Indian Air Force AFCAT Salary

Indian Air Force AFCAT Officer Salary
Indian Air Force AFCAT Officer Salary

Today we will talk about Indian Air Force AFCAT In-hand Salary which is one of the most prestigious post for anyone in this country. There is lot of competition to be in Indian Airforce. The Indian Air Force (IAF) is one of the most prestigious branches of the Indian Armed Forces. Joining the Air Force through the Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) is a dream for many young aspirants. This guide aims to provide an in-depth understanding of various aspects related to AFCAT, including in-hand salary, promotions, job profile, career growth, and allowances.

What’s the In-Hand Salary of Indian Air Force AFCAT ?

Indian Air Force Officer

Before knowing about Indian Air Force AFCAT income you should know the post that comes under it. After clearing the exam candidates get posted under AFCAT Flying Branch, AFCAT Technical & AFCAT Non-Technical Branch. So Salary of AFCAT differs according allowances, benefits & perks everything and we will let you know it in detail –

AFCAT Flying Branch Salary 2024

Salary DetailsAmountSalary DeductionsAmount
Basic Pay56,100PF (12%)6732
DA (28%)15,708Insurance6500
Flying Pay25,000
TA (for X class cities)7,200Total Deduction13,232
DA on TA (28%)2,016
Kit Maintenance600
Gross Salary1,22,024Net Salary1,08,792

AFCAT Technical Salary- Ground Duty

Salary DeductionsAmountSalary DeductionsAmount
Basic56,100PF (12%)6732
DA (28%)15,708
Technical Pay10,000Total Deduction11,262
TA (for class X cities)7,200
DA on TA (28%)2,016
Gross Salary1,06,524Net Salary95,262

AFCAT Non Technical Salary – Ground Duty

Salary DetailsAmountSalary DeductionsAmount
Basic Pay56,100PF (12%)6,732
DA (28%)15,708Total Deduction11,262
TA (for class X Cities)7,200
DA on TA (28%)2,016
Gross Salary96,524Net Salary85,262

AFCAT Posts and Salary

So here you can see the salary package of AFCAT Officer and you can also get the view of your promotion criteria from the post of Flying Officer in AFCAT. However we will discuss in detail about Indian Air Force AFCAT Promotion. This structure of Salary of AFCAT Officers is based on their rank and years of service starting as a flying officer.

RankPay Scale
Flying OfficerRs. 56,100 – Rs. 1,10,700
Flight LieutenantRs. 61,300 – Rs. 1,20,900
Squadron LeaderRs. 69,400 – Rs. 1,36,900
Wing CommanderRs. 1,16,700 – Rs. 2,08,700
Group CaptainRs. 1,30,600 – Rs. 2,15,900
Air CommodoreRs. 1,39,600 – Rs. 2,17,600
Air Vice MarshalRs. 1,44,200 – Rs. 2,18,200
Air MarshalRs. 1,82,200 – Rs. 2,24,100
SSC GD Constable Salary
SSC GD Constable Salary

AFCAT Training Period Salary 2024

You will be surprised to know the Salary of AFCAT Officer during Training Periods or you can call it stipend rather than salary. It’s provided to officers yo cover up their expenses & support them during training. However, the stipend during training for Indian Air Force AFCAT Officers depends on training stage and the rank of the trainee. Here is an overview of the stipend for the AFCAT training period:

  1. Flying Officer (Phase-I Training): During Phase-I training, the stipend for Flying Officer is approximately Rs. 56,100 per month.
  2. Flight Lieutenant (Phase-II Training): In Phase-II training, the stipend for Flight Lieutenant is around Rs. 61,300 per month.
  3. Squadron Leader (Phase-III Training): During Phase-III training, the stipend for Squadron Leader is approximately Rs. 69,400 per month.

