocks of banks being a friend of his job.

A bank clerk has a vital role in providing the best customer services to all the existing and new customers of the bank.

IBPS Clerk Job Profile

The various roles of a bank clerk are attending customer requirements such as accepting payment, sanctioning withdrawals, verify the cheque, issuing a demand draft and other bank-related services.

The works like receives collection ledger maintenance, balance tally, and other transactions must be keyed in the computer system.

After office hour ensuring compliance to care basic guidelines by RBA at the time of opening bank accounts explaining.

The main feature of bank product to customers maintaining and updating accounts of the customer follow- up of a customer by calling them in case of advance.

IBPS Bank Clerk Salary After 7th Pay Commission

The salary of the IBPS Clerk is the initial basic pay of a bank clerk is Rs, 11,765/-. Apart from the basic pay, a bank clerk is granted dearness allowance, house rent allowance, special allowance, etc.

The hand is the salary of a bank clerk becomes 20,045. The salary of a bank clerk might slightly differ with the cities. and if you want to know about other Bank Clerk Salary 2019-21: Detailed Pay Scale, Allowances & Promotions then click on the link.

Where they get posted the salary of a bank clerk might be slightly higher in the metropolitan city compared to the others. If you are waiting for the IBPS PO IX Recruitment 2019 admit card then click on the link.

The IBPS Clerk pay scale is 11,765- 655/3 -13,730- 815/3 -16,175- 980/4 -20,095- 11,45/7 -28,110- 21,20/1 -30,230 /1,310-1 -31,540.

IBPS Bank Clerk Salary Details

  1. Basic Pay:- Basic pay of newly recruited clerk is Rs. 11,765/-.
    1. as we know IBPS recruiting only graduate for clerk post.
    2. Banks give an additional two increments for a graduate of Rs.655/-.
    3. Basic pay for newly recruited clerk will be 11,765+ 655+ 655= Rs. 13,075/-.
  1. Special Allowance on Basic Pay:- Banks give special allowance which is 7.75% of basic pay.
    1. So 7.75% of Rs. 13,075/- will be Rs. 1,013.-
    2. The total salary of a newly recruited clerk including basic pay, special allowance is Rs. 13,075+ Rs. 1,013= Rs. 14,088/-
  1. Dearness Allowance:- Bank also give dearness allowance on the basic pay
    1. It changes in every three months.
    2. Current DA of November is 51.6% of Basic pay
    3. So 51.6% of Rs. 13,075 is now Rs. 6,746/-.
    4. The total salary of a newly recruited clerk including basic pay, Special allowance, and DA is Rs. 14,088+ Rs. 6746/- = Rs. 20, 0834/-
  1. HRA:- Banks give HRA (house rent Allowance) which depends on the place of posting
    1. It ranges from 7.5% to 10%.
    2. If you are poted in a small area you will get a minimum of 7.5% of basic pay.
    3. So 7.5% of Rs. 13,075 is Rs. 980
    4. The total salary of the newly recruited clerk including basic pay, special allowance, DA, HRA is Rs. 20,834+ Rs. 980= Rs. 21,814/-.
  1. Conveyance:- Bank give fixed amount of Rs. 425/- for conveyance which is also added in salary.
    1. The total salary of a newly recruited clerk including basic pay, special allowance, DA, HRA, Conveyance is Rs. 21,814+ Rs. 425= Rs. 22,239/-
  1. DA on Special Allowance:- Bank also give dearness allowance on a special allowance.
    1. As given earlier current DA of November is Rs. 51.6%.
    2. So 51.6% of Rs. 1013 (special allowance)= Rs. 522/-
    3. The total salary of a newly recruited clerk including basic pay, special allowance, DA, HRA, DA on special allowance is Rs. 22,239+ Rs. 522= Rs. 22,761/-.
  1. In hand Salary:- Banks deduct 10% of basic pay, dearness allowance, special allowance for NPS.
    1. Rs. 1,982/- will be deducted from your salary.
    2. In hand salary of the newly recruited clerk is Rs. 22,761- Rs. 1,982= Rs. 20,779/-

Other Benefits & Total Package Given To IBPS Clerk

  1. Bank will also add 10% in your NPS account
  2. So Rs. 1,982 will be given by Banks
  3. If you will be allotted to cashier work then the bank will give an additional Rs. 1,280/- P.M. extra.
  4. Newspaper allowance Rs. 200 to Rs. 300 P.M.
  5. Canteen allowance Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 P.M.
  6. For attending clearing house Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 on a daily basis

Total Package Of A New Clerk

  1. Gross salary including NPS= Rs. 24,743* 12= Rs. 2,96,916/-
  2. Newspaper Allowance= Rs. 200* 12= Rs. 2,400/-
  3. Canteen Allowance= 300* 12= Rs. 3,600/-
  4. For attending clearing house= Rs. 100* 250 (approx)= Rs. 25,000/-
  5. The total package of a new clerk= Rs. 2,96,916+ Rs. 2,400+ Rs. 3,600+ Rs. 25,000= Rs. 3,27,916/-

How To Become A IBPS Bank Clerk & Exam Pattern

A bank looks a person with the minimum qualification as a degree in any stream can apply for this post. Age limit is between 20 and 28. Various public sector banks select candidates for the post of clerical cadre through bank log exam.

The main bak clerk exam conducted every year are the IBPS clerk exam and RRB clerk exam. SBI conducts clerical exam generally once in every two-year another bank publishes their notification as per the vacancies.

The selection procedure includes two computer-based examinations. One is the preliminary exam and the other is the mains exam. There will not be any interview for the above- mentioned exam.

The preliminary exam is of hundred marks and it includes three topics 30 questions from the English language 35 questions from quantitative aptitude and 33 questions form reasoning.

There will be a total as well as a sectional cutoff marks to qualify the exam. Candidates to score above the cutoff marks will be selected for the mains examination is of 200 marks from the topics current affairs and banking computer, English language, quantitative aptitude, and reasoning.

To qualify the mains exam one need to score above the sectional as well as overall cutoff marks.

IBPS Bank Clerk Carrier Growth

The selected candidates for the clerical position will be on probation for six months. After the probation period, they are assessed aided through a short test or performance review and confirmed as permanent employees.

Generally, a bank clerk will be working between 35 and 40 hours a week depending on the bank you would be expected to work some evening and weekend shifts too.

The clerk has the opportunity to take part in promotions conducted. Once in every two years and get elevated as offices. Promotions are held by taking into account the performance of the employees in the promotion test and interview.

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