IES Officer Promotion and Rank

There are lot of candidates who are curious to know about IES Officer Promotion and Rank, so that it can help you to know the career growth as an IES Officer. IES officer is most preferable choice by an Engineering students who have finished there graduation. You can have a great career opportunity and there are lots of benefits and perks as well as job security in this field.

IES officers are hand-picked by the union government on the advice of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). A three-stage competitive examination (preliminary, main and temperament tests), the Engineering Services Examination (ESE), is conducted by the UPSC for accomplishment to the Indian Engineering Services.

So let’s have a detailed info regarding IES Officer Promotion and Rank –

Indian Engineering Services Officer Ranks along with Promotions and Pay Scale

IES Officer get great salary including other benefits and perks that is amazing and a great career opportunity. So Now we will tell you here more about the IES officer ranks and Experience over the year they required for their Promotions. The entire rank of IES cadre is divided into 8 Grades or Ranks-

Junior (Entry) LevelRs.15600 – 39100/-Rs.5400/-On Joining
Senior ScaleRs.15600 – 39100/-Rs.6600/-(5-6 years after joining IES)
Junior Administrative GradeRs.15600 – 39100/-Rs.7600/-(Minimum 10 years after entry)
Selection Grade Pay( Chief Engineer L2 / Jt. G M )Rs.37400-6700/-Rs.8700/-12-15 years
Super Time Scale (Chief Engr. /Additional GM)Rs.37400 – Rs.67000Rs.8700/-17-20 years
Super Time Scale (Chief Engr. /Additional GM)Rs.37400 – Rs.67000Rs.10,00017-20 years
Time ScaleRs.37400 – Rs.67000Rs.10,000.00(20 years or more after entry)
Apex Pay ScaleRs.80,000/-No Grade PayFixed
Cabinet Secretary GradeRs,90,000/-No Grade PayFixed

IES Officer Promotion Criteria

Salary of newly appointed IES Engineer
Salary of newly appointed IES Engineer

The IES Officer Promotion depends on many criteria which we are going to discuss below. Designations held by Indian Engineering Services Officer (IES) Officer during posting are as follows:

  • After completing training Indian Engineering Services Officer (IES) Officer get recruited at Junior Time Scale.
  • After serving for 5-6 years at Junior Time Scale, officer is promoted to Senior Time Scale.
  • The next post the Indian Engineering Services Officer (IES) get promoted to is Junior Administrative grade that takes minimum 10 years of service.
  • Next level that comes after Junior administrative grade is JAG after serving for 12-15 years, the Indian Engineering Services Officer (IES) Officer get Promotion at the rank of Selection Grade Pay( Chief Engineer L2 / Jt. G M ).
  • After completing the service of 17-20 years, the Indian Engineering Services Officer Officer get promotion on the rank of Super Time Scale (Chief Engr. /Additional GM).
  • Super Time Scale (Chief Engr. /Additional GM) is the next rank IES Officer get promoted that varies on the performance.
  • If the performance gets better, the IES Officer is promoted to the rank of Time Scale that also varies on performance.
  • The IES officer can get promotion to the rank of Apex Pay Scale on the performance basis.
  • Finally, after getting the completation at the post of Apex Pay Scale, IES Officer get promotions as Cabinet Secretary Grade.

Brief Description of an IES officer Career Growth

After completing the training of IES Officer, candidates are selected as associate Assistant government Engineer or Assistant Director. After getting experience of 3-4 years of service they’re promoted to government engineer, director or work manager. In completion of eight years of services, they become deputy chief or joint director. Over thirteen years of expertise, they’re able to get promoted to joint chief or chief engineer of level two. And twenty years of expertise is enough to become chief engineer or extra chief. Providing thirty years of services to the govt. of India ready them to be at the position of senior chief or engineer-in-chief. the most effective performance of the IES officers with expertise of thirty four years leads them to become chairman or manager of governmental organisation.

List of Organizations/Cadres for which the IES Officer is Recruited

The organizations or cadres where IES officers get recruitment are:

  1. Central Power Engineering Services
  2. Indian Telecommunication Service
  3. Indian Navy Armaments Service
  4. Border Roads Engineering Service
  5. Indian Railways Service
  6. Central Engineering Service for Roads
  7. Central Water Engineering
  8. Geological Survey of India
  9. Indian Ordnance Factory
  10. Indian Supply Service
  11. Defence service engineering corps
  12. Central electrical and mechanical service
  13. Indian Army Engineering Service

IES Officers recruited on the idea of deserves within the civil services of India. The IES Officer Salary is paid according to there post and may vary from location to location. IES officer job is the most admired career for the engineering graduates seeking to start there career with. They’re known to be bureaucrats and perform task associated with engineering and services within which they’re recruited. They additionally work for the PSU (Public Sector Undertaking), ministry, agency department and organisation of presidency of India. Students seeking to work as IES Officer needs Minimum Qualification in Bachelors in Engineering or with regulation of 21-30 years.

Hope you have got all detailed information regarding IES Officer Promotion and Rank. If there is any question coming in your mind then you can ask in our comment section mentioned below. Stay tuned with us for more related details.

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