PHP Developer Salary

The profession of PHP Developer is high in demand and it also offer lucrative salary. The expertise of PHP Developer is in utilize of different web oriented tools and technique for building websites as well as portals. They are also expert in executing different software projects of there client.

Apart from thorough awareness about Php (hypertext preprocessing) script, the software developer must be familiar with other computer programming languages like MySQL, Ajax, JavaScript, and so on. Php developers are also well acquainted with HTML and CSS that are indispensable for the development of websites in Php script. Let’s checkout in detail about PHP Developer salary and much more –

Salaries according to years of professional experience

 A Php developer will expect a beginning annual remuneration of nearly Rs. 83,000 that goes up to Rs. 4.20 lakhs during a 2 to a few years time. A Php software system developer or computer programmer today will expect to a yearly remuneration of Rs. 90,000 that delicately will increase to Rs. 4.80 lakhs at intervals 2-3 years. The median or average remuneration of a Php developer is Rs. 1,82,052 INR.

Years of Professional ExperienceSalary Range
0-1 yearsRs. 61,000 – Rs. 2,44,630
1-4 yearsRs. 85,400 – Rs. 3,58,080
5-9 yearsRs. 1,49,000 – Rs. 6,56,000

Salaries according to location/posting

Since the cost of living (and therefore the whole monthly living expenses) differs from town to town and across regions, it follows that the salaries of Php developers aren’t uniform throughout the country. For example, somebody used as a Php skilled with a firm in city would be drawing the next pay than his or her counterpart in Calcutta. the subsequent table lists the salaries of Php specialists in numerous prime locations.

City/StateSalary Range
Bangalore85 150 INR-4 84 800
Chennai72 300 INR-4 98 350
Kolkata58 700 INR-3 49 050
Hyderabad87 740 INR-3 04 105
AhmadabadRs. 84,900 – Rs. 3,67,700
MumbaiRs. 70,000 – Rs. 3,92,000
PuneRs. 71,520 – Rs. 4,41,000

Salaries according to skills of PHP Developer

It doesn’t have to be compelled to be exaggerated that one’s financial gain or earning potential as a Php developer goes up if he starts operating equipped with ample skilled skills or acquires a similar whereas he gathers expertise. Let’s have a look on PHP Developer salary based on specific professional skill –

Specific Professional SkillSalary Range
Php82 730 INR-4 22 000 INR
JavaScript84 212 INR-4 60 550 INR
MySQL82 600 INR-4 67 700 INR
WordPress65 240 INR-3 67 700 INR
Ajax94 550 INR-4 68 700 INR
jQuery93 900 INR-4 86 000 INR
HTML (hypertext markup language)81 060 INR-4 64 000 INR
CSS (cascading style sheets)81 660 INR-4 79 700 INR
C++72 000 INR-4 12 800 INR
ASP.NET62 000 INR-4 92 000 INR

Salaries of PHP Developer in accordance with one’s academic and/or professional qualifications

A Php developer’s instructional and/or skilled qualifications are determinants which will have a big or strategic touching on his financial gain or remuneration. The subsequent table provides a virtually comprehensive listing of Php professionals’ salaries supported their tutorial and extra specialised qualifications. Have a look on salary of PHP Developer based on certification –

Educational/Specialisation CertificationSalary Range
Bachelor’s DegreeINR 78 300 -INR3 52 000
BTech/BITINR 82 900 -INR-3 04 200 INR
Bachelor or Engineering/Computer ScienceINR 84 900 -INR 3 72 000
Bachelor of Computer Science & EngineeringINR 93 100 -INR 3 43 160
Bachelor of Engineering/ITINR-72 500 INR-3 88 100
Bachelor of Engg Electronics and Communications EnggINR 66 152 -INR 4 52 000
Bachelor of Technology Computer ScienceINR 95 700- INR 5 01 700
Bachelors Degree Computer ScienceINR 1 01 750 -INR3 12 480
Bachelors Degree (IT)INR 94 400 -INR 1 53 300
Master of Computer Applications Applications DevelopmentINR 72 256 – INR 3 24 116
Master of Computer Applications ITINR 66 100 – INR4 21 132
Master of Compute Applications Computer ScienceINR 98 046 -INR 3 25 800
Final Words

So as we all know that a PHP Developer profession is in great demand in IT sector. Those candidates who wants to work in IT sector can compare the salary of Linus profession to that of PHP Developer. The salary package of PHP Developer is lucrative with that of lots of benefits and perks according to there post and company. If there is any query in your mind then you can ask in our comment section mentioned below. Stay tuned for more Info.

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