Mechanical Engineer Salary

Here we are going to talk about Engineers Salary. There are different type of Engineers in Engineering Sector. They are divided in Junior Engineer as well as Senior Engineer. Salary Of Junior Engineer are also explained in detail. Here We are Explaning in detail about Mechanical Engineer Salary and other important related detail about them. Salaries for Mechanical Engineer entry-level positions area unit quite remunerative. They need expertise to earn a goood amount of income if they are willing to look for a great career oppurtunities in this engineering field withskilled expertise. After completing the Mechanical Engineering the fresher can expect the salary around Rs. 1,40,833 – Rs. 8,11,408 with variations primarily based on experience, gender, costs of living etc. Career as a mechanical engineer in India is little bit hefty in starting as they need to struggle in the starting of there career. But if you knowledge and capability then you can earn well in this field.

Mechanical Engineer Salary: Based on Experience

Those candidate who is successful in obtaining employment as Mechanical Engineer within the public sector, they are elegible to get the initial salary package that would be within the vary of  INR 45,000-INR 60,000 (monthly). If you are looking to start your mechanical engineering career within the Private sector, the initial salary package you’re going to have is 70,000 monthly.

For Mechanical Engineers it gets important to have experience in this field to gets a handsome salary package because experience matters a lot to many big private sectors company hiring mechanical Engineers. Your salary is directly proportional to your hard work and the knowledge you have gain over the period of time.

Job CategoryExperienceAverage Annual Salary
Senior Mechanical Engineer Less than a year INR 259,416 INR 508,682
1-4 years INR 121,365 – INR 614,386
5-9 years INR 143,034 – INR 1,291,561
10-19 years INR 186,591 – INR 785,217
20 years and more INR 191,953 -INR 1,382,422
Mechanical Engineer Less than a year INR 198,518 – INR 748,829
1-4 years INR 259,416 INR 508,682
5-9 years INR 272,226 – INR 1,344,571
10-19 years INR 280,707 – INR 962,474
20 years and more INR 296,007 – INR 1,404,051

Mechanical Engineer Salary: Based on Cities

There is lot more to know about the earning of Mechanical Engineer as there are lots of factor that depends on there Income. As many of you that a Mechanical Engineer earns an amazing salary and apart from that they also enjoy many benefits and perks. Here we are going to tell the salary of Mechanical Engineer Salary based on the cities they are working in. You will get to know here about the Average Annual salary of Mechanical based on there location of work.

Job Category City Average Annual Salary
Senior Mechanical Engineer Gurgaon, Haryana INR 198,659 – INR 924,388
Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 280,109 – INR 845,634
Bengaluru, Karnataka INR 285,746 – INR 1,082,479
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh INR 203,612 – INR 938,960
Chennai, Tamil Nadu INR 340,592 – INR 896,421
Pune, Maharashtra INR 277,341 – INR 1,008,861
Mechanical Engineer Vadodara, Gujarat INR 144,966 – INR 739,010
Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 150,788 – INR 982,635
Bengaluru, Karnataka INR 121,853 – INR 789,471
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh INR 135,741 – INR996,662
Chennai, Tamil Nadu INR 119,429 – INR654,962
Pune, Maharashtra INR 124,832 – INR689,038

Mechanical Engineering Salary: Based on Industry

It is great to start your career as Mechanical engineer and there is lot of scope in this sectors also. The earning of Mechanical Engineer Salary is great and it is also based on Industry Basis. So lets elaborate in more detail.

Job Category Industry Average Annual Salary
Senior Mechanical Engineer Automotive Supply INR 226,800 – INR 837,500
Engineering INR 301,034 – INR 1,123,415
Cars or Automobiles INR 270,000 – INR 900,000
Construction INR 262,229 – INR 919,157
Manufacturing and Distribution INR 140,000 – INR 1,110,000
Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineering INR 147,928 – INR 876,998
Cars or Automobiles INR 199,332 – INR 963,535
Construction INR 98,043 – INR689,999
Manufacturing and Distribution INR 126,000 – INR 589,581
Metal or Steel Manufacturing INR 96,644 – INR 621,904

Mechanical Engineer Salary: Based on Gender

Job Category Gender Average Annual Salary
Senior Mechanical Engineer Female INR 168,000 – INR 1,191,952
Male INR 265,219 – INR 962,314
Mechanical Engineer Female INR 178,699 – INR 685,100
Male INR 131,299 – INR 719,381
Mechanical Engineer Salary: Based Degree or Certification

Income of Mechanical Engineers are also based in there degree, as higher level of degree let them pay the high amount of money. So lets have a look to understand how degree matters to Mechanical Engineers.

Job CategoryDegree or Certification Average Annual Salary
Senior Mechanical Engineer Certified Six Sigma Green Belt INR 390,640 – INR 1,163,496
Engineer in Training INR 231,248 – INR 842,110
Certified Six Sigma Black Belt INR 264,000 – INR 1,961,783
Mechanical Engineering- higher national diploma INR 280,793 – INR 565,263
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng/ BE) or Mechanical Engineering- ME INR276,453 – INR 993,293
MS in Mechanical Engineering INR 463,689 – INR 3,445,320
Bachelor’s Degree INR 276,915 – INR 902,302
Mechanical Engineer Project Management Certificate INR 146,939 – INR 1,049,164
Engineer in Training INR 118,413 – INR 617,477
Higher National Diploma, Mechanical Engineering INR 139,061 – INR 835,567
Certified Professional Engineer INR 147,243 – INR 767,002
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng/ BE) or Mechanical Engineering- ME INR 139,275 – INR 632,551
MS in Mechanical Engineering INR 442,186 – INR 925,104
Bachelor’s Degree INR 140,434 – INR 691,464

So thats the full detail about Mechanical Engineers salary and what career they have. If you have any question in your mind you can ask in our comment section mention below. That’s it for now so stay tuned for more updates.

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