IRTS Officer Salary

Here we are going to tell you in Brief about the Salary given to IRTS officer. Not only this we have also mentioned the benefits enjoyed by IRTC officers. The Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) is one of the Group ‘A’ services starting from “Level 10” scale. One can be recruited into on clearing the civil services exam conducted by UPSC.

This service primarily manages the transportation department of the Indian railways. This is the service responsible for revenue generation in the railways. Read on for more on the Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS), its functions, training, history, career progression and salaries in this article. There are two major wings in the traffic service – Operations and Commercial.

Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) Officer Salary Structure

The Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) Officer starting Salary is ranging between Rs 15,600 to Rs 39100 including the grade pay of Rs 5400. The approx salary of IRTS officer is Rs 56,100 in hand at entry level. Other facilities and allowance like HRA, DA, Transport facilities and Free Railway Pass etc will be extra. The salary will increase as per experience.

Grade Designation in Field (Commercial) Designation in Field (Operations) Status in Railways Pay Scale
Junior Time Scale Assistant Commercial Manager Assistant Operations Manager Rs.15,600-39100
Grade Pay Rs.5400
Senior Time Scale Divisional Commercial Manager Divisional Operations Manager Rs.15,600-39,100
 Grade Pay Rs.6600
Junior Administrative Grade Senior Divisional Commercial Manage Senior Divisional Operations Manager Rs.15,600-39,100
Grade Pay Rs.7600
Selection Grade Senior Divisional Commercial Manager/ Deputy Chief Commercial Manager Senior Divisional Operations Manager/ Deputy Chief
Operations Manager
Grade Pay Rs.8700
Senior Administrative Grade Chief Commercial Manager/ Chief Claims Officer Chief
Operations Manager/ Chief Freight
Executive Director Rs.37,400-67,000
Grade Pay Rs.10,000
Higher Administrative Grade Chief Commercial Manager Chief
Operations Manager
Additional Member/ Additional Advisor 67000-3%-79000
Higher Administrative Grade + Member (Traffic) 80000

IRTS Officer Promotion and Ranks

The IRTS Officer Promoted quickly as well as has high income Salary. Here we are going to tell you how Fastly an IRTS Officer get promoted to the higher ranks. They got each promotion within interval of approx 4-5 years depending upon vacant posts. The role changes depending on where an officer is placed in the organization –

  • Division (Operational level) – Real action in terms of implementation of policies occur here
  • Zone (Tactical level) – Collation of Data, chasing of targets
  • Railway Board (Strategic level) – Policy making and National Priorities of Railways vis-a-vis industries and other modes of transport.

Let Us give you how IRTS Officer get Promoted in more detail.

Division :

  • If the officer is in the department of division , He/She will be appointed as a AOM/ACM/AO at the position of junior time scale.
  • After That He/She will be promoted to be DOM/DCM/ARM at the position of Senior Time Scale.
  • For working on the post of DOM/DCM/ARM officers get promoted to be Sr.DOM/Sr.DCM at the position of Junior Administrative Grade/Selection Grade.
  • After this, Officer are promoted to the post of ADRM/DRM at the position of Senior Administrative Grade.

Zone :

  • In the starting to be the zone officer, Officers are appointed as a ATM at the level of Junior Time Scale.
  • After working for Few years they get promoted to the post of DTM at the level of Senior Time Scale.
  • From there the Officers get promoted to the position of Dy.COM/Dy.CCM at the level of Junior Administrative Grade/Selection Grade.
  • The Fourth level Officer become CFTM/CTPM/CCM(PS) at the level of Senior Administrative Grade.
  • From being there, they get promoted to PCOM/PCCM at the level of Higher Administrative Grade.
  • At last they get promoted to the be General Manager at the level of Higher Administrative Grade +.

Railway Board :

  • In railway Board Officers are firstly appointed as a Assistant Director at the level of Junior Time Scale.
  • Then comes Senior Time Scale Level, as here they become Deputy Director.
  • After that they become Director of Junior Administrative Grade/Selection Grade.
  • From there officers get promoted to be Executive Director at Senior Administrative Grade.
  • Then comes Higher Administrative Grade and here the officer become Advisor.
  • After this, Officer are promoted to the post of Additional Member of Higher Administrative Grade +.
  • From there officer promoted to be a Member Traffic at the level of Apex Scale.
  • AT last they become Chairman Railway Board.
Position in the Government of India Division Zone Railway Board
Junior Time Scale AOM/ACM/AO ATM Assistant Director
Senior Time Scale DOM/DCM/ARM DTM Deputy Director
Junior Administrative Grade/Selection Grade Sr.DOM/Sr.DCM Dy.COM/Dy.CCM Director
Senior Administrative Grade ADRM/DRM CFTM/CTPM/CCM(PS) Executive Director
Higher Administrative Grade PCOM/PCCM Advisor
Higher Administrative Grade + General Manager Additional Member
Apex Scale Member Traffic
Apex Scale + Chairman Railway Board

IRTS Training

The probationers bear coaching in any of the national coaching academies specifically, Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) at Mussoorie, National Academy of Direct Taxes (NADT) at Nagpur.

Dr. red gum Channa Reddy Human Resource Development Institute of Andhra Pradesh at Hyderabad and RCVP Noronha Academy of Administration at Bhopal.

The officers are given Specialised coaching and Training at the Indian Railway Institute of Transportation Management (IRITM) placed in Lucknow and also at National Academy of Indian Railways placed in Vadodra.

IRTS officer Training at  National Academy of Indian Railways
IRTS officer Training at National Academy of Indian Railways

Here, they create field diverse numerous railway activity centres, workshops and organisations, Centralized coaching Institutes of Indian Railways and visits to railway project sites, ports.

They even have a parliamentary attachment and stints at different civil servicies academies and one IIM.

Benefits Provided to IRTS Officer in Railway

The good the Salary an IRTS Officers gets, Benefits given to them look it very splendid and beautiful. Let us tell you the benefits enjoy by IRTS Officer.

  • “Defined pension plan, best in the industry”
  • Railway bonus, perks, health insurance, medical allowance, rent allowance, travel allowance for you and your family. Can work for overtime and get bonus accordingly
  • Maternity and Paternity leaves as for female employees it is 28 weeks of paid leave and more can be taken by clubbing other leave types and for male employees it is two weeks.
  • Railway Pass free for family.
  • As well as in exchange of Railway pass they can get choose one time free Flight Ticket for family per year domestically.
  • They also get free school fee for their children.
Organisational Structure Of IRTS Officer In Indian Railway

Generally, Direct recruit officers area unit appointed within the Operations Department. they will even be announce in Indian Railway’s major Railway Yards wherever they give the impression of being once each Operations and industrial aspects. Within the gift context, IRTS officers have one in every of the quickest promotional avenues in initial stages among all Central Services. Also, thanks to choice Grade being non-functional in Railways, all Railway Officers stay field level executives (positions comparable to District Collectors, SPs) for comparatively longer periods of your time that create them quite effective at political affairs.

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