Indian Postal Service Promotion

Indian Postal Service officer promotion
Indian Postal Service officer promotion

There are so many candidates want to know the “Indian Postal Service Officer Promotion and Ranks” while there duty. The job of an IPoS Officer is the most decorated and proudable job that an aspirant can have those who are willing to serve our nation from this post. Indian Postal Service officer gets Promotion and Ranks according to there work and experience they earn during the span of time while working. During training Period an IPoS Candidates are entitled to get ₹45,000 per month amount.

But technically saying, They are not Getting salary. They are getting a “special pay advance”. Meaning thereby that LBSNAA (institute) is paying us on behalf of our cadre. Candidates pick Civil Services not continually thanks to the attraction of regular payment or perks. The candidates looks to serve its nation and for them salary doesn’t matter the most. So here we will tell you everything about IPoS officer.

IPoS Officer Promotion Criteria

Indian Postal Services officer salary including other benefits and perks that is amazing and a great career opportunity. So Now we will tell you here more about the IPoS officer ranks and Experience over the year they required for their Promotions. The entire rank of IPoS cadre is divided into 6 Grades or Ranks. Let’s checkout in more detail –

GradePostGrade Pay
1.Member, Postal Services Board (HAG +)Director-General of Post Offices / Member Postal Services Board
2.Sr. DDG/PMG(HAG)Chief Postmaster General
3.Senior Administrative GradePostmaster GeneralGrade Pay
Rs. 10,000/-
4.Junior Administrative Grade
(including NFSG)
Director of Postal ServicesGrade Pay Rs. 8,700/-) for NFSG

Grade Pay Rs. 7,600/-( for JAG
5.Senior Time ScaleAssistant Director/Assistant Postmaster GeneralGrade Pay Rs. 6,600/-
6.Junior Time ScaleSSPO/SSRMGrade Pay Rs. 5,400/-

IPoS Officer Promotion Criteria

Designations held by IPoS officers during field posting are as follows:

  1. After the completion of training at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) center the IPoS Officer is posted as SSPO/SSRM with grade pay of Rs. 5,400/-
  2. The next post they get promoted to is IPoS Assistant Director/Assistant Postmaster General after the completion of 5 years of service at Senior Time Scale.
  3. After the working of 9 years they get promoted to Director of Postal Services to Junior Administrative Grade (including NFSG).
  4. When the officer completes 12-15 year of services they get promoted to Postmaster General at Senior Administrative Grade with Grade Pay Rs. 10,000/-
  5. IPoS Officer get promoted to the rank of Chief Postmaster General after completion of 17-19 years of services Sr. DDG/PMG(HAG) level.
  6. After this there is no time bound of getting promoted to the rank of Director-General of Post Offices / Member Postal Services Board as Member, Postal Services Board (HAG +).

Function of Indian Postal Service Officer

Whatever job we are willing to do we should know the job profile of that post in detail. Here we will let you know about IPoS Officer job

Sno.Job Profile
1.Effective management and monitoring of postal services and
operations in the Division.
2.Administering control overall the Post Offices and Mail Offices in the Division.
3.Planning for optimization and expansion of the postal network in the
4.Technology Management.
5.Financial Management.
6.Materials Management including upkeep and maintenance of Post
Offices, Letter Boxes and Vehicles / Mail Vans, etc.
7.Marketing of various products and services of India Post including
Banking and Insurance Products.
8.Customer relations and Public Grievance Redressal Mechanism.
9.Coordination with District, Police and other public authorities.
10.Personnel Management, Recruitment, Transfer, Promotion and
Disciplinary matters of employees and staff relations.

Final Words :

As in this post we have decided to tell you about the Indian Postal Service (IPoS) Promotion and Ranks as well as their working career. Everyone knows Indian Postal Service post is one of the most decorated and pleasurable job for any Indian citizen to serve its nation form one of the highest post in UPSC services. If there is any question coming in your mind you can ask in our comment section mentioned below. So stay connected with us for more detail.

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