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Today we are going to discuss about the salary of employees in Intel. Intel Corporation is world largest manufacturer of semiconductor chips and additionally the very best revenue wage earner in terms of semiconductor chip sales globally. Intel’s producing product vary in the main includes Bluetooth chipsets, microprocessors, non-volatile storage cards, network interface cards, and motherboard chipsets. Intel started operative in India in 1988 by opening company office in Bangalore in 1988.

About the Intel India

Intel India primarily focuses on factory automation devices, sales and selling of varied IT hardware and package, product style, development, development of IT applications and programme. In India, intel is the most asked for IT organization in India as so much as employment within the IT sector worries. The Intel has actually lived up to its tagline ‘Touching People’s Lives’ and past and prospective staff have extremely rated the institution in terms of work-life parity.

What is the Mean Income Range of Intel employees according to Designation ?

The Intel Salary as an employers according to designation is lucrative that offers candidates a promising career with high growth prospect. The Intel Salary can range between Rs 238390 – Rs 5858650 as compared to other companies it offers high salary to candidate. Look at below table to get in more detail –

Job Position or DesignationMean Salary Range ( INR )
Software Engineer318660-1573000
Design Verification Engineer580335-2037740
Senior Software Engineer671270-2318200
Senior ASIC Design Engineer810136-3024760
ASIC Design Engineer338700-1497230
Application Developer589000-2150000
Design Engineer503872-1752000
Country Manager1199100-5858650
Electronics Hardware Design Engineer247379-1930485
Physical Design Engineer351390-2195869
Hardware Design Engineer468090-2013775
Project Manager (Software Development)1159775-3323100
Senior Hardware Design Engineer1010000-3364500
Senior IC Layout Engineer450515-2173185
Software Developer228200-973539
Senior Software Programmer491700-1512245
Senior Software Engineer671279-2318196
Technical Architect780139-4267760
Validation Engineer268345-2711440

Average Salary in terms of Years of Experience

Experience is the thing that no one can buy and whether it is life or your professional career experience teaches you something that no school or colleges will. Below table will help you to know about Intel Professionals salary in India based on there experience –

Years of ExperienceAverage Salary ( INR )
0-1 years751000
1-4 years826117
5-9 years1115456
10-19 years1827390
20 years and over3033800

City-wise Average Earning

Income of Intel professionals is also based on the basis of cities they are working in. As Bangalore is Silicon Valley of India known for nations major IT’s Exporter. In Bangalore the Intel Employees salary can range between Rs 200719 – Rs 3500000, as it is highest among any other city in India. Have a look on below table –

City (State)Average Salary ( INR )
Bangalore (Karnataka)1209729
New Delhi2500000
Mumbai (Maharashtra)3500010
Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)1428020

Average State-Wise Salary

The Income structures for Intel in India according to the various states have been listed below:

StateAverage Salary ( INR )
Andhra Pradesh1428200

Average Salary in terms of Certification

Intel India is a very professionally oriented organization and hence respects a highly qualified professional. Therefore, it goes without saying that the more professionally qualified you are, the higher the salary you can demand or expect.

CertificationAverage Salary ( INR )
Project Management Professional1169720
Cisco Certified Network Associate1174810
Microsoft Certified Professional900020
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer800000
SAP ABAP/41087401
SAP Certified Application Consultant1280000

Average Salary according to Specialized Skill

Specialized SkillAverage Salary ( INR )
Engineering Design (Semi-conductor)1280860
Engineering Design1544078
Verilog Vhdl990050
Project Management1732400

Average Salary according to Industrial Sector or Segment

Industry plays a major role in any job post. As in IT Industry Financial Services gets the highest pay off and then the Database software. Check the below table for a detailed Intel Salary according to Industry –

Industrial SegmentAverage Salary ( INR )
Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing1251366
Software Development1213260
Semiconductor Research & Development1578550
Computer and Electronics Manufacturing2150016
Software and Embedded Design1863590
Graphic Design1360020

Average Income in terms of Gender in Intel

A typical male employee earns much more than his female counterpart in Intel India. The figures below confirm that.

GenderAverage Salary ( INR )

You can also compare the salary of Intel to that of another tech giant in India Oracle DBA Salary. Hope you have get all related details regarding Intel Salary that will help you to decide what’s best for you. For any query regarding Intel Salary you can ask in our comment section. Stay tuned for more Info.

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