ICMR Assistant In-hand Salary and Promotion

There are a lot of candidates who are willing to know about ICMR Assistant In-hand Salary and Promotion Criteria, Job Profile, Allowances & much more. Today in this blog we are going to give you a detailed update about ICMR Assistant. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) plays a pivotal role in advancing medical research and public health in India. A career with ICMR is a coveted opportunity for many aspiring individuals interested in research and healthcare. The position of an Assistant at ICMR offers an enticing package, career prospects, and various benefits. In this in-depth blog, we will delve into the details of ICMR Assistant’s in-hand salary, promotion criteria, benefits, perks, allowances, and offer valuable preparation tips.

What’s the ICMR Assistant In-Hand Salary?

The salary structure for an ICMR Assistant is competitive, reflecting the institution’s prestige and dedication to its employees. ICMR Assistant employees get good Salary and there promotion criteria is based on several factors. ICMR adheres to the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations, with periodic revisions. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the ICMR Assistant’s in-hand salary:

7th CPC Pay LevelAMOUNTDeductionsAmount
Pay Level 06NPSRs. 5,168/-
Pay Band PB-2Prof. TaxRs. 200/-
Grade Pay Rs. 4200/-Central Govt. Employees Group Insurance SchemeRs. 60/-
Pay Scale Rs. 35400 – Rs. 112400/-
Basic Salary Rs. 35,400 /-
Maximum SalaryRs. 1,12,400/-
Dearness Allowance (DA)Rs. 16,284/- (46% Of Basic Pay)
House Rent Allowance (HRA)Rs. 9,558/-
Transport Allowance (TA)Rs. 4,212/-
Gross salaryRs. 65,454/-Total DeductionRs. 5428/-
In-hand Salary of ICMR AssistantRs. 60,026/-

Considering these components, an ICMR Assistant can expect a total in-hand salary ranging from approximately Rs. 60,000 per month. However, it’s essential to note that these figures are approximations and are subject to change due to factors such as location, government policies, and revisions.

ICMR Assistant Promotion Criteria

ICMR Headquarter

As we have seen the impressive Salary of ICMR Assistant now we move on to know there promotion criteria. ICMR Assistant can also be Denoted as Assistant Section Officer. Promotion criteria within ICMR are based on a combination of factors, including years of service, performance, and successful completion basic tenure on present Grade. From Assistant which is Group B officer Grade Job, You are eligible to further Promotions on Tenure of 5 years without any Departmental Exams. Below is a comprehensive overview of the promotion hierarchy for an ICMR Assistant:

  1. Assistant (Group B) : This is the entry-level position of Group B job which is Level 6 of Grade pay of 4200. After fulfilling the requisite years of service, generally ranging from 5 years, an Assistant promoted to Section Officer.
  2. Section Officer (Group B) : This Post is Level 7 of Grade pay of 4600. After successfully satisfying and fulfilling the required 5 years service period, an Section Officer can be promoted to the position of Administrative Officer.
  3. Administrative Officer (Group A) : This Post is Level 10 of Grade pay of 5400. After successfully satisfying and fulfilling the required 5 years service, an Administrative Officer can ascend to the position of Sr. Administrative Officer.
  4. Sr. Administrative Officer (Group A) : This Post is Level 11 of Grade pay of 6600. After fulfilling the required 5 years service period, an Sr. Administrative Officer can progress to Assistant Director General.
  5. Assistant Director General (Group A) : This Post is Level 12 of Grade pay of 7600. After successfully satisfying and fulfilling the required 5 years service, an Assistant Director General is promoted to the position of Deputy Director General.
  6. Deputy Director General (Group A) : This Post is Level 13 of Grade pay of 8600. After successfully satisfying and fulfilling the required 5 years service, a Deputy Director General is promoted to the position of Sr. Deputy Director General.
  7. Sr. Deputy Director General (Group A) : This Post is Level 14 of Grade pay of 10,000 a Highest Rank in this administrative Post. Lastly An Assistant can get promoted to this Rank .

It’s crucial to note that the promotion criteria and availability of vacancies may evolve, so aspiring individuals should remain updated with the most recent regulations and announcements through ICMR’s official website or internal communication channels.

Salary Slip of ICMR Assistant 2023

As we already talk about ICMR Assistant In-hand salary which is around Rs. 60,000 after all the deductions, however salary can be bit different as it depends on you job location, allowances you are getting there, city etc. However here we will see ICMR Assistant current salary slip of 2023 that will surely motivate you to work harder for your career to become ICMR Assistant –

ICMR Assistant current Salary slip 2023
ICMR Assistant current Salary slip 2023

So here you can see the latest salary slip of ICMR Assistant of October month 2023. In this salary slip you can see how impressive the salary is, however the new joining salary is around Rs. 65000 as the Miscellaneous payment you’re seeing in this salary slip of September month. As I told you the other deductions like NPS and all is deducted after 3 months as it take bit of time. So the In-hand salary of ICMR Assistant will be around Rs. 60,000 that we have told you earlier. Hope you find it usefull and get motivated.

