Indian Trade Service (ITS) Salary

Here in this post we are going to let you know about Indian Trade Service Salary and detail information about there work, responsibility as well as benefits and perks. The Indian Trade Service (ITS) could be a cluster ‘A’ central service that prospective will didates can get into on clearing the UPSC civil services examination. ITS service was started in 1977. Board of directors General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) handles the Indian Trade Service (ITS). board of directors General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) comes beneath the Ministry of Commerce and trade. 

The most mandate of the ITS is to require care of India’s foreign trade and commerce. This article can facilitate IAS examination aspirants to know the designation, payscale, role and responsibilities associated, and also the career opportunities expected within the Indian Trade Service (ITS). Indian Trade Service Salary is amazing and this job offers to many great things. Lets have more detail knowledge about Indian Trade Service (ITS) Income.

ITS Salary in Detail with Grade & Designation

Indian Trade Service (ITS) offers a beautiful Salary and ladder of growth for its cadres. Candidates fascinated by the sphere of trade and commerce should decide on this Service. Different ITS officers get pleasure from totally different pay scales in step with their ranks and grades. Supported their role within the board of directors general of foreign trade, they’re assigned totally different pay scales. 

Within the senior body grade roles, they’re assigned basic pay anyplace between authority 37400 to authority 67000. In junior roles, officers area unit assigned a pay scale of Rs. 15,600 to Rs. 39,000. In varied choice grade roles, pay scales vary between Rs. 15,600 to Rs. 67,000. Indian Trade Service (ITS) Salary is amazing so let us explore in more detail. The below table offers info on the earnings related to numerous designations in ITS.

Grade Designations Salary Grade Pay
Junior Time Scale Assistant Director-General of Foreign Trade Rs.15,600-39100Rs.5400
Senior Time ScaleDeputy Director-General of Foreign Trade/ Under Secretary Rs.15,600-39,100 Rs.6600
Junior Administrative Grade Joint Director General of Foreign Trade/ Deputy Secretary Rs.15,600-39,100 Rs.7600
Selection Grade Joint Director General of Foreign Trade/ Director Rs.37,400-67,000 Rs.8700
Senior Administrative Grade Additional Director General of Foreign Trade/ Development Commissioner, Special Economic Zone/ Trade Advisor Rs.37,400-67,000 Rs.10,000
Higher Administrative Grade Director-General of Foreign Trade/ Senior Development Commissioner, Special Economic Zone 67000- 3%-79000

Indian Trade Service – Functions

 Indian Trade service salary and function
Indian Trade service function

As we already told you about the Indian Trade Service (ITS) income in detail now it’s turn to give you full information regarding functions and responsibility of ITS. Lets have detail look on functions of Indian Trade Service.

  • Implementing the provisions of the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992; Safeguard Measures (Quantitative Restrictions) Rules, 2012; Foreign foreign policy (FTP), 2009-2014; reference of Procedure, Volume-I, 2009-2014; ITC (HS) Classification of Export and Import things, 2012; and reference of Procedure, Volume-II (Standard).
  • Formulating policy in international trade.
  • Promoting exports.
  • Implementing foreign policy.
  • Negotiating international trade deals and industrial diplomacy.
  • The officers conjointly|also can|can even|may also|may} be sent on deputation to figure in different ministries and departments and also to international organisations like United Nations agency, ADB, world organization organisations, etc.

Training of Probationers

Indian Trade Service is one among the Type A services that the UPSC recruits through the civil services examination (yes, what one usually is aware of because the IAS exam). It’s a comparatively young service, with the primary batch coming back in throughout 1986.
After obtaining elect for the service, the provisionary officers bear the regular foundation coaching, followed by a stint at IIFT Indian capital for around a year.

After this, the ITS officers square measure announce at numerous DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) offices across the country, largely in metros and state capitals. they begin their career as Asst Director Generals of Foreign Trade and get on my feet to Addl Director General of Foreign Trade. Once announce at DGFT Indian capital, ITS officers contribute to the creating of Foreign national trading policy of Asian nation.

While announce within the field offices, ITS officers take care of the international trade promotion activities, numerous incentive schemes underneath the foreign national trading policy, issue cardinal Export Code, export import licenses and work with alternative central Govt, state Govt departments and export promotion bodies. In recent days, ITS officers also are transmission coaching to develop budding entrepreneurs within the field of international trade.
Some enterprising ITS officers additionally take up assignments at global organization, UNCTAD, and alternative international agencies. Some take up deputations and work with numerous ministries. and a few leave for higher pastures!

The promotional prospects during this service is nice solely up to Joint Secretary level. there’s an important career stagnation at the Director level, frustrating several officers WHO leave the service at this level. Cadre review and restructuring activities square measure current, and it would improve promotion prospects in future.

Benefits and Perks of Indian Trade Service Officer

The ITS officer earns a attractive salary and apart from that they also get benefits and perks that makes this job more attractive for candidates who w

  1. The ITS Officer earn a great salary and other than that they get 2 or 3 BHK Accommodation to live from GOI.
  2. They have been provided with the Transportation expenses.
  3. Indian Trade Service Officer also get the Security Guard & Household Helpers.
  4. Medical Expenses
  5. Electricity & Water Bill
  6. Free Phone Call
  7. Abroad Study Options
  8. Pension & Retirement Benefits

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