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Every year RRB announces the vacancy for Railway Group D post as they are also entitle to get decent salary. Because of the salary of RRB Group D, there are lots of candidates who appears for the exam. RRB is Railway Recruitment Board who releases vacancy in Railways. As Railway is the most important part of our life and the salary and facilities they provide there employees, there are lots of candidates who wants to work for Railways. There is also enourmous hike in salary of RRB ALP and salary of RRB NTPC as both these post are more reputed than Group D. After that you can make your mind whether you should go for group D or for other Railways post.

RRB Group D Salary Structure

RRB Group D Salary Structure

The RRB aka Railway Recruitment Board every year announces the vacancy for Railway Group. Railway has fixed the entry-level and Grade Pay for each post in Railway Group D.

Candidates can also check the basic salary offered to candidates on qualifying other exams conducted by Railway Recruitment Board.

After getting selected for RRB Group D, the basic salary of RRB Group D candidates as set by RRB is rupees 18000/- per month. The detailed RRB Group D Salary structure is given in the table below.

RRB Group D Pay ScalePay BandGrade PayRRB Group D Grade Pay – Entry Level

What allowances does RRB Group D candidates gets?

The RRB Group D salary is decent and apart from that the Group D employees are entitled to get various allowances also. The RRB Group D allowances permitted to the selected candidates are as mentioned below:

  1. Dearness Allowance (DA)
  2. House Rent Allowance (HRA) 
  3. Transport Allowance (TA)
  4. Allowance for Night Duty
  5. Overtime Allowance (OTA)
  6. Daily Allowance, Mileage Allowance beyond 8 km
  7. Compensation in case of Holidays
  8. Fixed Conveyance Allowance
  9. Conveyance Allowance to Doctors
  10. Special Compensatory Allowances for candidates from (Tribal/Scheduled Area)
  11. Allowance to Railway School Teachers
  12. Special Allowance for child care such as educational Allowance and allowance for women with disabilities

The RRB Group D house rent allowance for different posts varies as per the city posted. The table given below explains the percentage of HRA allowed depending on the job location of the candidate.

Category of CitiesHRA (after 7th Pay Commission)
X Tier I 24%
Y Tier II16%
Z Tier III8%

Job Profile and Promotion of RRB Group D employees according to post

As you can find the RRB Group D salary is decent as well as they are entitle to get lots of allowances that makes this job post perfect for starting career. Apart from this the group D employees are also get promotion on the basis of there work as per the hierarchy level of different railway departments. Below table shows you the post wise job profile of and promotion according to the department they are posted in –

S. No.Name of the postDepartmentJob ProfilePromotion
1Assistant (Workshop)Mechanical1. Assistant (workshop) is posted in a carriage and wagon workshop.2. Ensures the security and maintenance of coaches.3. Preventive and breakdown maintenances of coaches and wagons take place in the workshop department.4. A section (eg: a Wheel shop, Bogieshop, Furnish shop etc) is allotted to Assistant  workshop).Superintendent
2Assistant BridgeEngineering1. To assist the seniors in the construction of new bridges under railway authority.2. Ensure the availability of materials required in proper quantity and quality and act as a helping hand in designing the overall construction.Section Engineer
3Assistant C&W (Carriage and Wagon)Mechanical1. Trip schedule Maintenance2. Addressing the issues of BPC (Brake Power Certificate)3. Pit line Maintenance4. Intermediate Overhaul Maintenance5. ART (Accident Relief Train) MaintenanceSuperintendent
4Assistant Depot (Stores)StoresProcurement and supply of components to major mechanical, electrical, signal and telecom workshops for maintenance of coaches, wagons.Assistant (Depot) also supplies spare parts to major diesel and electric locomotive sheds.Depot Material Superintendent Grade I
5Assistant Loco Shed (Diesel)MechanicalTaking care of the overhauling of diesel locomotives.Section Engineer
6Assistant Loco Shed (Electrical)ElectricalThe electrical SSE in electrical is responsible for working on the TRS sheds engaged in overhauling and assembly level maintenance of 25KV AC electric Locos in electrical loco sheds.Section Engineer
7Assistant Operations (Electrical)Electrical1. Ensures electrical supply and assists the operation manager.2. Under the supervision of a senior engineer, he does the maintenance of electrical appliances of the train and station.Section Engineer
8Assistant PointsmanTrafficTo handle switches or railroad pointsTo control the lever to direct the train to the required tracksSuperintendent
9Assistant Signal & TelecomSignal and Telecommunication (S and T)1. Works under the supervision of the senior officer.2. To provide signals to the trains as per the situations.3. Part of the panel interlocking system. 4. Also hands over the token to the driver after granting line clearance to enter the block section.Section Engineer
10Assistant Track MachineEngineering1. Repairs the machines under the supervision of seniors.2. Also ensures the availability of tools/ gadgets required for the effective working of the track machine.Section Engineer
11Assistant TL & AC (Train Lights & AC)Electrical1. To look over the TL & AC (Train Lights and AC).2. To look over the proper functioning of train’s electrical appliances and connections eg: proper functioning of signal LEDs, AC controllers, power Supplies, stabilizations etc.Section Engineer
12Assistant TL & AC (Workshop)Electrical1. To ensure the availability of tools and gadgets required by assistant TL & AC Engineers.2. To look over the maintenance of lights, bulbs, fans, AC ducts, temperature control of ACs, stabilizations & all other electrical appliances.Section Engineer
13Assistant TRD (Traction Distribution)Electrical1. Responsible for the maintenance of electrical assets like electrical locomotives, Electrical Multiple Units (EMUs) and Main Line Electrical Multiple Units (MEMUs).2. Responsible for all technical and organizational matters connected with the efficient maintenance and operation of the power supply installations, OHE and RC equipment.Section Engineer
14Assistant WorksEngineering1. Enrolled in the manufacturing department of all kinds of rail assets like manufacturing of coaches, every appliance of trains, platforms sheds etc. 2. They have to create new designs for the betterment of Indian Railways.Section Engineer
15Assistant Works (Workshop)Engineering1. To assist the seniors in manufacturing.2. To ensure the availability of materials (tools and gadgets) required.3. Handles all the fitting and welding work in manufacturing under the supervision of their seniors.Section Engineer
16Hospital AssistantMedical1. Providing proper care to the ailing passenger during treatment2. Taking care of medical aids & their requirements in the stations3. Cleaning Medical Equipments.Superintendent
17Track Maintainer Grade IVEngineering1. Maintaining tracks.2. Will have to walk along the track checking the condition of track, attend to minor works like tightening/providing clamps, joints etc.3. Keep an eye over the breakdown of tracks4. Provides proper, safe and smooth track to the trains5. Look over every repairs and maintenance of the track line.Section Eng

The Railway Recruitment Board aka RRB every years releases the vacancy around 1,00,000 for Group D. Lots of candidates appears for the exam and selected one’s are posted according to there department. The RRB Group D employees gets impressive salary after the implementation of 7th Pay commission and also entitled to get lots of allowances.

What’s the basic salary of RRB Group D employee? The basic salary of RRB Group D candidates as set by RRB is rupees 18000/- per month. Income and allowances may differ according to the posting of RRB Group D employees. It takes hard work to get job in Railways, as we can also help you to prepare for RRB Exams like a pro, that is surely going to help you in your exam. If there is any question coming in your mind you can ask in our comment section mentioned below. Hope to see you soon with more info.

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