SBI Clerk Salary: What is the In-hand Monthly Salary?

State Bank of India
State Bank of India

Today we picked a topic of SBI clerk salary. Before starting with the main topic let’s check out a few more questions which are relevant to the topic.

Now, what is the term SIB stands for, What kind of benefits they are providing to the employee/ staff, SBI pay salary slip, cash in hand, promotion and 7TH pay commission of the employee? So let’s pick our first question from the question bank that is what is the term SBI stands for?

The State Bank of India is a public sector banking, Indian multination and financial services or monetary services statutory body. It holds 216th rank in the list of fortune global 500, it is the world biggest corporation.

The headquartered is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The percentage of market share assets is 23%, after that 1/4 share of the total loan and deposits market.

SBI is one of the maximum numbers of employees on 31 March 2017, the number of employee record is 209,567 out of which 23% of employees were female, 3,179 (1.5%) disabilities employees.

The number of Scheduled Castes employees were 37,875 (18%), Scheduled Tribes employees 17,069 (8.1%), Backward employee 39,709 (18.9%). The % of officers is 38.6%, Associates is 44.3% and Sub- staff is 16.9%.

SBI Clerk Salary

SBI Clerk Salary
SBI Clerk Salary
SBI Clerk salary pay scale 11,765-655/3 -13,730-815/3 -16,175-980/4 -20,095-1,145/7 -28,110- 2,120/1 -30,230-1,310/1 -31,450.
SBI Clerk Starting PayRs. 11,765/-, Including annual increment of Rs. 655/-
An employee in a metropolitan city like Mumbai Rs. 25,000/- including various allowances at the current rate. The allowances may vary according to the city of posting
3 years of completion He will get Rs. 13,730/- including a yearly increase of Rs. 815/-.
Then the salary will become Rs. 16,175/-, with a yearly increase of Rs. 980/-.
4 years of completionHe will get the salary will be Rs. 20,095/-.
After 7 years of completionClerk’s Salary will be Rs. 28,810/-
After one more YearIt will be at Rs. 30,230/- & again,
After one year, the Clerk’s Salary will be Rs. 31,540/-
Which will be the maximum SBI Clerk Salary.

State Bank of India Clerk Salary Slip & In Hand 2019

State Bank of India Clerk Salary Slip & In Hand 2019
SBI Pay Slip

The salary in the hand of SBI clerk after all the deduction lies in the range of Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 23,000/-. The structure of the payslip is shown in the above figure.

SBI Clerk Promotion

Growth and promotion are necessary for the employee if s/he performs well in the organization. The clerk is a great job career if you want to work in the banking sector.

SBI has massive growth opportunities for the clerk which are better than the clerk of any other government banks and employee can hit as high as General Manager. The SBI Clerk job is satisfactory enough for an entry-level government job.

The other benefits and growth opportunities too make it one of the most challenging jobs in India. Jobseeker works hard to get a job in this sector because it creates a well-defined status and position at a junior level.

State Bank of India Clerk Benefits & Allowances

1) House Rent Allowance
2) Dearness Allowance
3) Furniture Allowance
4) Reimbursement of Telephone Bills
5) Stability
6) Financial Security
7) Good work environment
8) Pension under the new pension scheme
9) Medical Insurance
10) Provident Fund
11) ETC

State Bank Clerk Role & Responsibility

The responsibility given to the employee is according to the status and experience. The role and responsibility performs by the State Bank of India clerk is as follows:-

  • The function of the head cashier:- The clerk of SBI has to perform several different functions like sometimes they have to perform the work of cashier. In this work the employee has to handle cash transactions which are concerned to the branch, handling cheques and many more.
  • The clerks are also liable to address the concerns of the consumer and try to solve them.
  • The junior associate may also act as a special assistant or universal tellers.
  • The function of a single-window operator:- It involves day to day transaction like NEFT/ RTGS/ opening accounts/ amount transfer/ cheque clearance/ book requests/ Demand Draft/ inward emails and many more like this.

Exam Paper cut off :-

Before continuing with the cut off have you check your SBI Clerk Prelims Exam result. If not then click on the link.

Expected Cut off :- SBI Clerk 2019 Prelims exam according to Category

Reasoning Ability7.753.2535
Numerical Ability5.5235
English Language6.753.2530

Expected Cut-off:- SBI Clerk 2019 Main exam according to Category

General /Financial Awareness13.59.53.2550
General English14.2510.254.540
Quantitative Aptitude14.511.256.550
Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude241911.2560

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