UPSC Geo Scientist Salary

UPSC Geo Sceintist Salary
UPSC Geo Sceintist Salary

Today we are going to talk about the UPSC Geo Scientist Salary, eligibility, Allowances etc in detail.

Combined Geo-Scientist & Geologist Examination (in short UPSC GE) is the exam conducted by UPSC for inducting Geologists into two Govt. departments

  1. Geological Survey of India, Ministry of Mines and
  2. Central Ground Water Board, Ministry of Water Resources.

The purpose of UPSC GE or Combined Geo-Scientist & Geologist Examination is to recruit the following Officers for the aforementioned Departments:

Posts in the Geological Survey of India:

  1. Geologist, Group A
  2. Geophysicist, Group A
  3. Chemist, Group A

We will tell you in detail about the salary of UPSC Geo Scientist, post, rank, allowances etc in more clear view.

What is the Income of Geo Scientist ?

The UPSC Geo Scientist gets the handsome salary as well as there are lot of other benefits also that you get on this post. UPSC Geo Scientist gets the basic pay of Rs. 56100 or according to there posting region.

Grade/Level on Pay MatrixCGS Position in GSI’s SU/Regions/Divisions/WingIAS Position in the State Government(s)IAS Position in the Central GovernmentIFS Position in the State GovernmentIFS Position in the Central GovernmentIPS Position in the State GovernmentBase Salary (per month)
Cabinet Secretary Grade (Pay level 18)Cabinet Secretary of India₹2,50,000
Apex Scale (Pay level 17)Director GeneralChief SecretarySecretaryPrincipal Chief Conservator of ForestsDirector General of ForestDirector General of Police₹2,25,000
Higher Administrative Grade (HAG) (Pay level 15/16)Additional Director General (Geology)Principal SecretaryAdditional SecretaryAdditional Principal Chief Conservator of ForestsAdditional Director General of ForestsAdditional Director General of Forests₹1,82,200/₹2,05,400
Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) (Pay level 14)Deputy Director General (Geology)SecretaryJoint SecretaryChief Conservator of ForestsInspector General of ForestsInspector General of Police₹1,44,200
Selection Grade (Pay level 13/ 13A)Director (Geology)Special SecretaryDirectorConservator of Forests/Deputy Conservator of ForestsDeputy Inspector General of Forests/ Assistant Inspector General of Forests Superintendent of Police (selection grade)₹1,18,500
Junior Administrative Grade (Pay level 12)Superintending GeologistJoint SecretaryDeputy SecretaryDeputy Conservator of ForestAssistant Inspector General of ForestsSuperintendent of Police₹78,800
Senior Time Scale (Pay level 11)Senior GeologistDeputy SecretaryUnder SecretaryDeputy Conservator of ForestAssistant Inspector General of ForestsAdditional Superintendent of Police₹67,700
Junior Time Scale (Pay level 10)GeologistUnder SecretaryAssistant SecretaryAssistant Conservator of ForestsAssistant Inspector General of ForestsAssistant Superintendent of Police₹56,100

In-hand salary of UPSC Geo Scientist

After the 7th Central Pay Commission was announced, all the categories under the UPSC Combined Geo-Scientist & Geologist salary have been increased as they get better pay now. The basic pay of Geo Scientist is Rs. 56,100 and after all deductions and addition the Geo Scientist In-hand salary is Rs. 70,866.

Basic pay56,100
House Rent Allowance (HRA) (X Class City)6,300
Transport Allowance (TA)7,344 (7,200 + 144)
Dearness Allowance (DA)1,122

Along with other allowances such as DA, HRA, etc.

Post CategoryBasic Salary

Allowances and perks of UPSC Geo Scientist

As we all know the salary of UPSC Geo Scientist is great that also includes Dearness Allowances and HRA for all the scales. 

The table below provides detailed information of all the allowances provided to the UPSC Geo Scientist.

1.Travel AllowancesThere UPSC Geo Scientist gets the full travelling allowance or reimbursement of the money spent on petrol/diesel.
2.Leased AccommodationThe UPSC Geo Scientist mostly provide their employees either a quarter to stay in or gives an option to lease a house for which the govt. is accountable for providing the rent.
3.Medical ReimbursementThe govt. also provide a fixed amount to their employees for medical treatment.
4.Pension Schemes

Eligibility to become Geo Scientist

Those who want to become a Geo Scientist, it is important for them to have studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at their senior secondary level, i.e 10+2. The candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree in either Chemistry, Physics, Geology or any other discipline relevant to geosciences. Those who have studied Mathematics or Information Technology at the Bachelor’s degree level as minor subjects will find themselves in a much more beneficial position.


Any job that comes under UPSC seen as the most respectable and proudable as well as safest job post in India. Lakhs of candidates every year appear for UPSC exams and UPSC Geo Scientist is one of that rank post. The UPSC Geo Scientist gets the attractive earning with lot of allowances and benefits that makes it perfect for anyone. Here in this post we have discuss the detailed information about UPSC Geo Scientist salary, job profile, allowances, benefits and perks. You can also compare UPSC Geo Scientist salary with that of UPSC IAS vs IPS Salary that will help you to decide where you want to make your career. If there is any question coming in your mind you can ask in our comment section mentioned below. Stay tuned with us for more detailed Info.

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