Lawyer Salary in India

Lawyer salary in India
Lawyer salary in India

Today we are going to let you know about the Lawyer Salary in India that is the question asked by many candidates. Lawyers are the one of the most important part of our legal jurisdictions. When something happens wrong lawyers are the one who fights for our right in court. Career as a Lawyer offers you many opportunity to be the best one. There is need of skill and knowledge that will take you to the top. Let’s move forward to know in more detail about Lawyer Salary in India –

Corporate Lawyer Salary

There is a great deal of scope for corporate lawyer in India as there salary is amazing with that of other benefits and perks also. The salary of Lawyers in Corporate firm differs according to the firm and the position they are holding. Benefits and perks also differs according to the firm and post. Below table will give you detailed view on Corporate Lawyer salary in India –

Corporate FirmDesignationSalary RangeTotal Package Including
Maximum Bonus & Other Benefits
AZB & Partners, MumbaiLawyerINR 11,40,000 per yearCompetitive bonus
S & R AssociatesLawyerINR 10,80,000 per year
Khaitan & Co., MumbaiLawyerINR 10,80,000 per yearINR 14,80,000
Talwar Thakore & AssociatesLawyerINR 10,50,000 per yearUp to 40% of basic pay
Paras Kuhad & AssociatesJunior Lawyers
(minimum 1 to 4 years experience)
INR 2,45,000 to INR 4,15,000 per yearbenefits
Paras Kuhad & AssociatesAssociate Lawyers
(minimum 4 to 8 years experience)
INR 3,64,000 to INR 5,90,000 per yearbenefits
Paras Kuhad & AssociatesWorking Partners
(minimum 10 to 12 years experience)
INR 10,80,000 INR 15,00,000 per yearbenefits
TrilegalLawyerINR 10,80,000 per yearINR 12,80,000
Amarchand MangaldasLawyerINR 10,30,000 to 10,80,000 per yearINR 14,00,000 – 15,00,000 Per year
Finsec Law AdvisersLawyerINR 10,00,000 per yearPerformance based bonus
Luthra & LuthraLawyerINR 10,20,000 per yearINR 12,60,000 lakhs (+0.51 signing bonus)
plus (INR 3,00,000 insurance benefits)
J Sagar Associates (JSA)LawyerINR 9,60,000 per year
AZB & Partners, New DelhiLawyerINR 9,80,000 per yearCompetitive bonus
Platinum Partners, DelhiLawyerINR 9,00,000 per year
ICICI BankLawyerINR 9,05,000 per yearBenefits after 6 months
Argus PartnersLawyerINR 8,00,000 per yearINR 10,00,000
Wadia Ghandy & CoLawyerINR 8,40,000 per year
Nishith Desai AssociatesLawyerINR 7,20,000 per yearINR 4,80,000 (fixed) paid after 3 years of experience in the firm
Desai & DiwanjiLawyerINR 6,00,000 to 8,40,000 per year2% to 10% on billings
Phoenix LegalLawyerINR 6,00,000 to 7,20,000 per year
SAILLawyerINR 6,60,000 to 6,80,000 lakhs per year
IFMRLawyerINR 6,00,000 to 6,50,000 per year
Pangea3LawyerINR 4,00,000 to 6,00,000 per year
Juris CorpLawyerINR 4,80,000 to 6,00,000 per year
Kochhar & Co.LawyerINR 4,20,000 to 4,80,000 per year
Crawford Bayley & Co.LawyerINR 4,80,000 per year
Lakshmi Kumaran & SridharanLawyerINR 4,80,000 per year
Supreme Court judicial clerkshipsLawyerINR 3,00,000 per year

Lawyer / Attorney Salary

There are lot of candidates who are questioning about “What is the salary of of Attorney Lawyer in India?” The Attorney Lawyer Basic Salary in India is about INR 1,23,650 to INR 23,49,112 with bonuses of Up to INR 3,94,530. Checkout the Below table for detailed view –

DesignationBasic SalaryBonusTotal Salary (Per Year)
Lawyer / AttorneyINR 1,23,650 to INR 23,49,112Up to INR 3,94,530INR 1,55,000 to INR 25,68,932

Lawyers Salary as per the size of Firm

The Lawyer salary also differs as per the size of firm as the No. of Lawyers in Firm (1 to 9) can get the remuneration of INR 1,76,874 to INR 13,22,574 and No. of Lawyers in Firm (10 to 49) can get INR 2,15,000 – INR 4,80,000.

Size Of Firm (No. Of Lawyers)Median Salary Range
No. of Lawyers in Firm (1 to 9)INR 1,76,874 to INR 13,22,574
No. of Lawyers in Firm (10 to 49)INR 2,15,000 – INR 4,80,000
States in India offering highest pay scale to Corporate Attorneys

There is a big difference for lawyers salary working in City A and City B. As the A grade cities offers attractive salary for lawyers in India than Grade B and Grade C city. As in Maharashtra the Lawyers will be getting between INR 4,70,000 to INR 22,00,000 and in Delhi lawyers will be earning INR 1,80,000 to INR 19,50,000.

Name Of The StateMedian Salary Range
MaharashtraINR 4,70,000 to INR 22,00,000
DelhiINR 1,80,000 to INR 19,50,000

Top Law Firms in India

Here we have mentioned some of the big company Law Firms in India that offers a great salary and much more. Candidates who are preparing for Law or want to be lawyers can look for these firms to earn a impressive salary. Checkout the below table for more detailed view –

Company NameCompany Name
Khaitan & Co, MumbaiWadia Ghandy & Co
TrilegalNishith Desai Associates
AZB & Partners, MumbaiDesai & Diwanji
Amarchand MangaldasSAIL
S&R AssociatesCrawford Bayley & Co
Talwar Thakore & AssociatesPhoenix Legal
Finsec Law AdvisersIFMR
Platinum PartnersJuris Corp
Luthra & LuthraKochhar & Co
AZB & Partners, DelhiPangea3
J Sagar Associates (JSA)Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan
Argus PartnersSupreme Court judicial clerkships
Final Words

There is great opportunity for lawyers to be on top. It depends on the knowledge, talking skill and experience to be the best. Those who have these skills are earning well and as gaining experience there are lots of lawyers who starts there own firm also to earn lucrative amount of money. If there is any query regarding Lawyers Salary in India you can ask in our comment section. So stay tuned for more.

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