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Hello everyone! we all are here to know about the RRB Loco Pilot salary 2019. So, before starting today’s topic, let’s find out what is the meaning of Loco Pilot ? The term Loco pilot is an abbreviation of the word locomotive pilot. They are the pillar of the Indian railway system. Generally, locomotive engines have 2 Loco pilot for propulsive it. The payroll is Level 02 of 7th Pay Matrix with beginning pay of Rs. 19,900 only and also other allowances as permissible at that time. These allowances are as follows like Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, and Transport Allowance, etc. So, without any further delay let’s get into the topic of Loco pilot salary.



It may be possible that you think why we are suddenly discussing RRB ALP salary why we left the main topic of Loco Pilot. This is all because in RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) there is a junior post of ALP (Assistant Loco Pilot) which leads to the growth and promotion toward the Loco Pilot. So now we firstly, talk about ALP after that we will continue with LP. So, what is the salary of Assistant Loco Pilot and what the benefits are given to ALP? To answer this question see the table given below that will tell you about all the benefits and basic pay given to the employee.

Pay Scale Rs. 5,200- Rs. 20,220/-
Grade Pay Rs. 1,900/-
Initial Pay Rs. 5,830/-
Total Rs. 27,730/-

What is the approximate salary of a loco pilot in Indian Railways?

The Starting salary of Loco Pilot at the time of joining Indian Railway has a PayScale of – Rs. 19,900/- (Level 2 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix) plus other allowances as admissible to them. Apart from the basic pay of salary, They will also be entitled for various perks and benefits which includes: Dearness Allowance on Total Pay.

LOCO PILOT Overtime Salary Pay

RRB loco Pilot Overtime pay

Everyone knows the condition of Indian Railway In India. Almost time the Trains are late. As a Train Engine Driver the Loco Pilot has the high chances of overtime time duty during day as well as night and they get compensation for each extra working hour. This is also a opportunity to them to earn extra peny if they want as well as duty responsibility also. The rate of payment during overtime maybe 1.5 or 2 times of the ordinary rate of pay depending on the duration of overtime work


Loco Pilot Benefits

Employee benefits and benefits in kind include various types of non-wage reimbursement given to employees in inclusion to their normal wages or salaries. An Example where an employee interchange of the wage for some other form of well- being is normally referred to as a “salary packaging” or “salary exchange” arrangement. Now the question is what are the benefits given to the employee? To answer this question, readers are requested to check the table given below.

Transport allowance
House rent allowance (if not provided quarter)
Running allowance
DA on total pay
Deduction of 10% of the salary for a new pension scheme

RESPONSIBILITY OF ALP:- What are the responsibility of ALP (Assistant Loco Pilot). The list of responsibility performs by an ALP is given below.

  1. Fine tuning the locomotive.
  2. Calling out a signal once sighted.
  3. Attending the minor repair of the locomotive.
  4. Regularly Checking of the efficiency of the locomotive.


Now it’s time to tell you about the salary structure of Loco Pilot. In RRB there are many types of loco pilot like how deals with the good, some deals with passenger, high-speed pilot and etc. These types of different pilot will get a different- different type of salary. The list of the remuneration getting by each pilot is given below.

Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) Rs. 25,000 to 35,000/-
Loco Pilot (Mail) Rs. 60,000 to 78,000/- 
Loco Pilot (Goods) Rs. 40,000 to 56,000/-
Loco Pilot (Passenger) Rs. 50,000 to 66,000/-
Shunting Loco Pilot Rs. 28,000 to 38,000/-
Loco Pilot( High Speed) Rs. 70,000 to 88,000/-
Senior section engineer Rs. 17,140/-
Traffic Apprentice Rs. 13,500/-
Technician Grade 2 Rs. 9,910/-
Technician Grade 3 Rs. 7,730/-
Yearly Increments of Loco Pilot

During last pay commission the government approved Yearly Increments to all government employees as well as officers. Hence Railway Recruited Board ALP or Loco Pilot is also eligible for the yearly increments with the rate of 3% per annum in the current basic pay, Hence their basic pay of salary gets increased with the rate of 3% after completion of each year of regular service in the department.


Life As A Loco Pilot Of Indian Railway

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