ICMR Assistant Job Profile

Before we dive into the salary, promotion, and other aspects, let’s first understand the job profile of an ICMR Assistant. The responsibilities of an ICMR Assistant can be diverse and challenging, making this role a crucial part of ICMR’s operations. With this you can also check on FSSAI Salary that grants you a promising career too. For now here is an overview of the typical job profile:

  1. Administrative Support: ICMR Assistants are responsible for providing administrative support to their respective departments. This includes managing paperwork, maintaining records, and assisting in day-to-day office operations.
  2. Data Entry and Documentation: They may be tasked with data entry and documentation, ensuring that research data is accurately recorded and maintained.
  3. Correspondence: ICMR Assistants often handle official correspondence, including emails, letters, and other forms of communication.
  4. Assisting Researchers: They may assist researchers in various research projects, helping with data collection, data analysis, and literature reviews.
  5. Event Management: ICMR often conducts seminars, conferences, and workshops. Assistants may play a role in organizing and managing such events.
  6. Handling Budgets: They might be involved in budget-related tasks, such as managing expenses and tracking financial transactions within their department.
  7. Providing Administrative Guidance: ICMR Assistants may guide and assist junior staff and interns, ensuring that they are familiar with the department’s administrative processes.
  8. Adhering to Protocols: Assistants need to ensure that research and administrative activities follow established protocols and ethical guidelines.

How much Benefits and Perks does ICMR assistant receives?

Working as an ICMR Assistant offers numerous benefits and perks, supplementing the attractive salary and potential for career growth. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the additional advantages:

  1. Healthcare: ICMR provides comprehensive health coverage for employees and their dependents, ensuring their well-being and peace of mind.
  2. Provident Fund: ICMR employees contribute to a provident fund, with both employee and employer contributions, to ensure financial security for the future.
  3. Gratuity: Upon retirement, employees receive a gratuity, which serves as a token of appreciation for their dedicated service to the organization.
  4. Leave and Holidays: ICMR offers generous leave policies, including casual leave, earned leave, and medical leave. Additionally, employees are entitled to public holidays and government holidays.
  5. Travel Allowance: For official duty trips, ICMR may provide travel allowances to cover travel expenses.
  6. Pension: Following retirement, employees are eligible for a pension based on their service and pay scale, offering financial security in their post-retirement years.
  7. Research Opportunities: Employment with ICMR provides the chance to engage in meaningful research, contributing to advancements in medical science and public health.
  8. Concessions: ICMR employees may enjoy travel and other concessions, in line with government policies, which can facilitate travel and lifestyle benefits.

Preparation Tips & Tricks for ICMR Assistant Examination

To secure a position as an ICMR Assistant, one must be thoroughly prepared to navigate the competitive selection process. Here are comprehensive tips to ensure effective preparation:

  1. Understand the Syllabus: Start by gaining a deep understanding of the syllabus for the ICMR Assistant examination. Familiarize yourself with the subjects and topics that need to be covered.
  2. Study Materials: Assemble the right study materials, including textbooks, reference books, and online resources. Specific books pertaining to general knowledge, English, and reasoning should be acquired.
  3. Time Management: Create a well-structured study schedule that allows for the allocation of ample time to cover each section of the examination. Balancing your time effectively is essential.
  4. Practice Previous Papers: Regularly practice previous years’ question papers to acquaint yourself with the examination’s pattern and the type of questions typically asked.
  5. Mock Tests: Engage in taking mock tests and online quizzes to assess your preparation level. This aids in identifying your weaker areas and working on them.
  6. General Knowledge: Stay abreast of current affairs and general knowledge by consistently reading newspapers and following news websites. This knowledge is crucial for the competitive examination.
  7. English Proficiency: Pay close attention to enhancing your English language skills, focusing on grammar and vocabulary. Reading books and newspapers in English is a valuable practice.
  8. Reasoning and Numerical Ability: Regularly solve reasoning and numerical ability problems to enhance your problem-solving skills. This will serve you well in the examination.
  9. Revision: Regular and systematic revision is essential for retaining the information you’ve learned. Make sure to revise your notes and important topics frequently.
  10. Stay Informed: Stay informed about ICMR’s official website for updates regarding notifications, examination dates, and other essential information.

Working as an ICMR Assistant presents an opportunity for an attractive salary, career growth prospects, and a chance to contribute to valuable research in the medical field. The in-hand salary of ICMR Assistant, benefits, and perks make it an appealing career option for many aspirants. Nevertheless, the competition for these positions is intense, necessitating thorough preparation and up-to-date knowledge regarding the selection process and eligibility criteria. ICMR Assistant Salary and Promotion is the important factor for candidates to know about as well as how they should prepare for the exam. By following the preparation tips outlined above and dedicating yourself to diligent effort, you can significantly enhance your prospects of securing a position as an ICMR Assistant, thus forging a rewarding career in the realm of medical research and public health. Don’t forget to follow us to get more information like this.

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