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It’s time to discuss the ITBP salary structure. The term ITBP stands for Indo-Tibetan Border Police which is the five Central Armed Police Forces in India, which raised on 24 October 1962, under the CRPF (central armed police force) Act, in the wake of the Sino-Indian War of 1962.

The ITBP’s main motto is Shaurya Dridhata Karm Nishtha Valour Steadfastness and Commitment. Here, we will check out each and every single detail of ITBP salary like monthly payslip, pay scale, grade pay, basic pay, and total pay.

The Salary of an ITBP Head constable is Rs. 9910 without allowances. There salary fall in pay band of Rs 5,200 – Rs. 20,000. Salary of ITBP Officers is mentioned here according to their different post and they also get benefits like DA, Medical facilities, Travel allowances etc. We have mentioned the full deatils regarding salary of IBPS Officers ank wise, so check it out.

ITBP Salary After 7th Pay Commission | Salary Of ITBP Officers

It’s time to talk about the ITBP salary structure, Grade Pay and Total pay of the officers. The total pay didn’t consist of any allowances these are calculated allowance free.

The list of officers is given below as per the rank. It means they are listed in ascending to descending order. The upper-grade officer gets a high salary as compared to other employees. The salary may vary as per government new schemes.

1Director-General Apex Scale Nill Rs. 80,000/- (Fixed) Rs. 80,000/-
2Additional Director General Pay Band– 4 (From Rs. 67,000/- to Rs. 79,000/-) Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 43,000/- Rs. 59,100/-
3Deputy Inspector General Pay Band– 4 (From Rs. 37,400/- to Rs. 67,000/-) Rs. 8,900/- Rs. 40,200/- Rs. 49,100/- 
4Commandant Pay Band– 4 (From Rs. 37,400/- to Rs. 67,000/-) Rs. 8,700/- Rs. 37,400/- Rs. 46,100/- 
5Second in Command Pay Band– 3 (From Rs. 15,600/- to Rs. 39,100/-) Rs. 7,600/- Rs. 21,900/- Rs. 29,500/- 
6Deputy Commandant Pay Band– 3 (From Rs. 15,600/- to Rs. 39,100/-) Rs. 6,600/- Rs. 18,750/- Rs. 25,350/-
7Assistant Commandant Pay Band– 3 (From Rs. 15,600/- to Rs. 39,100/-) Rs. 5,400/- Rs. 15,600/- Rs. 21,000/- 
8Subedar Major Pay Band– 2 (From Rs. 9,300/- to Rs. 34,800/-) Rs. 4,800/- Rs. 13,350/- Rs. 18,150/- 
9Inspector Pay Band– 2 (From Rs. 9,300/- to Rs. 34,800/-) Rs. 4,600/- Rs. 12,540/- Rs. 17,140/- 
10Sub Inspector Pay Band– 2 (From Rs. 9,300/- to Rs. 34,800/-) Rs. 4,200/- Rs. 9,300/- Rs. 13,500/- 
11Assistant Sub Inspector Pay Band –1 (From Rs. 5200/- to Rs. 20,200/-) Rs. 2,800/- Rs. 8,560/- Rs. 11,360/- 
12Head Constable Pay Band –1 (From Rs. 5,200/- to Rs. 20,200/-) Rs. 2,400/- Rs. 7,510/- Rs. 9,910/- 
13Constable Pay Band –1 (From Rs. 5,200/- to Rs. 20,200/-) Rs. 2,000/- Rs. 6,460/- Rs. 8,460/- 

Indo-Tibetan Border Police Salary|Indo-Tibetan Border Police Allowance

After disscusing abut the Indo-Tibetan Border Police salary now it time to check there allowance. Allowance are the cash which is given to the employee to meet there daily expenses. The allowance which are given to the employee is given as per there position, and place of posting.

The higher-paid officer will get a different kind of allowance while the officer how is posting at the borders get a different kind of allowance. The allowance is always different for different officers.

They get an allowance like- house rent allowance, medical allowance, daily allowance and etc. There are so many allowances that are given to the officers.

Indo-Tibetan Border Police Officers Ranks

Under this, we will check the rank of the officers under the Indo-Tibetan Border Police. The list which is given below is according to the highest officer rank officer to the lowest rank officer.

  • Director-General:- The Rank number 01
  • Additional Director General:- The Rank number 02
  • Deputy Inspector General:- The Rank number 03
  • Commandant:- The Rank number 04
  • Second in Command:- The Rank number 05
  • Deputy Commandant:- The Rank number 06
  • Assistant Commandant:- The Rank number 07
  • Subedar Major:- The Rank number 08
  • Inspector:- The Rank number 09
  • Sub Inspector:- The Rank number 10
  • Assistant Sub Inspector:- The Rank number 11
  • Head Constable:- The Rank number 12
  • Constable:- The Rank number 13

As time flys, the rank of the officer will also get higher and the level of salary and allowance also get increases. And if they want to get a higher position in the forces but not after so many years then they have to give an exam and interview to get promotion in the forces.

Benefits and Perks for ITBP Officers

ITBP Officers benefits and perks
ITBP Officers benefits and perks

Here we have mentioned some benefits and perks enjoyed by an ITBP Officer-

  • Special Duty Allowance (SDA) @ 12.5% of Basic Pay.
  • Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance.
  • Death Insurance from government
  • They also get benefits to buy quality products from canteen at low price

The below mentioned data is a contributory fund and based on monthly subscription of Rs.300 per head from all members of the force. The benefits out of this fund are as follows.

a) Rupees 40 Lac as immediate relief (Any kind of death of force personnel)
b)  i)Rupees 40 Lac to Missing (During Operation )
     ii)Rupees 20 Lac to Missing (other cases )
c) In case of Medical Board Out :-
       i)  Disability: 40% to 50 %  = 16 Lac
      ii)  Disability: 51% to 75%   = 25 Lac
     iii)  Disability: 76% to 100% = 35 Lac
d) Payment/Refund of principle Amount to the force personnel on Retirement/Repatriation/Discharge with simple rate of interest @ 8% without compound based on GPF calculation formula only..

ITBP Role and Job Profile

Apart from the (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) ITBP Salary topic, it’s time to check what kind of job profile they have and we will see the ITBP officer’s job role. The Indo-Tibetan Border Police salary is given to the officer is according to there work and there respective power and position in the force.

The workload of the highest rank officer is heavy as compared to the lower officer in the force. The work divided by the main officers to the other junior officers.

  1. The vigil on the northern borders, detection, and prevention of border violations, and promotion of the sense of security among the local populace.
  2. Check the illegal immigration and trans-border smuggling.
  3. Provide security to sensitive installations and threatened VIPs.
  4. The Restore and preserve order in any area in the event of a disturbance and to maintain the peace.

While talking about police Officer salary, There are so many different kinds of police inspectors who are posted under the different sectors of society and having a different type of Police Inspector Salary under which ITPB is one of them.

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