Mumbai Metro Salary

We are here to tell about the Mumbai Metro Salary in detail as well as about the benefits and perks they enjoy. Mumbai Metro has currently become one amongst the biggest industries in India. Once city rail line railways currently metropolis is creating it most fascinating manner of transport within the capital town. Per annum variety of individuals area unit recruited in Mumbai metro in many positions. There area unit designations wherever freshman candidates area unit being appointed and few of them want enough expertise. You can also compare the salary of DMRC to that of Mumbai Metro.

Mumbai Metro Top management Income

The salary in top level management of Mumbai Metro is impressive as well as there are other benefits on being the management services. When we talk about the top level management, Chairman comes first and after that general managers of various department. After the post of general manager then comes deputy managers, town planner and transportation planner. In top Management, Head of finance and CFO earns the salary similar to that of General Manager. The salary of CFO in Mumbai Metro is between Rs. 51,000 – Rs. 73,000 per month. Checkout to know in more detail in below table –

DesignationYear Of ExperienceSalary (Permonth)
General Manager (Civil)15Rs.75000
General Manager (Stations and Depot)15Rs.75000
General Manager (Electrical/Mechanical)15Rs.75000
General Manager (Signalling and Telecom.)15Rs.75000
Dy General Manager (Civil) Tunnel8Rs.60000
Dy General Manager (Civil) Station8Rs.60000
Dy General Manager (Electrical Mechanical)8Rs.60000
Town Planner8Rs.52933
Transportation Planner8Rs.52933

Mumbai Metro Middle Management Salary

When we comes to know the salary in Middle Management of Mumbai Metro assistant manager of each department and deputy engineers working under general manager come under this. Community development officer also comes in the middle management. The average salary in Middle management of Mumbai metro they get in scale of Rs. 29,000 – Rs. 54,000 Per month. Have a look on below table –

Job TitlePayscale (Per Month)
Company SecretaryRs 32900-Rs 58000
Deputy Chief Finance OfficerRs 32900-Rs 58000
Assistant General Manager (Finance)Rs 29100-Rs 54500
Assistant General Manager (HR)Rs 29100-Rs 54500
Assistant General Manager (PR)Rs 29100-Rs 54500
Assistant General Manager (Environment)Rs 29100-Rs 54500
Assistant General Manager/Executive Engineer (Civil)Rs 29100-Rs 54500
Community Development OfficerRs 29100-Rs 54500
Deputy Engineer (Civil)Rs 29100-Rs 54500
Deputy Engineer (Electrical)Rs 20600-Rs 46500
Deputy Engineer (Environment)/Assistant Manager (Environment)Rs 20600-Rs 46500
Assistant Manager (Finance)Rs 20600-Rs 46500

Mumbai Metro Supervisory level Salary

When you compare the salary of Other govt organizations to that of Supervisory level in Mumbai metro, supervisor earns more than govt official. Salaries of higher-up level is over the opposite government organizations have. All the office assistants come in the place of supervisory level. Some of the post of supervisory level are Office Assistant (HR), Community Development Assistant and Junior Assistant cum Computer Operator. Checkout below table for more info –

JobPayscale (Per Month)
Office Assistant (HR)Rs 14000-Rs 26950
Community Development AssistantRs 13500-Rs 25520
Jr. Assistant cum Computer OperatorRs 8000-Rs 14140
Final Words

Mumbai Metro spends on top of average salaries to their staff in the least level. High management earns over Rs 50K per month. Where, upper top management even gets above Rs. 80K. Regarding middle management regular payment, Mumbai Metro pays on top of Rs.25K. In step with their work and skill, they’re entitle with regular payment about to Rs. 50K. Where, Deputy engineer with nice work and skill offered with regular payment close to Rs 40K. higher-up level staff gets on top of than what they gets in different PSUs. Their regular payment comes within the band of Rs. 13K to Rs. 25K per month. laptop operator square measure able to get within the band of Rs.8K to Rs. 14K. If there is any doubt you can ask in our comment section mentioned below. Stay tune for more info.

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