NABARD Grade A Promotion

NABARD Grade A Promotion
NABARD Grade A Promotion

There are lots of candidates who are curious to know about the Promotion criteria of NABARD Grade A Manager. In India banking sector hold as an most reputed job post where you earn impressive salary, lots of benefits and perks, promotion to achieve new heights and most importantly you get the safety of your job. NABARD Grade A is a post where lots of candidates wants to get in. First of all do you know what does NABARD stands for ? NABARD stands for National Bank For Agriculture And Rural Development. The job post in NABARD comes under central government that increases the value of this post too. It is a golden chance for those who wants to work in a Banking sector. Let’s checkout in more detail how an NABARD Grade A Manager or Assistant Manager gets there promotion –

How an NABARD Grade A Manager or Assistant Manager gets there promotion ?

A NABARD Grade A post could be a desired dream job position for many of us, but several get that chance to serve at that post. This job post holds quite an heap of respect and dignity. The candidates who successfully clear exam and interview get posted on there post of Manager or Assistant Manager for the probation period of 2 years that is extendable up-to 1 additional year. Candidates here can build exceptional career with advantages of higher salary and much more benefits. Below table will give you detailed info on post vise promotion of NABARD Grade A Assistant Manager –

Sno.PostManagement Level
1.Assistant ManagerMiddle Management Grade
2.ManagerMiddle Management Grade
3. Assistant General Manager Senior Management Grade
4. Deputy General Manager Senior Management Grade
5.General ManagerTop Management Grade
6.Chief General ManagerTop Management Grade
7.Executive Director—-

Promotion Structure of NABARD Grade A

The NABARD Grade A Assistant manager is the post candidates get placed on after clearing all the interview at probation period. Probation period is of 2 years that can be extended up-to 1 more year.

  • After that candidates get promoted to the post of Manager at middle management grade.
  • The next post after Manager is of Assistant General Manager that is a senior management grade post.
  • After successfully completing time frame at post of Assistant GM, the next post comes of Deputy General Manager at senior management.
  • completing some time as DGM and after seeing there performance the next post the NABARD Grade A get promotion to is GM (General Manager) at top management.
  • Now the every higher step of promotion will be depending on candidates working performance or the serving years, as the next higher post are as Chief General Manager -> Executive Director -> Director.

How does an NABARD Grade A Manager gets increment ?

The NABARD Grade A job post is the most famous among candidates as it a under central government and it pays employees well with lot of other benefits and perks. The increment process of NABARD Grade A Manager is amazing that increases salary every year. Salary of NABARD Grade A is as impressive as the increment they get over the year. Below table will help you to know about increment in salary of NABARD Grade A job post –

Time PeriodBasic Pay (INR)Increment (INR)
For the first four years281501550
For the next 7 years343501750
For the next 4 years466001750
For the next 4 years536002000 for 1 year

Job Profile of NABARD Grade A

Once you are posted at one of the banks as an Assistant Manager, you will be assigned into a department that will be respective of your qualification. Here, at the regional NABARD office, you will report to the Chief General Manager (CGM).

Responsibilities of a Grade ‘A’ Assistant Manager:

Sno.Job Profile
1.The post of Assistant Manager is the lowest one in the hierarchy of managerial posts.
2.The probation period is of 2 years, which can be further extended for a maximum of 1 year at the discretion of the bank.
3.Since there is no specified work profile of an Assistant Manager, which clarifies that he has to do a lot of multitasking.
4.Any work assigned by the Chief General Manager of RO is to be carried out by him.
5.An Assistant Manager has to work on various policies and programmes mandated by Central/State Governments related to Agriculture and Rural Development.
6.Although one is liable to be posted anywhere in India the postings are generally limited to state capitals only. Moreover, as per the HR policy home state postings are not allowed.
Final Words

The NABARD Grade A is post that is most favoured by the competitors as there is impressive earning, lots of perks, promotion to reach higher goals, reputed and decent life as most important of that is you got your job secure here. salary is impressive as compared to other banks in India and workload is not too much. You can achieve more here and have a great secured life. If there is any doubt related to promotion of NABARD Grade A post you can ask in our comment section mentioned below. Stay tuned with us.


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