Promotions and Career Growth of AFCAT Officer

Indian Air Force

Here we have divided the promotions of Indian Air Force AFCAT Officer on the basis of there posting. As after getting selected you can be posted under Flying Branch, Technical and Non Technical Branch too depending on your ranking. So let’s have detail view of Promotion and Career Growth for Indian Air Force AFCAT Officer –

Flying Branch:

Progression from Flying Officer to higher ranks like Flight Lieutenant, Squadron Leader, Wing Commander, Group Captain, and beyond depends on performance, experience, and exams. It can take around 10-12 years to become a Wing Commander.

Technical and Ground Duty Branches:

Career progression involves promotions based on merit, exams, and service tenure. Officers can rise through the ranks to reach higher positions, like Air Commodore and Air Vice Marshal.

Job Profiles of Indian Air Force AFCAT Officer

Now after getting in detailed information about Indian Air Force AFCAT Officer In-hand Salary, Promotion & Career Growth, Training period or Probation period salary, you maybe looking to know what work you have to do. So here we will talk about the Job Profile of Indian Air Force AFCAT Officer –

BranchDescriptionAFCAT Job Profile
Flying BranchTrained to become a pilot, operating and flying advanced aircraft, conducting missions, ensuring the security and integrity of the airspaceOperate and supervise fighter planesLead and manage a team of airmen and airwomenProficient in mission planningPerform transportation of ammunition tasksConduct transportation of materialProvide air support and suppliesUtilize helicopters for casual and emergency situations
Ground Duty (Technical) BranchFocused on the technical aspects of the Indian Air Force, involved in the maintenance and operation of aircraft systems, handling aviation equipment, overseeing technical projects, ensuring the smooth functioning of technical operationsMaintain all technical tools and equipment of aircraftResponsible for managing qualified techniciansEnsure technicians are provided with required equipment and tools (RADAR, aircraft, etc.)Perform aeronautical engineeringHandle weapons, communication systems, and avionicsManage aircraft servicing and technical processesOversee aircraft management
Ground Duty (Non-Technical) BranchResponsible for various administrative, logistical, and support functions within the Indian Air Force, tasks may include personnel management, administration, financial management, logistics support, and other related responsibilitiesAdminister Fighter Controller and Air Traffic Controller operationsLook after departmental accounts and logisticsManage human resources and maintain discipline and law and orderOversee inventory management, procurement, and equipment maintenancePlan transportation and logistics operationsHandle budgeting, pay, allowances, accounting, and auditingDevelop and implement training programsManage educational institutions and oversee personnel’s professional developmentAnalyze weather data, forecast weather conditions, and provide weather information to pilots and ground crews

Benefits & Perks of AFCAT Officers

Every single employee posted under Indian Air Force receives a lot of benefits and perks along with impressive salary that we have already seen. Now It’s time to know why the Indian Air Force Officer job post is one of the most desirable job Post that you wouldn’t want to miss out. Let’s have a detailed look on Indian Air Force AFCAT Officers benefits and perks that they receive along with High Salary –

  • Insurance
  • Scholarship and Welfares
  • Medical
  • Loan Facility
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Post Retirement Benefits
  • Placement Cell
  • Accommodation
  • Annual leave for 60 days per year
  • Casual leave of 20 days per year
  • Leave travel concessions
  • Institute and Messes membership
  • Grants from the Air Force Wives Welfare Association (AFWWA)
  • School facilities
  • Rail concessions
  • Secured camp life
  • CSD facilities
  • Recreational and sports facilities
  • Other Benefits (Travel Concession, Accommodation, School Facilities, etc.)


So how are you feeling now ? Great obviously, the Salary offered to Indian Air Force AFCAT officers is just mind blowing and that too with lots of benefits and perks. We have also seen the promotion criteria of Indian Air Force AFCAT that promises great career opportunity. Indian Air Force AFCAT Officer job profile is also interesting for those who is looking for adventurous job. You’re going to have a brilliant career as Indian Air Force AFCAT Officer for sure. So we will finish it here, if you find this post helpful comment down below and you can also clear your doubts also there by commenting. So don’t forget to comment and Subscribe to Careers Arena YouTube Channel for more updates.

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