RBI Grade B Preparation Tips And Tricks

RBI Grade B Preparation Tips And Tricks
RBI Grade B Preparation Tips And Tricks

Today I will tell you about RBI Grade B Preparation Tips And Tricks. Here the term RBI refers to reserve Bank of India, under which grade b consists of a different post. In this, we will see how to prepare for RBI grade b and also so check out the exam pattern. RBI Grade B Officer get impressive salary as well as they have a great career opportunity also.

Working with RBI (Reserve Bank of India) is a dream of every Indian citizen. The exam preparation of RBI is not a tough job to perform. I will tell you to prepare for the exam. At first, we will look at the exam pattern and after we will check what is the RBI Grade B Preparation Tips And Tricks which can help us in the exam.

RBI Grade B Tips| RBI Selection Process| RBI Exam Phases

Now it’s time to look at the RBI selection process/ (Reserve Bank of India) RBI exam phases. After that, you will the number of the question and marking scheme of the exam.

  • So in the exam, there are almost three phases in the RBI Grade B exam under which a candidate has to go through to pass the exam and get the dream job.
    • For Phase 1/ Stage 1:- Preliminary Exam
    • Phase 2/ Stage 2:- Mains Exam
    • For Phase 3/ Stage 3:- Interview

RBI Grade B Preparation| RBI Exam Phases:- 1

The (Reserve Bank of India) RBI Grade B Phase I examination is consists of 200 questions of 200 marks, which means each question is 01 mark. The time duration allotted to the question paper is 120 minutes

General Awareness80 Question80 Marks
English Language30 Question30 Marks
Quantitative Aptitude30 Question30 Marks
Reasoning60 Question60 Marks
TOTAL200 Question200 Marks

RBI Grade B Preparation| RBI Exam Phases:- 2 Written Examination (Descriptive Type)

The (Reserve Bank of India) RBI Grade B Exam Pattern, the Phase – II examination will consist of three papers of 100 marks each. There are some Optional Subjects which you have to select for RBI Grade B Exam, you have to choose only one among all these paper, the list is as follows:-
1. Finance & Management
2. Economics
3. Statistics

Paper – 1 (Objective Type) Economic & Social Issues90 Minutes100 Marks
Paper – 11 (Descriptive Typing) English – Writing Skills90 Minutes 100 Marks
Paper -111 (Objective Type) Optional Subject90 Minutes 100 Marks

(Reserve Bank of India) RBI Grade B Preparation Tips And Tricks|Tips, and Trick Regarding Each Stage

We will see check out how to prepare for the subject which is coming in the exam, Just follow all the tips and tricks regarding the RBI Grade B Preparation for scoring good marks in the exam.

The (Reserve Bank of India) RBI Grade B Preparation Tips And Tricks regarding the exam is as follows:-

1. Know the exam: Try to collect as much information as what type of exam it is going to be, Do it is having the negative markings scheme in it, What is the highest cut off goes in the previous year, and how can you clear it.

2. Ask your Seniors: Try to contact those who had people attended the same or even a similar exam then those people could give you a clear insight about what has to be done and especially what not to do and what to not. This all comes from experience.

3. Get as many question papers as possible: Solving question paper gives you a great way of understanding the paper pattern and you can and gives you concentrate on the areas in which you are strong and leave the hard ones. Even mock tests are helpful.

4. Consistent Preparation: This is the hardest part of the exam tip and most people fail here. Even though they have all the resources in the world they fail this part. Humans have a tendency to lose interest when they have to do repetitive work and prolonged studies. The only way out of this is to Make a Planned Timetable. Take breaks every hour and try revising what you have studied so that it sticks to your mind.

5. Revision: This is a vital part of your preparation. You might have people say they have studied everything but failed to answer in the examination. This happens when you don’t revise. The subjects stick to your head when you think about it, for example, how do you remember the new phone configuration or the bikes that were released in the last auto fest its because your mind thinks about them all the time. Similarly 0is the solution.

6. Mental preparedness: Have the confidence in what you do and don’t change the topics regularly which may cause you to forget what you read the previous week. Think your brain as a buffer/ Random Access Memory (RAM) the thing sticks to it only when you refresh regularly. Depending on your brain have a buffer of max days 3 so that after that you revise everything again which gives the brain the confidence that you remember what you studied for a long time.

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