IB MTS In-hand Salary

The Intelligence Bureau (IB) is India’s premier internal intelligence agency, responsible for gathering intelligence within the country. The IB conducts various recruitment drives to hire individuals for different positions, one of which is the Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS) role. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the in-hand salary, promotion criteria, benefits and perks, and vacancy information for IB MTS positions.

What’s the In-hand Salary of IB MTS ?

IB MTS Salary range

The in-hand salary for IB MTS positions is structured as per the Pay Matrix Level 3, in accordance with the 7th Central Pay Commission. A detailed breakdown of the in-hand salary for IB MTS includes:

Basic Pay

The basic pay for an IB MTS starts at Rs. 18,000 per month. This is the initial pay upon joining. However, the basic pay can increase based on various factors such as the location of posting, performance, and years of service.

Dearness Allowance (DA)

Dearness Allowance, or DA, is a component of the salary structure that is adjusted to account for inflation. The percentage of DA can fluctuate based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and other factors. Typically, current DA is around 46% of the basic pay. It’s important to note that DA is subject to periodic revisions to keep pace with the changing cost of living.

House Rent Allowance (HRA)

House Rent Allowance (HRA) is determined by the employee’s place of posting. In major cities like Delhi or Mumbai, HRA is around 27% of the basic pay, or even higher in some cases. In rural areas, HRA may be lower. HRA is designed to help employees cover their housing expenses, which can be a significant portion of their overall living costs.

Transport Allowance

IB MTS employees are also entitled to receive a transport allowance, which is provided to help offset their commuting expenses. The exact amount can vary, and it contributes to the in-hand salary.

Special Duty Allowance

In some cases, IB MTS employees may be posted in challenging and difficult terrains or circumstances. To compensate for this, special duty allowances may be provided. The amount of this allowance varies based on the nature of the posting and is aimed at recognizing the extra effort and hardship faced by employees in such roles.

SalaryX CityY City
Pay Level 1Rs. 18000-56900Rs. 18000-56900
Basic PayRs. 18,000Rs. 18,000
Dearness AllowanceRs. 8,280Rs. 8,280
TARs. 1,863Rs. 1,242
SSARs. 3,600Rs. 3,600
HRARs. 4,860Rs. 3,240
TotalRs. 36,603Rs. 34,362
NPSRs. 2,628Rs. 2,628
TotalRs. 33,975Rs. 31,734

When all these components are taken into account, the in-hand salary for IB MTS employees generally falls within the range of Rs. 31,000 to Rs. 35,000 per month. The exact figure can vary based on location, years of service, and performance.

How do an IB MTS employee gets Promotion?

The Intelligence Bureau offers significant opportunities for career growth and promotions, including for MTS staff. With every promotion the IB MTS post gets better with salary as well as opportunities also.

IB MTS Promotions are based on a combination of factors, including performance, experience, and successful completion of departmental exams or assessments. These promotions not only lead to higher pay scales but also greater responsibilities and opportunities to shape the organization’s work.

Benefits and Perks for IB MTS

Working for the Intelligence Bureau comes with various benefits and perks, which can significantly enhance the overall quality of life. Here’s a more detailed exploration of what IB MTS employees can expect:

HealthcareIB provides comprehensive health insurance coverage for employees and their families. This ensures access to quality healthcare without significant financial burdens. It includes coverage for medical expenses, hospitalization, and other health-related needs.
Pension and GratuityIB offers a robust pension plan and gratuity benefits. This provides financial security in retirement, making it easier to enjoy life after the conclusion of one’s active service. The pension plan ensures a regular source of income during retirement, while gratuity provides a lump sum payment to the retiring employee.
Leave and HolidaysThe organization provides generous leave policies to its employees. These typically include:
Earned Leave (EL): This is accrued over time and can be used for vacations and personal time off.
Casual Leave (CL): Intended for unforeseen or casual reasons, CL can be utilized for personal emergencies or other unplanned situations.
Public Holidays: Employees are entitled to time off on national and regional holidays, allowing them to spend time with their families and celebrate important occasions.

These leave policies are designed to maintain a healthy work-life balance and allow employees to recharge and rejuvenate when necessary.
TransportationTransportation allowances are provided to help cover commuting expenses. This can be particularly useful in areas with a high cost of living or where employees need to commute longer distances to reach their workplaces. This allowance helps mitigate the financial burden of daily transportation.
HousingIn some cases, IB may provide accommodation to its employees. If not, employees may receive a housing allowance to assist with renting or purchasing a home. This benefit helps employees secure suitable housing near their place of work and can be especially valuable in locations with a high cost of living.
Security ClearanceOne of the unique perks of working with IB is the opportunity to obtain a high-level security clearance. This clearance is granted to individuals who have passed rigorous background checks and are deemed trustworthy and reliable. The security clearance can be valuable for future career prospects and can lead to work in other government agencies or private sector security roles that require a high level of trust and integrity.
Professional Developmenta) IB places a strong emphasis on the professional development of its employees. This includes opportunities for specialized training, skill enhancement, and access to the latest intelligence technologies and methods.

b) Professional development can include training in areas such as intelligence analysis, data interpretation, cybersecurity, and the use of advanced surveillance and communication technologies. Employees are also encouraged to stay informed about the latest trends in intelligence and national security.

