ISRO Scientist Salary, Job Profile, Allowance & Eligibility

ISRO Scientist Salary, Job Profile, & Eligibility
ISRO Scientist Salary, Job Profile, & Eligibility

Today I am going to talk to you about ISRO and including the job profile, salary structure, and eligibility of ISRO scientist. The ISRO is an Indian Space research organization is the space agency of India government which has a headquarter in Bangalore.

The main intention of ISRO is to tackle space technology for national development by visa science exploration and space science research the opportunity to get recruited and work in ISRO is one dream of any Indian.

Being a research and development organization ISRO is linked in with applications of space science and technology for serving the nation.

The built launch vehicles and remote sensing satellites they serve the nation with telecommunication, television broadcast, and metrological application.

Recruitment is done bt ISRO for scientist engineers, technicians assistant, and a lot more opening.

ISRO Scientist- ‘SC’ Salary After 7th Pay Commission

The ISRO scientist salary is quite handsome because it was changed on 24 June 2018. The salary of an ISRO scientist depends upon the qualification degree and their skill that who they perform certain work.

Take-home salary after deduction= Gross total/ month- total deduction/ month = Rs. 81,195- Rs. 12,123= Rs.69,072/-.

Finally, on average, you will get around Rs.70,000/- month slightly varies with your income tax fillings.

Basic Pay (BP)Rs. 56,100/-Rs. 56,100/-
Dearness allowance (DA):- 7% of basic pay (as on 25 June 2018)
Note:- DA will increase based on inflation during the period
0.07* 56,100Rs. 3,927/-
House Rent Allowance (HRA):- 24% Of BP for class- X cities, 16% of BP for class- Y cities, 8% of BP for class- Z cities classification is based on the population of cities 0.24 * 56,100Rs. 13,464/-
Transport Allowances (TA):- Rs. 7,200/- for tier- I cities (Rs. 3.600/- for other places)Rs. 7,200/-Rs. 7,200/-
DA on Transport Allowance:- 7% of TA0.07* 7,200Rs. 504/-
Gross Total/ Month:- (Not the take-home salary)Rs. 81,195/-Rs. 81,195/-

The Deduction in salary in a Month of an ISRO scientist

New Pension Scheme (NPS):- 10% of (BP+ DA)01* (56,100+ 3,927)Rs. 6003/-
Income Tax:- Depends on your saving, approximately 4000 to 5000Rs. 5,000/-Rs. 5,000/-
Education Cess & Higher sec education cess:- 200 approximatelyRs. 200/-Rs. 200/-
Profession TaxRs. 200/-Rs. 200/-
A central government employee group insurance scheme (CGEGIS)80+ 40Rs. 120/-
Contributory health service scheme (CHSS) subscription Rs. 600/-Rs. 600/-
Subsidized canteen:- based on usage
Total deduction/ monthRs. 12,123/-Rs. 12,123/-

ISRO Scientist Additional Allowances/ Bonus

Including a higher salary of an ISRO Scientist, the allowance which is given to them is quite good and attractive. The ISRO scientist benefits list is given below.

  1. Professional update allowance Rs. 22,500/-. Once in a year and will be provided in the month of April.
  2. After completion of one year of service, you will get performance-related incentive scheme (PRIS) which is approximately 30% (20% organization incentive+ 10% group intentive) of the basic pay, calculated annually as 56,100* 12* 0.3= Rs. 2,01,960/-.
  3. The amount Rs. 2,01,960/- is divided into 3 instalments Rs. 2,01,906/3= Rs. 67,320?- and given as org incentives (2 times in January and July) and group incentive (once in May). The incentive amount Rs. 67,320/- is taxable so after-tax deduction you will get around Rs. 58,000 to Rs. 60,000. PRIS is variable, it will change from time to time depending on organization performance.
  4. Once in a year home town, travel allowance will be provided (you can travel by air, to and fro and claim the same).
  5. Leave travel concession (LTC) also available once in four years completion of probation period (1 Year).
  6. After completion of every year, your basic pay will increase by 3%. It will reflect in your DA, HRA, and PRIS, etc.
  7. After every minimum of four years will be given a chance for promotion to the next level based on your performance in four years in your group and you have to clear the interview taken by experts to go to next level (‘SC’ to ‘SD”).

Eligibility, Syllabus, and Exam Criteria For ISRO Scientist

Now in this paragraph, you will see the ISRO Scientist Eligibility, Syllabus, and Exam Criteria. This will help you to get your dream job as soon as possible.

The exam for each row consists of a written exam followed by a group discussion of selected candidates and a final interview.

The eligibility condition for scientist and engineer is B. tech full-time degree in mechanical electronics or computer science for the technical and technical assistant job role.

The eligibility criteria are 10th, 12th ITI or diploma. The candidate should prepare for question-related to their branch and also follow gate exam syllabus.

For ISRO engineer or scientist, there would be 80 multiple questions with 90 minutes time. There is a negative marking for the exam and hence the applicant should be careful in answering.

The topic covered for scientists our communication system signals and system physical electronics, electron devices, IC, microwave engineering, analog electronic circuit electromagnetic theory control system, network theory, computer engineering, and digital electronic circuit.

In the same manner assistant technician and assistant for ISRO have their own syllabus to be followed. and after reading this article, so if you are interested in ISRO Recruitment 2019 then click on the link to fill up the application.

ISRO Exam Preparation tips

Candidates who to get recruited in ISRO are to dedicate and work hard by preparing well for the exam. The scientist job is not easy, but it is not that much difficult that you can not crack the job.

They are advised to prepare ahead of time so that they get ample time for revising. They can download previous year question paper and practice them for a better understanding of the syllabus.

Getting registered in various sites attending mock tests for ISRO can help you learn time management. Canner should make a schedule to collect all the required material and start studying for the exam.

Candidate must allocate time for each section and start their preparation applicants. Getting recruited in ISRO is one of the most challenging and prestigious posts also.

Every year surplus people try to get through the written exam but only a few get recruited into the prestigious concern applicants who dreamed to be a part of ISRO are to work hard and take necessary steps to clear the written test.

ISRO has many new things and astonishing expect for candidates to learn experience and hence getting through a proper plan bay for the written exam can surely help the candidates pass the exam and get recruited.

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