Marine Engineer Salary

In this post we are going to tell about the salary of Marine Engineer with all the benefits and perks, Income based on experience, sector and all the related detail about them. All seafaring vessels, freight liners, shipment and traveller ships and any sort of marine structure, either stationary or floating, are susceptible to face technical or mechanical issues throughout operations. The skilled who’s accountable for breakdown the mechanical or method problems long-faced by ships, yachts, boats, liners, trawlers and the other aquatic vessel is termed a engineer.

The engineer a lot of usually than not, works in shut co-operation with coastal engineers, professionals accountable for the functioning and maintenance of offshore structures, platforms, and oil-rigs, and every one different connected consultants and specialists. Marine Engineer earns attractive income that makes this field more attractive. The marine engineer’s core competencies exist going to issues involved with a ship’s system, microwave radar system, power offer arrangement, system, and every one different connected systems.

What is the Salary of Marine Engineer in both Public and Private Segments?

Marine Engineer Salary
Marine Engineer Salary

If you’re successful in obtaining employment as Marine Engineer within the public sector, your initial salary package would be within the vary of  INR 45,000-INR 60,000 (monthly). If you begin off by operating within the Private sector, your wage is possibly to be within the vary of INR 55,000-INR 70,000 monthly.

Job PositionAnnual Salary Range
Marine Engineer/Contractor (Shipping Corporation of India) ₹ 7,70,000 ₹-8,35,000
Marine Engineer-(Singaporean private shipping company) ₹1,45,000 ₹-1,55,000 (monthly)
Marine Engineer/Contractor (Holcim) ₹7,80,000 ₹-8,35,000
Marine Engineer (BP Shipping Ltd) ₹1.25 million ₹-1.36 million
Marine Engineer (Shipping Corporation Of India) ₹ 96,000 ₹-1,04,000
Marine Engineer-artillery/armoury/electrical/electronics (Indian Navy) ₹ 1.24 million ₹-1.36 million
Marine Officer/Engineer (SCI) ₹ 98,000 ₹-1,04,000

Marine Engineering Salary: Based on Experience

Salaries for marine engineers even at the entry-level positions area unit quite remunerative. together gathers expertise one’s accumulative earnings are possible to travel up. the subsequent table presents incomes for marine engineers in accordance with their skilled expertise.

The Marine Engineer in this field gets a handsome salary package because experience matters a lot to many big private sectors company hiring Marine Engineers. Your salary is directly proportional to your hard work.

Location Salary (in lakhs)
1-4 years 4.8 lakhs- 19. lakhs
5-10 years 5.3 lakhs -31.2 lakhs
11-20 years 7.8 lakhs -40.5 lakhs

Marine Engineering Salary: Based on Cities

The various maritime organizations, shipping ports and firms and every one different verticals associated with the shipping and maritime business confirm salaries for marine engineers (both for onshore and offshore positions) supported value of living index in several locations.

As many of you that a Marine Engineer earns an amazing salary and apart from that they also enjoy many benefits and perks. Here we are going to tell the salary of Marine Engineer based on the cities they are working in. S you will get to know here about the Average Annual salary of marine engineers based on there location of work.

Industrial Segment Salary range (in lakhs)
Mumbai Maharashtra 9 to 30
Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh 8 to 25
Pune Maharashtra 7 to 22
Chennai Tamil Nadu 8 to 25

Marine Engineering Salary: Based on Industries

It is great to start your career as marine engineer and there is lot of scope in this sectors also. The earning of Marine Engineer is great and it is also based on Industry Basis. So lets elaborate in more detail.

ServicesSalary (in lakhs)
Shipping, Transportation, Logistics and Warehousing 8.69-54.8
Dockyards, shipyards, and related marine shipping repair services 7.06-42.86
Marine or shipping facilities management and logistics 9.64-58.40
Shipping and aquatic transportation 9.82-56.11
Marine engineering services 8.19-49.31
Marine Engineering Salary: Based on Professional Skills

The skills or specialties earned by completely different Marine Engineer end in variations in pay ranges offered to them. Lets have a more clearer look on the income of Marine Engineer based on professional skills.

Specific Professional SkillSalary range (in lakhs)
Microsoft Word 4.61-12.20
Microsoft Excel 4.64-12.24
Microsoft Office 4.75.-12.80
Naval Engineering 3.47-36.24

Technological strides created during this field (marine engineering) within the last twenty years have additional one more dimension or purposeful space to a marine engineer’s job profile-marine physics. The phase of marine physics has functionalities as well as however not restricted to GPRS (global positioning and remote sensing), GPS (global positioning system), and different sensor-driven or autonomous systems.Marine engineers is found operating within the shipping business, transportation, logistics, and repositing sectors, marine facilities, marine engineering services and management segments, water transportation facilities, shipyards, dockyards, offshore drilling platforms, oil wells and rigs, and so on. Overall the income of marine engineer is amazing with lots of benefits. So stay tuned with us for more detail.

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