Latest Salary Slip of IB MTS

Latest IB MTS Salary slip

As we said we will see the salary slip of IB MTS post, here it is. This salary slip will encourage you to work hard and achieve the post of IB MTS that offers decent salary with great career opportunities. It’s the latest salary of IB MTS that too of January 2022 with the DA of 31%, however you can call it bit old too as the current DA is of 46%. But you can see how fastly the DA increased and the In-hand salary of IB MTS increased rapidly with in less time frame. With this IB MTS post offers you a great job profile to work on that surely help you to get ahead in your life. Now we will be moving forward to look on the Job Profile of an IB MTS Employees.

Job Profile of IB MTS

The job profile for an Intelligence Bureau (IB) Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS) typically includes a wide range of responsibilities to support the functioning of the organization. While specific duties may vary, here’s a general overview of the IB MTS job profile:

1.Administrative SupportMTS personnel provide administrative assistance to various departments within the Intelligence Bureau. This can involve tasks such as filing documents, maintaining records, and organizing files.
2.Clerical TasksThey may handle clerical duties like data entry, managing correspondence, drafting routine letters, and processing paperwork.
3.Maintenance and HousekeepingMTS employees are often responsible for the upkeep of office premises, which includes cleaning, maintenance of office equipment, and ensuring the office environment is orderly and functional.
4.Dispatch and LogisticsThey may assist in handling dispatches, delivering internal documents, and managing logistics within the organization.
5.Assisting in SecurityMTS staff can have a role in maintaining security within the office, which may include monitoring visitors and providing support to security personnel.
6.Support in Events and MeetingsThey may help in organizing and setting up events, meetings, and conferences within the Intelligence Bureau.
7.Handling Equipment and SuppliesMTS personnel may be responsible for managing and distributing office supplies, equipment, and materials.
8.Support for StaffThey assist other employees in their day-to-day tasks as required, contributing to the smooth operation of the organization.

It’s important to note that the specific duties and responsibilities of an IB MTS may vary depending on the location, department, and the current needs of the Intelligence Bureau. As an integral part of the organization, their role is crucial in ensuring the efficient functioning of the IB.

Vacancy Information

IB MTS vacancies are announced periodically, and the number of available positions may vary from year to year. The exact number of vacancies is determined by the operational requirements of the organization and the need to maintain a balanced workforce.

The process for announcing and filling MTS vacancies generally involves the following steps:

  • Vacancy Notification: The Intelligence Bureau publishes vacancy notifications in leading newspapers and on its official website. These notifications provide details about the number of vacancies, the application process, eligibility criteria, and important dates.
  • Eligibility Criteria: The notifications outline the eligibility criteria for MTS positions, including age limits, educational qualifications, and any specific requirements. Candidates must carefully review these criteria to ensure they meet the prerequisites for the role.
  • Application Procedure: The notification will provide information on how to apply for the MTS position, including the submission of online or offline applications, required documents, and the application fee, if applicable.
  • Examination Process: Candidates are required to go through a selection process that typically includes a written examination. The written examination assesses candidates’ knowledge, skills, and aptitude for the MTS position.
  • Interview: After successfully passing the written examination, candidates may be called for a personal interview or document verification. This is the final step in the selection process, and successful candidates are offered the MTS position.

Candidates interested in pursuing a career as an IB MTS should regularly monitor the official IB website and leading newspapers for updates on upcoming MTS vacancies. It is essential to stay informed about the application process, eligibility criteria, and examination details to ensure a smooth and successful application.


A career as an IB MTS not only offers a competitive in-hand salary but also provides significant opportunities for Higher promotion, career growth, benefits, and perks. Working with the Intelligence Bureau is a unique experience, as it involves contributing to national security and maintaining the integrity of the country’s intelligence services.

If you aspire to join the ranks of the Intelligence Bureau as an MTS, it is essential to stay informed about vacancy notifications, prepare diligently for the recruitment process, and be ready to demonstrate your commitment and dedication to this vital work. A career with the IB is not only financially rewarding but also a chance to make a meaningful contribution to the safety and security of the nation. Good luck in your journey to become an IB MTS!


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