Indian Army Salary: Scale Pay and Grade Pay Including Total Pay

Indian Army
Indian Army

We are here to discuss the salary of Indian army/ army jawan/ army soldier. So, in this topic, we are going to cover various subtopic like.

Let’s start with the first question after that we will pick other question too. and if you want to know your result of ARO Shimla Army Rally Bharti the check on careers arena. 

what is the role of India army, what is the term Indian army stands for, growth and promotion in this sector, is this comes under military force, what is the rank of the Indian army in the world, benefits given to the army soldier?

The President of India is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Army. It is commanded by the Chief of Army Staff, who is a four-star general.

It was founded on 1 April 1895, that means it has been 124 years ago from now. India’s military strength is second only to that of the US, Russia, and China. Rival neighbor Pakistan ranks 13th on the list.

The headquarters of India Army is located at New Delhi. The motto of India army is to “Service Before Self”. The size of the army is 1,237,117 active personnel and 960,000 reserve personnel.

It is the 2nd largest standing army in the world. The main point of origin of the Indian army is because of the East India Company, which eventually became the British Indian Army, and the armies of the princely states, which finally became the national army after independence.

Different level of Scale Pay Of Indian Army Jawan

Now it’s time to explore the salary structure of army officers. In the army, the officers have a different post and with the pay structure. The highest rank officer will get the maximum pay and the least one will get according to the post.

The level of pay of Army jawan is after the 6th pay commission. They also multiple allowances to meet the basic needs today to live. The List which is shown below having all the main payment level of the structure under the army.

Graphical representation of Different level of Scale Pay Of Indian Army Jawan
Graphical representation:- Different level of scale pay
LieutenantLevel 10 (Rs. 56,100 to Rs. 1,77,500)
CaptainLevel 10 B (Rs. 61,300 to Rs. 1,93,900)
MajorLevel 11 (Rs. 69,400 to Rs. 2,07,200)
Lt ColonelLevel 12 A (Rs. 1,21,200 to Rs. 2,12,400)
Colonel (TS)Level 13 (Rs. 1,30,800 to Rs. 2,15,900)
BrigadierLevel 13 A (Rs. 1,39,600 to Rs. 2,17,600)
Major GeneralLevel 14 (Rs. 1,44,200 to Rs. 2,18,200)
Lt GeneralLevel 15 (Rs. 1,82,200 to Rs. 2,24,500)
VCOASLevel 17 (Rs. 2,25,000) (Fixed)
COASLevel 18 (Rs. 2,50,000) (Fixed)

Rank In Indian Army With There Salary Structure/ Scale Pay and Grade Pay Including Total Pay

There is a rank of the Indian army and below is the full salary chart of Indian army. This will help you to indicate the salary of an officer according to there position.

  1. Soldier/ Sepoy – Rs. 25,000 (Max.)
  2. Lance Naik – Rs. 30,000 (Max.)
  3. Naik – Rs. 35,000 (Max.)
  4. Havildar – Rs. 40,000 (Max.)
  5. Naib Subedar – Rs. 45,000 (Max.)
  6. Subedar – Rs. 50,000 (Max.)
  7. Subedar Major (SM) – Rs. 65,000 (Max.)
  8. Lieutenant – Rs. 68,000 (Max.)
  9. Captain – Rs. 75,000 (Max.)
  10. Major – Rs. 1,00,000 (Max.)
  11. Lieutenant Colonel – Rs. 1,12,000 (Max.)
  12. Colonel – Rs. 1,30,000 (Max.)
SepoyRs. 5,200- 20200 Rs. 1,800Rs. 2,000Rs. 25,000
Lance NaikRs. 5,200- 20,200Rs. 20,00Rs. 2,000Rs. 30,000
NaikRs. 5,200- 20,200 Rs. 2,400Rs. 2,000Rs. 35,000
HavaldarRs. 5,200- 20,200Rs. 2,800Rs. 2,000Rs. 40,000
Naib SubedarRs. 9,300- 34,800Rs. 4,200Rs. 2,000Rs. 45,000
SubedarRs. 9,300- 34,800Rs. 4,600Rs. 2,000Rs. 50,000
Subedar MajorRs. 9,300- 34,800Rs. 4,800Rs. 2,000Rs. 65,000
LieutenantRs. 15,600- 39,100Rs. 5,400Rs. 6,000Rs. 68,000
CaptainRs. 15,600- 39,100Rs. 6,100Rs. 6,000Rs. 75,000
MajorRs. 15,600- 39,100Rs. 6,600Rs. 6,000Rs. 1,00,000
Lieutenant ColonelRs. 37,400- 67,000Rs. 8,000Rs. 6,000Rs. 1,12,000
ColonelRs. 37,400- 67,000Rs. 8,700Rs. 6,000Rs. 1,30,000
BrigadierRs. 37,400- 67,000Rs. 8,900Rs. 6,000
Major GeneralRs. 37,400- 67,000Rs. 10,000 – –
Lieutenant GeneralRs. 37,400- 67,000 – – –

Army Perks and Allowance

Field Area AllowanceOfficers Posted to Fixed AreaRs. 4,200/-
High Altitude/ Uncongenial
Climate Siachen
Officers Posted in High
Uncongenial Climate
Officers posted in Siachen
Rs. 11,200

In the case of specific allowances given to the Defence Forces, so the rates of those allowances have been further increase by 25% & Dearness allowance has gone up by 50%. So have you checked your result of Indian Army TGC to know salary? If not then click on the link.

The CTC for a Lieutenant would be approximately Rs. 65000/- per month. This includes Basic Pay, DA, Grade Pay, Military Service Pay, Tech Pay, House Rent Allowance and Transport Allowance. These rates are not statutory and are subject to change.

Hot News Update

Army launched “Mission Reached out” in Jammu:- The army launched mission reached out in Jammu to ensure that basic necessities and essential services are available in the region post the abrogation of the provision of article 370 and reorganization of Jammu and kashmir

A high-level conference to review the prevalent situation in the region was held in the Nagrota Military Station, Which was chaired by lt general Paramjit Singh


It was said that after serving your nation at least for five years after that your time duration of the job is over then the government has backup plans for the army candidates. They give employment to the employee in the government section up to the age of 60 years old of the person.

Our opinion is that if you join the Indian army then it will help you in your old age it was said that the employee s/he served the nation a few years back only like for five, then also the candidate will get the pension till his/ her last breath. The Indian army job is quite beneficial for you. So join the Indian army.

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