SSC CGL Auditor Salary in CAG

Aren’t you curious to know about the salary of SSC CGL Auditor in CAG ? There are lots of candidates who are trying to know about the SSC CGL Auditor in CAG salary, job profile, benefits and perks extra in depth. As you need to bear in mind, Staff Selection Commission conducts CGL examination for the achievement to many posts recruited beneath the Central Government. 

Once aspirants crack the SSC CGL Examination, they’re needed to fill the preferences for the posts they need. Several candidates appear confused relating to the alternatives of posts and also the variations. One such post beneath SSC CGL is Auditor in Offices beneath C&AG. Let’s take a glance at the full in-hand pay, allowances and career growth of Auditor in C&AG.

What is the salary of SSC CGL Auditor in CAG?

The SSC aka Staff Selection Commission releases the Vacancy for CGL Auditor in CAG. Lakhs of candidates every years appears for the exam, as the SSC CGL Auditor in CAG is known for providing officers impressive salary and other allowances also. The most important thing is that you got job security here.

There are lots of candidates who are curious to know about the salary of SSC CGL Auditor in CAG. As everyone knows that SSC CGL Auditor in CAG is a reputed job post and offers candidates a beautiful and respected life. What’s the salary of SSC CGL Auditor in CAG ? The salary of SSC CGL Auditor in CAG gets the pay scale between Rs 29200 to Rs 92300 with that basic pay of Rs 29,200, as the salary is based on the working area and position they get posted on. Look at below table for more clarification –

Pay Level of PostsPay Level-5
Pay ScaleRs 29200 to 92300
Grade Pay2800
Basic payRs 29200
HRA (depending on the city)X Cities (24%)
Y Cities (16%)
Z Cities (8%)
Rs. 7,008
Rs. 4,672
Rs. 2,336
DA ( 17%)4964
Travel AllowanceCities- 3600,
Other Places- 1800
Y Cities~Rs 40,636
Z Cities~Rs 38,300
Gross Salary Range (Approx)X Cities
Y Cities
Z Cities
Rs. 44,772
Rs. 40,636
Rs. 38,300

Benefit and Perks of SSC CGL Auditor in CAG

The SSC CGL Auditor in CAG has a amazing salary and apart from that they also enjoys lots of benefits and perks that makes this job post attractive. Below we have mentioned some of the benefits and perks that SSC CGL Auditor in CAG get. Have a look-

Particulars Benefits and Perks
Lunch AllowanceThe SSC CGL Auditor in CAG enjoys the monthly lunch allowances.
House Rent AllowanceHRA is paid for the accommodation expenses and varies as per the city of residence of the employee. As per the place of posting, 9% or 8% or 7% HRA is paid.
Special AllowanceIt includes incentives or the performance-based bonus given to employees.
MediclaimSSC CGL Auditor in CAG gets Medi-claim for there whole family.
Lease AllowanceThe lease accommodation option is available and can be availed up to some limit as per the posting location, in that case, employees will not be able to Naval HRA. 
Incentives Based on Performance and Other BenefitsOn the monthly performance basis, the SSC CGL Auditor in CAG earns extra incentives and much more apart from there salary.

Job Profile of SSC CGL Auditor in CAG

As the name suggests, you would like to stay a tab on the expenses incurred by the department you’re progressing to audit. you’re expected to be the supervisor of presidency expenses so they’re spent with the most effective interests of the overall public in mind. you would like to perform the subsequent duties :

SnoWork Profile Work
1.Keeping a tab on expensesThis is often the primary issue that you just ought to do as auditor in any job or any department of presidency, for that matter. Your job is to ascertain whether or not the cash spent in numerous programmes of the govt. is spent judiciously as an alternative, you’ll raise a question relating an alternative, you’ll raise a question relating to identical as we’ve seen just in case of 2G spectrum allocations or coal block allocations
2.Ensuring even handed spendingAuditors are entrusted with the unenviable task of guaranteeing that each one the govt. departments and alternative government bodies area unit operating within the best interests of the general public generally. These auditors choose audit in numerous organizations and make sure that the taxpayers’ cash is accounted for correctly
3.Issuing tips to numerous departmentsThis can not be done by associate degree auditor solely however you may be accountable to issue specific tips to the govt. departments so they’ll follow them properly and may pay properly
4.Initiating public debateThis has been determined throughout the case of 2G spectrum that has seen the downfall of powerful politicians yet. Yes, as associate degree auditor, you have got the ability to wake up light weight the wrongdoings of others and if your seniors view as it match, they’ll move therewith recommendation of yours
Brief Description

The SSC CGL Auditor in CAG is a attractive job post offering you impressive Income, allowances, benefits and perks etc. Lakhs of candidates every year appear for SSC CGL Auditor in CAG, but several get selected. The SSC CGL Auditor in CAG gets the attractive salary with lot of allowances and benefits that makes it perfect for anyone. Here in this post we have discuss the detailed information about SSC CGL Auditor in CAG salary, job profile, allowances, benefits and perks. You can also have a look on SSC CGL Salary of all post that will help you to decide for which post you need to focused on. If there is any question coming in your mind you can ask in our comment section mentioned below. Stay tuned with us for more detailed Info.

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