IPS Officer Promotion and Ranks

Here in this post we are going to tell you about “Promotion and Ranks of IPS Officer” how and when they get promotion and to what post in detail. We will further discuss about there salary also and benefits they enjoy while serving the nation. There workload is high and they have given the high responsibility as it is one of the highest post in UPSC services that you will get to see. It’s the most decorated post in India that many Indians dream to serve nation. This is the biggest dream of any UPSC candidate is to crack this exam and serve the nation from one of this highest post in India. We will go in deep to know the various detail related about the Promotion, Salary etc of the IPS Officer.

IPS Officer Ranks along with Promotions and Pay Scale

IPS officer get handsome Salary including other benefits and perks that is good. so we will tell you here more about the IPS officer ranks and Experience year required for their Promotions :-

Time Scale Rank Analogous Position in Delhi Police Experience Required
Junior Scale Deputy Superintendent of Police (Dy.SP)Assistant Commissioner of Police 5 years
Senior Scale Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP)Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police 10 years
Junior Administrative Grade Superintendent of Police (SP)Deputy Commissioner of Police 12years
Selection Grade Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP)Deputy Commissioner of Police 13 Years
Super-Time Scale Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG)Additional Commissioner of Police 15 years
Super-Time Scale Inspector General of Police (IG) Joint Commissioner of Police 19 years
Above Super-Time Scale Additional Director General Of Police (ADG) Special Commissioner of Police 22 years
Above Super-Time Scale Director General of Police (DG) Commissioner of Police (name of the state) 25 years

IPS Officer Promotion Criteria

Here we are going to let you the IPS Promotion and Ranks and in how much time they get promoted and to which rank. Lets us move forward now.

  • After the completion of training at SVP National academy in Hyderabad, associate IPS officer is given the posting as Asst.SP of a sub division. 
  • Associate IPS officer is promoted to the rank of SP once the completion of 5 years of service.
  • He / she’s going to be DIG once finishing fifteen years of service. 
  • after serving the nation for 19 years the DIG’s are set to be promoted to the post of IG.
  • Now from here the officer need to complete 19 years of service to get promoted to the post of Addl. DGP.
  • If the posts are vacant, they will reach the extent of DGP once finishing thirty three years of service in IPS.

How an IPS Officer get Promotion ( In Detail ) :-

Senior Time Scale

IPS Officer
IPS Officer

The Promotion of IPS Officer and Ranks is decided according to there experience and work perfomance. After the trial period is over the officer can get the Senior continuance at the 5th year of his/her service. At that point the officer are going to be promoted because the further Superintendent of Police within the districts. If he serves in any town police then the post are going to be of further Deputy Commissioner of Police. In senior continuance, the grade pay becomes 6600.

Junior Administrative Grade

After Gathering some experiences concerning a way to do policing for nine years, the IPS officer gets Promotion of the Junior Administrative Grade (JAG). At that interval he or she will principally social control jobs. They rarely attend the spot of crime or bother.

JAG officers get the post of Superintendent of Police (SP) in districts within the town Police they get the post of Deputy Commissioner (DC) of police.

At the time of JAG, the IPS officer’s grade pay becomes 7600. It’s the very best grade pay in scale 3 (15,600-39,100).

Selection Grade

An IPS officer gets promoted to the choice Grade when a nonstop service of 13 years. During this grade, the officer gets the post of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in district level. Within the cities, the choice Grade officer becomes further Commissioner of Police.

The Selection Grade officer additionally enjoys higher pay scales. In SG the payband changes from PB3 to PB4 (37,400 – 67,000). The grade pay of SG is 8700.

Super Time Scale

Serving the department of local government for a span of 14 years, the IPS is upgraded to Super continuance. Promotion of IPS Officer gets within the states as well as there ranks, the officers of this scale occupy the post of a Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG). Officers holding Super continuance are often the commissioner n the little town police organizations. The grade pay in Super continuance is 8900 in PB4.

Senior Administrative Grade

An IPS gets the Senior body Grade (SAG) when there 18 years of services get completed. At this stage of his / her career he / she become an officer of Police (IG). In SAG she is entitled to own the grade pay of Rs Ten thousand.

Higher Administrative Grade

An IPS officer becomes eligible for Higher Administrative Grades (HAG) when they complete there 25 years of satisfactory service. The officer gets the rank of further Director General of Police. These officers fancy Pay Band five scales (67000-79000). Her / His grade pay is 12000.

Apex Scale

IPS Officer Posting in State Armed Police
IPS Officer Posting in

Officers with sensible career record and thirty years expertise will reach the Apex Scale (80000 fixed). There’s grade pay within the Apex Scale. Director General of Police (DG) gets this scale. Also, the commissioner of mega city police forces are gets the Apex Scale.

Final words

As in this post we have decided to tell you about the IPS ( Indian Police Service ) Promotion and Ranks in there working career. Everyone knows Indian Police Service post is one of the most decorated and pleasurable job for any Indian citizen to serve its nation form one of the highest post in UPSC services. If there is any question coming in your mind you can ask in our comment section mentioned below. So stay connected with us for more detail.

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