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Today we are going to tell you about the ICLS salary also the roles and responsibility etc of Indian Corporate Law Service Officers. The Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS) is one amongst the cluster ‘A’ services choices out there for candidates who have cleared the UPSC official Examination. Entry to the current service through the UPSC CSE commenced solely in 2009. The chief responsibility of this cluster “A” service is that the implementation of corporations Act, 1956, corporations Act, 2013 and therefore the indebtedness Partnership (LLP Act), 2008. The article talks regarding the Indian company Law Service (ICLS), functions, training, hierarchy and Income.

The ICLS was established in 1967 for the effective implementation and administration of the businesses Act. Originally, the service was named Company Law Service. In 2002, it absolutely was renamed as Indian Company Law Service. It absolutely was once more renamed as Indian company Law Service in 2008 once its accomplishment was brought underneath the orbit of the UPSC international intelligence agency. So the primary batch of officers recruited into the ICLS as Officers through the civil services communicating was in 2009. Until 2004, the service functioned underneath the Ministry of Finance. Since then it’s functioned underneath the Ministry of corporate Affairs.

ICLS Officer Salary – Grade & Pay Scale

The Indian Corporate Law Service officer after completing training gets a Salary of Rs. 15,600-39,100 with grade pay of Rs. 5,400. The Salary of ICLS officers increases as they get promoted to higher post. ICLS Officer get Promoted on every 3-5 years approx. Let’s see the Income earn by Indian Corporate Law Service officer on different post mention below-

Grade Designations Pay Scale Grade Pay
Junior Time Scale 1. Registrar of Companies
2. Official Liquidator
3. Registrar of Companies cum Official Liquidator
4. Assistant Registrar of Companies
5. Assistant Official Liquidator
6. Assistant Director
7. Bench Officer – Company Law Board
Rs. 15600 – 39100Rs. 5400
Senior Time Scale 1. Registrar of Companies
2. Official Liquidator
3. Deputy Registrar of Companies
4. Deputy Official Liquidator
5. Deputy Director
Rs. 15600 – 39100 Rs. 6600
Junior Administrative Grade 1. Registrar of Companies
2. Official Liquidator
3. Joint Director
4. Secretary, Company Law Board
Rs. 15600 – 39100 Rs. 7600
Senior Administrative Grade 1. Regional Director
2. Director of Inspection and Investigation
3. Director
Rs. 37400 – 67000 Rs. 10000
Higher Administrative Grade Director-General of Corporate Affairs (DGCA) Rs. 67000 – 79000

Rank Wise Salary of Indian Corporate Law Service Officer

Indian Corporate Law Service Officer salary
Indian Corporate Law Service Officer

Here we will let you about the Indian Corporate Law Service Rank Wise Income –

  • After completing the training Indian Corporate Law Service officer is posted at Junior Time scale can be posted as Registrar of Companies/Official Liquidator/Registrar of Companies cum Official Liquidator etc where they get pay scale of Rs. 15,600-39,100 with grade pay of Rs. 5,400.
  • The next level they serves at Senior Time Scale posted as Registrar of Companies/Official Liquidator/Registrar of Companies cum Official Liquidator where they earn Rs. 15,600-39,100 with grade pay of Rs.6,600.
  • Indian Corporate Law Service gets Rs. 15600 – 39100 with a grade pay of Rs 7,600 at Junior Administrative Grade where they can be posted as Joint Director/Secretary, Company Law Board etc.
  • After working as Joint Director/Secretary, Company Law Board for several years, they get promoted to the rank of Senior Administrative Grade at the post of  Regional Director/Director of Inspection and Investigation/Director as they earn 37400 – 67000 with grade pay of Rs. 10,000.
  • Indian Corporate Law Service gets 67000 – 79000 at Higher Administrative Grade.

Training offered to selected ICLS candidates

Soon when obtaining selected to the ICLS, candidates as provisional officers are given such letters to decision them on board for his or her coaching syllabus.

Training commences at ICLS academy of the Indian Institute of company Affairs (IICA). It’s an in depth 10 month program that trains candidates for the post of ICLS with theoretical, active coaching and specialised modules to arrange them for the duty ahead.

The 10 month thorough going coaching is incredibly extended, complex, and tough. Candidates need to try laborious to understand the ins and outs of the duty and to require up sensible exposure for his or her role. Here are a number of the insights into what the coaching could appear as if from a candidate’s perspective:

  • Indian penal codes of the govt. of Republic of India.
  • Companies Act – history, current standing, implementations, exclusions and a lot of.
  • Specialized company laws and amendments.
  • Partnership acts.

Accounting, making known of accounts, recording, and maintaining them.
After this part of initial induction, candidates area unit then allotted roles at numerous body offices across the country to urge the texture of the duty and active expertise regarding what the role demands.

Hereafter succeeding promotions, they will be transferred to higher roles like body heads and regional administrators. These come back inside the compass of the businesses act, and therefore the job transfer thus depends on the nuances of the legal framework. The regional administrators have the favorable position within the functioning of the register of corporations.

Benefits and perks of ICLS Officer

The Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS) officer earns a attractive salary and apart from that they also get benefits and perks that makes this job more attractive for candidates who want to be ICLS Officer. Let’s move forward to look at the benefits and perks enjoyed by Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS) officer-

  1. The ICLS Officer earn a great salary and other than that they get 2 or 3 BHK Accommodation to live from GOI.
  2. They have been provided with the Transportation expenses.
  3. Indian Corporate Law Service also get the Security Guard & Household Helpers.
  4. Medical Expenses
  5. Electricity & Water Bill
  6. Free Phone Call
  7. Abroad Study Options
  8. Pension & Retirement Benefits

Hope you have got all related details about Indian Corporate Law Service aka ICLS Officer Salary, grade pay and rank they serve. If there is any question coming in your mind regarding ICLS officer salary, rank etc you cn ask in our comment section mentioned below. We will see you soon till that stay tuned with us for more interesting updates.

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5 thoughts on “Indian Corporate Law Service Salary

  1. I’m currently doing company secretary course I’m in final level now I want to become an icls officer…… This info helped me a lot
    Can u tell me the in hand Salary of icls officer

    1. yeah ICLS officer for newly joined is Group A officer and salary is approx 56k in-hand starting atleast. You will get even higher depend on your cities.

  2. Hi, I want to know where will the officers get postings at (not the place) . What will be in-hand salary of Senior Administrative Grade officer? Is it better than I.E.S( INDIAN ECONOMIC SERVICES) ?

    1. The newly selected candidates can get posted as Registrar of Companies In-charge, Assistant Registrar of Companies, Assistant Official Liquidator, Assistant Director, MCA HQs, Senior Assistant Director, Serious Fraud Investigation office (SFIO), Assistant General Manager, IEPF Authority at Junior Time Scale-Level-10 as Probationer. The In- Hand salary of newly joined Indian Corporate Law Service Officers is Rs. 56000 (approx) also depending on location of posting. The ICLS and IES job post both belongs to UPSC Services and there is no comparison between them as the work profile differs. Both the post offers you a impressive salary and a great career opportunity. You have to decide whether the work profile of ICLS service suits you or IES. Hope you get your answer.

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