IRS Promotion and Ranks

Do you know how an IRS Officer get promotion in there career? Here in this post we are going to tell in detail about Indian Revenue Service officer promotion, rank, designation and there work profile. IRS Officers of India are appointed in many departments of each the central and state governments. The federal agency officers receive their pay as per the central pay commission. Additionally to the pay, they get many different allowances. The pay scales of the federal agency officers rely on the ranks they’re holding. There’s a beginning rank of every IRS officers and thru division promotions they’re upraised to higher ranks additionally their pay structures and the pay scales also get promoted. Let’s go through in more detail

IRS Officer Rank and Designation

The IRS Officer gets attractive salary package that also includes other benefits and perks, that makes this job perfect for anyone. There is great career opportunity also for the one who is working as IRS Officer. So Now we will tell you here more about the IRS officer ranks and Experience over the year they required for their Promotions. The entire rank of IRS cadre is divided into 8 Grades or Ranks. Let’s have a look on IRS Officer Promotion –

SI.NoPositionRankGrade Pay
1Junior Time ScaleAssistant Commissioner of Income TaxGrade pay of Rs.5,400
2Senior Time ScaleDeputy Commissioner of Income TaxGrade Pay of Rs. 6,600
3Junior Administrative GradeJoint Commissioner of Income TaxGrade Pay of Rs. 7,600
4Selection GradeAdditional Commissioner of Income TaxGrade Pay of Rs. 8,700
5Senior Administrative GradeCommissioner of Income TaxGrade Pay of Rs. 10,000
6Higher Administrative GradePrincipal Commissioner of Income Tax
7Higher Administrative Grade +Chief Commissioner of Income Tax
8Apex ScalePrincipal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax

Promotion of Indian Revenue Service Officer

IRS Officer Promotion Structure

IRS Officer Promotion depends on many criteria which we are going to discuss below. With every promotion the IRS Officer Salary increases as well as benefits and allowances also. Designations held by Indian Revenue Service (IRS) Officer during posting are as follows:

  • After completing training Indian Revenue Service (IRS) Officer get recruited as Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax at Junior Time Scale.
  • After serving for 5 years at Junior Time Scale, officer is promoted to Senior Time Scale as Deputy commissioner of Central GST/Customs.
  • The next post the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) get promotion to Junior Administrative Grade as Joint commissioner of Central GST/Customs after serving for 9 years.
  • Next level that comes after Junior administrative grade is Selection Grade after serving for 12-15 years, the Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS) Officer get Promotion at the rank of Additional commissioner of Central GST/Customs.
  • After completing the service of 17-20 years, the IRS Officer get promotion on the rank of Commissioner of Central GST/Customs and Additional Director General.
  • Principal commissioner of Central GST/Customs is the next rank IRS Officer get promoted that varies on the performance.
  • If the performance gets better, the IRS Officer is promoted to the rank of Chief commissioner of Central GST/Customs and Director General that also varies on performance.
  • Finally, after getting the completation at the post of Chief commissioner of Central GST/Customs and Director General, IRS Officer get promotions as Principal chief commissioner of Central GST/Customs, CBIC chairman, member of CBIC and director general at Apex Scale.

Training of Indian Revenue Service Officer

After selection, successful candidates undergo a 3-month Foundation Course at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand.

Thereafter, IRS(IT) Officer Trainees (OTs) undergo a 16-month specialised training at the National Academy of Direct Taxes (NADT), in Nagpur, Maharashtra, while IRS(C&IT) OTs undergo specialised training at National Academy of Customs Indirect Taxes and Narcotics (NACIN), in Faridabad, Haryana.

Roles and Responsibilities of an IRS Officer

Here we are going to have a look on Indian Revenue Service Officer roles as responsibility. The higher the post of Indian Revenue Service as they get promotion there responsibility gets increasing. Have a look –

Policy Formulation : The taxation policies are dynamic and keeping it dynamic with the rising desires of the
economy and therefore the country. The program isn’t restricted to raising of revenue. As a section of the
overall policy of the govt of Republic of India, the program additionally is a tool to deal with
several alternative objectives in the method of development of the country

Tax Administrator – Investigator, quasi -judicial authority and prosecutor : Levy assortment of the tax is that the main perform of an government agency officer within the field formation.
Majority of the officers area unit, therefore, concerned during this perform in a way or the opposite. The
process of aggregation is especially driven through the regime of voluntary compliance in
which the tax payers need to pay their taxes as per the mandate of the law, following the
procedure set down together with necessary filing of returns of financial gain or alternative given

Global crusade against black money : One of the foremost vital functions of government agency is detection and kerb black cash within the
country. Whereas taking all potential measures during this regard domestically, government agency officers also are
responsible to barter International Agreements with alternative tax jurisdictions, to plug misuse
of international monetary processes for evasion and rejection. Republic of India has been enjoying a
prominent role, inter alia, in developing the new world standards on automatic exchange of
information which might modify the tax authorities to receive info regarding taxpayers
hiding their cash in offshore monetary centers and tax havens through multi-layered entities
with non-transparent possession.

Serving other Ministries/Departments/Organisations on deputation : Besides operating within the ITD/Department of Revenue, government agency officers serve alternative
Ministries/Departments/Organisations in several capacities on deputation.

IRS officer designation, Rank

The IRS officers even have many ranks and designations as they get promotion. In keeping with the work expertise and division promotions supported seniority and performance, the IRS officers were promoted from one rank to successive. All the designations of the IRS officers are of cluster – A.

This elite category of cluster – A officer designation additionally includes the IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. officers. All country level examination to pick these prime officers is named the UPSC government officials exams. When obtaining designated for the Indian Revenue Service officers, the new entrants got the rank of Asst. Commissioner.

From there they get promotions as per their seniority and work expertise. the very best rank of IRS officers is that the Principal Chief Commissioner within the IT department. The cluster – B officers of the IT department can even become bureau officers upon their promotion.

Hope you get all related detail about Indian Revenue Service Officer promotion in depth and have a clear view on it. If there is any question or query in your mind you can ask in our comment section mentioned below. Hope to see you soon.

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