LIC AAO Salary

The LIC AAO Salary (Life Insurance Corporation of  India), popularly referred to as LIC, is that the largest insurer in Bharat. It’s a state-owned insurer that has branches and offices all across the country. Performing at LIC is taken into account to be extremely prestigious.

LIC has discharged the LIC AAO 2019 notification for the achievement of Assistant body Officers (AAO). A complete of 590 vacancies are declared this year. Eligible will candidates can visit the LIC official web site and apply for the test.

LIC Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) is one among the simplest entry-level jobs within the insurance sector and therefore, is very hard to please. Lakhs of candidates seem for LIC AAO test to begin their career within the insurance sector. The task offers nice LIC AAO remuneration, opportunities to be told everything regarding the insurance sector and grow each in each personal and skilled levels.

If you’re associate degree LIC AAO aspirant, you want to have a transparent plan regarding LIC AAO remuneration, description, i.e. roles and responsibilities of LIC AAO, and career opportunities (promotions). during this article, we’ll give you with all the knowledge. scan on to seek out out.

LIC Assistant Administrative Officer Payscale

The Basic Pay for LIC AAO is Rs. 32,795/- per month. Gross Salary of LIC AAO is around Rs. 58,000/- to Rs. 62,000/- per month that does not include the benefits and perks driven by them.

The LIC AAO pay scale is as under:

 32795 – 1610 (14) – 55335 – 1745 (4) – 62315

This means the initial Basic Pay of LIC AAO is Rs 32,795 per month.

There is an annual increment of Rs 1,610 for the next 14 years.

Basic Pay after 14 years will be Rs 55,335.

Then there will be an annual increment of Rs 1,745 for the next 4 years.

Basic Pay after the next 4 years will be Rs 62,315.

Payscale 32795 – 1610 (14) – 55335 – 1745 (4) – 62315 Basic pay- Rs.32795/-
After Increment- Rs 62,315/-
Allowances Dearness Allowance

House Rent Allowance

City Compensatory Allowance
40% of the basic pay

7%-9%(Location dependent)

0% – 4% of the basic pay (Location dependent)

In addition to the Basic Pay, there are other allowances which are calculated as a percentage of the Basic Pay based on the location of posting. The total LIC AAO salary is the sum of the Basic Pay and these allowances.

LIC AAO Salary: Allowances And Other Benefits

The LIC Assistant Administrative Officer officer earns a impressive salary with additional allowances and benefits. LIC AAO pay is popularly deline ate because the total in-hand monthly financial gain received by the Assistant body workplace of LIC. In-Hand Monthly financial gain is that the summation of Basic pay and alternative pay parts like – House Rent Allowance (HRA), variable pay, Dearness Allowance (DA), town compensative Allowance (CCA) etc.

House Rent Allowance (HRA) The HRA depends upon the task location. Supported whether or not the LIC AAOs are denote in metropolitan cities, huge cities or different locations, the HRA  can be 9%, 8% or 7% of the LIC AAO Basic Pay.
City Compensatory Allowance (CCA) This too depends upon the task location and may be four-dimensional, three-dimensional or third of the LIC AAO Basic Pay.
Dearness Allowance (DA) The prosecuting officer is revised quarterly supported the buyer index number. This element of LIC AAO regular payment forms around 40% of the essential Pay. Since CPI depends upon inflation rates, the prosecuting officer will increase or decrease supported that.

Adding all the allowances, the entire LIC AAO Salary per month is around Rs 56,000 in an exceedingly category cities.

Apart from the LIC AAO earnings, there are alternative edges of LIC AAO that are as under:

Leave Travel Concession (LTC)
Special Allowance
Group Mediclaim
Group Insurance
Defined contributive Pension
Cash Medical profit
Accident Insurance
Loan for private Vehicles, etc.

Growth opputunity for AAO in LIC

Every organisation has different ranks/designation in the hierarchy of the organisational structure. The promotions in insurance sector are based on seniority of the employees. Below are the designations that one gets promoted to from the post of LIC AAO. 

  • At the time of joining candidate is appointed as a Assistant Administrative Manager .
  • After several years they get promoted to the post of Administrative Officer.
  • Then the next promotion level comes to Divisional Manager.
  • After working for several years on the post of DM, they get promoted to position of Senior Divisional Manager (SDM).
  • Nextly the officer is going to be promoted to the position of Regional Manager.
  • The RM officer is promoted to the Zonal Manager (ZM).
  • Serving on the post of ZONAL Manager for t=some time, they got promoted to the Executive Director (ED).
  • The highest position the officer get promoted to is Chairman.
Growth opputunity
Growth opputunity

LIC AAO Responsibilities and Work Profile

The basic responsibility of a LIC AAO is to observe and belowtake body tasks under varied departments.

The departments that a LIC AAO looks after are as follows:

  1. Inspection
  2. Business
  3. Finance and Accounts
  4. Marketing
  5. Claims
  6. Policy

However, the operations that a LIC AAO needs toperformar as follows:

  1. Supervise the functioning of the assigned departments
  2. Provide assistance to clients and customers as and when necessary.
  3. Research and formulate new schemes
  4. Manage and file claims and settlements
Subject No of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
Reasoning Ability 353520 Mins
Quantitative Ability 353520 Mins
English Language 3030**20 Mins
Total1007060 Mins
  • Online Objective Type examination will be conducted.
  • The question paper will be given in the bilingual (Hindi & English) language.
  • The maximum marks for prelims exam will be 70 marks
  • **Marks scored in the English Language are not considered for ranking, they are taken only for qualifying nature.

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