LIC ADO Salary

LIC ADO Salary
LIC ADO Salary

The LIC ADO Salary (Life Insurance Corporation of  India), popularly referred to as LIC, is that the largest insurer in India and Contributes almost 7% to India’s GDP. It’s a state-owned insurer that has branches and offices all across the country. Performing at LIC is taken into account to be extremely prestigious.

There are lot of candidates who prepare for LIC Exams as it is a dream job for many aspirants. The LIC (Apprentice Development Officer) ADO post is a sought-after job in the current phase. Here in this article we are going to talk about LIC ADO Salary with detailed Information on Allowances, job profile, Benefits and perks etc.

LIC ADO Salary in India – Structure and Allowances

Do you know the full form of LIC ADO? The LIC ADO aka Apprentice Development Officer is reputed job post in Insurance sector. One of the reason why this LIC ADO job post is famous as it’s offers handsome salary as well as the candidates also get the security of there job. What’s the salary of LIC ADO? LIC ADO Basic salary is Rs. 21,865 that can goes up-to Rs. 55,075 after increment.

The LIC ADO Salary details are given below:

Pay scale21865-1340(2)-24545-1580(2)-27705-1610(17)-55075
Basic PayRs.21,865/-After Increment- Rs 55,075/-
Allowances(1) Dearness Allowance – 40% of the basic pay(based on the Inflation rate)
(2) House Rent Allowance – 7%-9% of the basic pay(Location dependent)
(3) City Compensatory Allowance – 0% – 4% of the basic pay (Location dependent)

In-hand salary of LIC ADO

The LIC ADO payscale is as follows:


After being appointed as an Apprentice Development Officer, the Basic Pay will be ₹ 21,865/- per month (except for Employee Category Candidates).

For next 2 years the LIC ADO gets the annual increment of ₹ 1340/- as according to this at the end of 2 years, the LIC ADO basis pay is going to be ₹ 24545/-.

After this for next two years the annual increment is going to be ₹ 1580/-, that means the basis pay of LIC ADO will be ₹ 27705/-.

For the next 17 years there will be an annual increment of ₹ 1610/-. At the end of 17 years, the Basic Pay will be ₹ 55075/-.

Starting career as an LIC ADO is going to give you lot of opportunity. Apart from this the LIC ADO In-hand salary is ₹37,345/- per month in ‘A’ Class City after considering the initial pay scale and combining all the allowances.

What are the allowances and others benefits as well as perks that LIC ADO gets?

The LIC Apprentice Development Officer earns a impressive salary with additional allowances and benefits. LIC ADO pay is popularly known because the total in-hand monthly financial gain received by the Apprentice Development Officer workplace of LIC. In-Hand Monthly financial gain is that the summation of Basic pay and alternative pay parts like – House Rent Allowance (HRA), variable pay, Dearness Allowance (DA), town compensative Allowance (CCA) etc.

House Rent Allowance (HRA)The HRA depends upon the task location. Supported whether or not the LIC ADOs are denote in metropolitan cities, huge cities or different locations, the HRA  can be 9%, 8% or 7% of the LIC ADO Basic Pay.
City Compensatory Allowance (CCA)This too depends upon the task location and may be four-dimensional, three-dimensional or third of the LIC ADO Basic Pay.
Dearness Allowance (DA)The prosecuting officer is revised quarterly supported the buyer index number. This element of LIC ADO regular payment forms around 40% of the essential Pay. Since CPI depends upon inflation rates, the prosecuting officer will increase or decrease supported that.

Adding all the allowances, the entire LIC ADO Salary per month is between Rs 33,000 – Rs. 38000 in an exceedingly category cities.

Apart from the LIC ADO earnings, there are alternative edges of LIC ADO that are as under:

Leave Travel Concession (LTC)
Special Allowance
Group Mediclaim
Group Insurance
Defined contributive Pension
Cash Medical profit
Accident Insurance
Loan for private Vehicles, etc.

Job Profile of LIC ADO

Below table will give you a overall view of work profile of LIC ADO-

S.NoWork Profile
1.Employ Agents for selling or marketing LIC policies to the allocated area.
2.Providing training to the recruited agents.
3.Analyzing the overall performance of each agent.
4.Finding out agents to procure maximum sales in a given time period.
5.Assigning a target quota to agents.
6.Maintaining Overall integrity in sales.

LIC ADO Career Growth

LIC ADO Career Growth
LIC ADO Career Growth

There is a huge opportunity of career growth for candidates joining as an Apprentice Development Officer. Once the candidate is appointed as ADO there is a possibility of candidates to be promoted to the position of Regional Manager. Check the career growth hierarchy from below:

  1. Apprentice Development Officer
  2. Probationary Development Officer
  3. Development Officer
  4. Assistant Branch Officer
  5. Branch Officer
  6. Senior Branch Officer
  7. Assistant Divisional Officer
  8. Divisional Officer
  9. Senior Divisional Manager
  10. Regional Manager
Brief Description

Job in Insurance sector is seen as the most proudable and safest among candidates. Lakhs of candidates every year appear for Insurance exams and LIC ADO is one of that post. The LIC ADO gets the attractive earning with lot of allowances and benefits that makes it perfect for anyone. You can compare the salary of LIC AOO and LIC HFL Salary to that of LIC ADO to look on which one is great for you. Here in this post we have discuss the detailed information about LIC Apprentice Development Officer salary, job profile, allowances, benefits and perks. If there is any question coming in your mind you can ask in our comment section mentioned below. Stay tuned with us for more detailed Info.

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