Indian Information Service (IIS) Promotion

The Indian Information Service (IIS) – Promotion that seems to be impressive for anyone who is going to join as IIS officer. Indian Information Service (IIS) is a decent job choked with challenges and growth, although the financial gain may not be the simplest compared to what he/she with similar skill sets at hand can build in company world. 

However you get to serve the state together with your skills at hand and If you truth full very well at it, then your probabilities of constructing it huge is truthful enough as you’ll be humoring in dialogue and action with alternative prime level bureaucrats and diplomats of India. Indian Information Service (IIS) – Promotion is amazing to know as well as this job offers you much more than it.

The simplest half —you can build your thoughts count within the programmes and policies of state Of Republic of India as you’ll be doing a lot of advising to the govt on its data policy right from the beginning. Lets have a detailed look on Promotion of Indian Information Service (IIS).

Indian Information Service Grade and promotion

There is a great deal of scope for promotion during this cadre because the system is well structured with completely different grades and pay scale. Indian Information Service (IIS) not just offers you attractive Salary but you are also offered lots of benefits and perks also.

Below table provides data on Rank & Designation, Promotion as well as pay scale of Indian Information Service (IIS) according to their posting-

Grade Designation Pay Scale
Junior Time Scale Assistant Director, ANI, News Reporter/ Correspondent, Field Publicity Officer, Assistant Regional & Research Officer, Assistant Director (Monitoring) 8000-275-13500
Senior Time Scale Assistant Press Registrar, Deputy Director, Editor, Copy Tester, Research Officer, Campaign Officer, Senior Correspondent-Cum-Editor, Regional Officer, Public Relations Officer, Officer On Special Duty, Talks Officers, Public Relations Officer, Special Correspondent (Abroad), Senior Correspondent 10650-325-15850
Junior Administrative Grade Joint Director (News), Deputy Press Registrar, Editor-In-Chief, Special Correspondent (Abroad), Director (Media), Joint Director, Chief (Media) 12000-375-16500
Junior Administrative Grade (NFSG) Director 14300-400-18300
Senior Administrative Grade Director, Registrar Of Newspapers For India, Special Correspondent (Abroad), Additional Director General (News) 18400-500-22400
Higher Administrative Grade Director General (News)

Director-General / Principal Information Officer

26000 (Fixed)

IIS Officer Promotion Criteria

Designations held by IIS officers during field posting are as follows:

  • After completing training IIS officer get recruited as Assistant Director, PIB in Headquarter.
  • After that at Senior time scale, officer id designated as Deputy Director, PIB.
  • The next post the Indian Information Service (IIS) get promoted to is Counselor Director at Junior administrative grade.
  • Next level that comes after Junior administrative grade is JAG (NFSG), and there Indian Information Service (IIS) get Promotion IIS as Director.
  • Senior administrative grade is the second last time scale where Indian Information Service (IIS) get promotion as Deputy Director General, PIB.
  • Finally, after getting the completation at the post of Deputy Director General, PIB, Information Service (IIS) get promotions as Additional Director General, PIB or Director General, PIB.

Indian Information Service (IIS) – Group ‘A’ officers

Indian Information Service (IIS) officer ranks
Indian Information Service (IIS) officer
  • Administering and coordinative the work of the Press data Bureau (PIB).
  • Conducting the promotional material work of the govt..
  • Controlling, management and guiding the news service units together with doctorate News and every one Asian country Radio (AIR).
  • Organising press advertising and visual promotional material campaigns for spreading data to the individuals regarding the varied policies and activities of the govt. through numerous media.
  • Monitoring legal problems concerned within the verification of titles, registration and circulation for newspapers within the country.
  • Planning and death penalty media methods for the govt..
  • Officers can even be announce abroad particularly in association with Prasar Bharati.
  • IIS officers may be announce to different departments/ministries on deputation. They will conjointly act as Personal Secretaries within the Central Government on a co-terminus basis.

Indian Information Service (IIS) – 3 Stage Training

The IIS officers’ coaching is in 3 stages.

Stage 1

Three months Foundation Course at the LBSNAA.

Stage 2

Probationers endure coaching at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication for a length of nine months.

Stage 3

At this stage, probationers can endure coaching for a amount of one year at numerous media wings of the Ministry of knowledge and Broadcasting.

  • DD News
  • All Asian country Radio
  • Press data Bureau
  • Registrar of Newspapers for Asian country
  • Directorate of Field promotional material
  • Publications Division
  • Electronic Media observance Centre
  • New Media Wing of Ministry of knowledge and Broadcasting

Work profile of Indian Information Service (IIS) Officers

After having look on Indian Information Service (IIS) Promotion, we are going to tell you about the work profile. By its terribly nature of handling the data and communication, the Indian Information Service enjoys a good diversity in its nature of labor and responsibilities. Income of Indian Information Service is great that is accompanied by lots of benefits and perks. The Ministry of I&B lists the functions of associate IIS officer in its official mandate as –

  • To set up and execute the media strategy to supply content to varied programmes /schemes of the govt. for the welfare of the individuals across the country.
  • Organisation of press conferences and visual content campaigns for dispersive data to the individuals on numerous|the varied|the assorted} activities and policies of the govt. of Republic of India through various tools of mass communication.
  • Control, superintendence and steering to News Services units of All Republic of India Radio and Doctor of Divinity News together with regional news units.
  • To look once administration and coordination work of PIB headquarters and day to day content works of the govt..
  • To guide, supervise and management the sector content units of the Central Government unfold across the country and to issue timely directions for effective observation and analysis of field units.
  • It get important to monitor the complicated legal problems concerned within the verification of titles, registration and circulation for Newspapers in Republic of India.
Career prospects of Indian Information Service (IIS) Officer

Soon when the provisionary amount of associate IIS officer, he gets denote to a media unit connected to the govt. of Bharat. Again, the tenure at the media unit relies on the amount of vacancies and necessities they need at the purpose of your time of induction. Therefore loosely, associate IIS officer travels through these roles to attain seniority and connected edges in his career progression. the trail traversed by the IIS officer is listed below for fast reference:

  • In the initial posting because the junior grade officer, he is the Assistant Director.
  • The 1st promotion to a senior role, he’s denote because the Deputy Director.
  • In the junior body cadre, he’s appointed because the Joint Director or because the Deputy Secretary to the govt. of Bharat.
  • He is conjointly denote because the Director within the junior body cadre.
  • In the senior administration cadre, he holds the post of extra Director General, that is equivalently termed the joint secretary posting to the govt. of India
  • As a range grade officer, he’s denote as Director General.
  • In higher body grades, he will be denote as Principal Director General.

Final Words –

After telling whole thing about Indian Information Service (IIS) – promotion, if there is anything that is coming in your mind you can ask in our comment section mention below. Indian Information services offers you get to figure with Doordarshan and every one Republic of India Radio, State’s wide community radios and lots of alternative Government owned and run print and media channels. IIS is additional sort of a Corporation in whole via that its officers serve in my raid of organizations throughout the course of their career, Where-in they attempt to spotlight the problems touching the weaker and marginalized sections of the society, significantly in rural areas.

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